👋 Hola Ariel!!!

After UFC 271 I think we have more clarity in the middleweight division. If I were to play matchmaker today in the middleweight division this is how I would proceed with the top 10:

(C)Adesanya x (2)Cannonier

(1)Whittaker x (3)Vettori

(5)Strickland x (5)Costa

(4)Brunson x (7)Hermansson

(8)Till x (9)Hall

Do you agree with the matchups and which ones would you change if any?

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Feb 16, 2022·edited Feb 16, 2022

Hello Ariel.

With the two big Welterweight fights coming up it got me thinking. Assuming Colby and Chimaev both win, do you think they will be matched up next while Usman fights Edwards in the summer? Colby probably won’t get another title shot yet and Dana has said Edwards is next for Usman, so Khamzat/Colby would make sense if they both win.

Also, if Khamzat does beat Burns, then Colby, then Usman for the title, then goes up and takes out Izzy does he become the GOAT?

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You wrote that there were talks of Max Holloway vs Josh Emmett as the Main Event for March 26th. Was this the “rabbit” that you previously eluded to?

Also, congrats to you and the team on 6 months since the MMA Hour returned (August 16th, 2021). Shoutout to GC - he has been a great addition to this relaunch.

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Hey Ariel!

After all you have done for MMA fans I think it’s time you get a name for your followers… Hulk Hogan had the Hulkamaniacs, Justin Bieber had the Beliebers and now … Ariel has the HelwArmy!! There is your next T-shirt 👍🏼

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Ariel with the release of wwe2k22 does can we get the cover athlete the great rey mysterio on the show. He's my wrestling goat and greatest high flyer where does he stand in your mount Rushmore. Also could you list your favorite rey attires. Mine in no particular order, Halloween havoc (the phantom), summerslam(silver surfer)

Hog wild (spiderman) , wrestlemania 25 (joker), wrestlemania 27 (captain America)

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Ça va Ariel!

How do you think conor’s ufc career would have played out post 205 if the floyd fight never materialized

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Good Morning from Idaho!

I wanted to get your thoughts on the situation that happened with Rogan/ESPN last Saturday? Dana was pretty adamant that it was simply “Joe Rogan didn’t work” but to me it sounded more like ESPN told Dana that Rogan couldn’t do the show due to the recent controversy.

Isn’t the UFC in charge of the broadcast so I was surprised ESPN could make this call but I do remember they pulled the plug on one of the UFC PPV early in the pandemic as well.

Thank you as always!

-Israel D

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Hi Ariel! Though on Cristiano Ronaldo? And can you please give us a SUIIIIIIIIIIII

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Ariel, This is a question for GC.

GC, what's your theoretical moneyline for Khamzat vs Kamaru?

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Good morning Ariel, My question this week is where does Robert Whittaker go now? I think it’s clear him and Izzy are ahead of the division but he is not getting another title shot right now. Is he just a gate keeper for a few fights? (I do think he will fight Izzy again). I saw uncle Chael say he should go to a different division.

This weeks handicapped hot take for you Jamahal sweet dreams Hill will become the light heavyweight champion in 2023!

Much love - Zack

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Which event had the craziest ceremonial weigh-ins that you were at in terms of attendance and buzz?

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My man, afternoon Ariel 👃🏻

Let me hit you with a Fat Joe quote “yesterday’s price is not today’s price!”.

Turning that into a question, what are some of the most noteworthy and transformative performances from fighters that elevated their entire standing on the roster? Truly groundbreaking, momentum shifting stuff.

Gimme at least 3 and you can only pick one from the Notorious.

Much love, glad to hear Mama H is on the mend.


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Had to sneak a second question in here…Cody Rhodes leaving AEW and rumors that Shane was let go from WWE? Does he go and “buy” AEW like when he “bought” WCW?

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Whatttttsappp Ariel,

Jezza Q back again but this week but I have a question from young Danny Q (13 years old) - Do Jorge and Colby shake hands after their fight? If so, why, if not, why?

Best MMA show there is 💯 - shout out to GC, NY Rick, CA and Mysterious Frank

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Feb 16, 2022·edited Feb 16, 2022

Hi Ariel,

Curious to hear your thoughts on what's next for Rob. I'm not sure wins over Vettori / Strickland / Brunson etc. get Whittaker back in there with Izzy. Even if it's a well-deserved third go, it feels to me like Adesanya/the promotion will go a different direction. You hate to see Rob get stuck beating all would-be contenders until Izzy is calling Darren Till's name off a loss.

I can't help but think Whittaker matches up well against the likes of Glover, Jan, Jiri. Do you think the size gap is too big? Am I just a fanboy here? Or do you think Izzy will remain his mountain to climb?

New subscriber, long-time listener. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

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Marhaba Ariel!!

There has been lots of discussion about the middleweight’s mount rushmore, but how about a mount rushmore for these following divisions:




Hopefully it’s not a long question.

Viva heelwani!

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