Jake Paul ups ante in war of words with Dana White

The saga that has become Jake Paul vs. Dana White continues.

By now you know about the Paul-White rivalry. It been going on for the better of the year.

So, the latest chapter occurred on Monday when Jake Paul told me that he would like to fight Jorge Masvidal next.

Then on Tuesday, White essentially dared Paul to pick Anderson Silva as next foe.

As far as White rants go, this was a solid. Felt old school. He’s always at his best when he has a foe.

I get why he did this, by the way.

A) to deflect from the Masvidal fight, which would be bigger but would be hard to get done considering Masvidal is under contract with the UFC

b) because he likely legitimately feels Silva would beat Paul and then this whole thing would come to an end.

It all makes sense and is fair, to be honest. Except it is funny/ironic to hear White push for Silva as Paul’s next foe considering Silva is 46 years and White was just blasting Paul for fighting older men before the Tyron Woodley fight. Woodley is 39.

But alas, no sense in applying logic to all of this.

Well, after that rant, Paul said this to me on Wednesday night:

“My team and I are actively in discussions with multiple potential opponents and that includes Anderson Silva, assuming he can get the right medical clearances and deal with his contractual commitments.

“On your show you asked my preferred next opponent: easy answer since Jorge (Masvidal) said he’s going to break my face. So yeah, I want Jorge and his teammate Amanda Nunes, who Dana previously disrespected by offering to allow her to fight me but not his male fighters, can have the honor of boxing pound-for-pound great Amanda Serrano.”

Oh my.

So Paul, who is now working with boxing great Amanda Serrano, is upping the ante: Paul vs. Masvidal, Nunes vs. Serrano.

Good fun.

Think it happens? Better yet, do you want to see it happen?