Hello Ariel, first of all I want to say greetings from the Netherlands.

I was wondering, what do you think about inviting Badr Hari to The MMA Hour leading up to his trilogy fight with Alistair Overeem at Glory Collision 4 on October 8?

Would be cool to have an kickboxing icon like Badr on the show right?

Viva Helwani!

Kind regards,

Maurits School

(Btw, by inviting Badr Hari you’ll attract a lot of new listeners from the Netherlands and Morocco to your show)

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👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Hope you and the crew had a great 4th of July weekend! This weekends main event is the battle of the Rafaels with RDA taking on Fiziev. RDA currently ranks 7th in the rankings and Fiziev is ranked 10th. This is currently the only fight scheduled for any top 10 fighter in the lightweight division.

My question this week is when do you think we will see fights being announced for this lightweight division? Also, who would the winner of this weeks main event most likely face next in the division?

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Hey Ariel,

I will be going to my very first UFC event at long island, there are a lot of great fights on the card I'm excited to see such as Burgos, Soriano, Ortega, and Rodriguez. BUT None of these fighters excite me more than the MAIN ATTRACTION on the 16th which is the man himself sports betting legend Conner Burks being in attendance. So I wanted to ask you, how can I meet the MMA Hour Icon himself, on the 16th of July at Long Island?

Best Regards.

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Favorite segment of the week!!!

2 quick questions…

Ariel, you mentioned on Mondays recap show that you did run into RC. How’d that go?

GC!!! What was your fomo level at all weekend while 3pact were running rampant around Vegas, hobnobbing it up with the likes of Nate Diaz?

Ps. Ariel, how many times did you hit up egg slut??

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Do you know how many fights Max Holloway has left? I’m not trying to pull the “oh it’s time for bellator” but with Max Holloways position now, I don’t feel there is much for him to do. Now, in BELLATOR, they have Hawaii on lock... wouldn’t that be incredible to see Max fight in Hawaii regularly in their 145 division?

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Life or death situation

You’re going against Francis. You have three groups to choose from to defeat Francis

Group 1: 5 bantamweights of your choice

Group 2: 1 fw, 1 lw and 1 wt

Group 3: 1 mw and 1 lhw (besides jones)

If the said group fails to defeat Francis you will get…well know you what happens next. Choose wisely

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Jul 6, 2022·edited Jul 6, 2022

Sup Ariel,

Hope you had a blast in Vegas! I heard you were the life of the party. Congrats on the DC shoutout as well as your impressive boxing showcase with Stockton's Finest.

If you Google "Why I stopped training Jon Jones" you will find an 18 minute audio clip from Jon's former strength coach Gary Gonzales. In the audio Gary outlines a bizarre story as to why Jones fired him, involving a water chugging contest and Gary using the wrong gym bathroom.

I was wondering if you had any information on this. Gary Gonzales was part of a popular YouTube Channel years back called Massthetics, now Legion Iron. Legion Iron is a gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico that many in the powerlifting community would be familiar with. When Jones decided to move to heavyweight, Gary was the first trainer Jones hired to help him bulk up properly, he trained Jones for over a year. If you remember Jones hitting huge 600 lb deadlift PR's and 500 lb squat PR's that was all under Gary's tutelage, but Jones never posted about him. This was always odd to me as Gary was a popular YouTube sensation so their partnership was intriguing, yet it never got any media coverage. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless,


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Jul 6, 2022·edited Jul 6, 2022

Hi Ariel ! This is my first time asking a question or commentating i deal really badly with social anxiety so it’s really hard for me actually ask a question or anything (even though i do think up a question weekly lol) but i did want to say you truly inspire me as a 21 year old college student to follow my passions and just be yourself because i’ve been following your career probably since about 2018 so the move to ESPN id say and since you’ve been back on your own you’ve been able to show your true self again which has also from the outside looking in you’ve seemed a lot more happy and loving love (not that you didn’t before but more then ever) and it’s really inspiring. Sorry that was a lot but now on to my question from the co main at 276 between volk and holloway I feel like It isn’t being talked about at all but the fact that max holloway doesn’t spar anymore for his camps. Do you think max holloway needs to spar at least a little in order to keep up with the tops in the division ? Volk hinted at It the press conference but Volk is on a completely different level like getting no look or feel from an opponent at all since yair 8 months ago It look It volk had max being a step slower plus going off of fight 2 Volk wasn’t at a 100% as he said because of the testing so he didn’t even see him at his full speed then so there may have been some underestimating involved as well from max’s camp

Question ~ Does Max Holloway need to spar in order to keep up with the tops of the divisions?

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Now then Ariel,

Following on from your video with Nate it was great to see he isn't as intimidating all the time as fans and the media like to make out. That being said which fighters you say you have been most surprised by both negatively / positively when it comes to both availability to interview but more importantly how they have made you feel when you have met them.

I also notice Ric's Picks is no longer, is this a permanent thing? I prefer segments when you, Ric and GC all chew the fat - Great dynamic.

All the best Von, The Dream Chaser and Eyebrow Raiser

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Jul 6, 2022·edited Jul 6, 2022

Hey Ariel, Vegas looked like a blast, but we’re glad to have you back for everyone’s favorite segment of the week.

2 quick questions.

As a huge Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz fan, I’m really invested in a potential fight between them. But after seeing the Chandler interaction, it’s really piqued my interest in seeing them scrap as it would make a whole lot more sense for DP and Chandler at 155. Have you heard any update about a potential Diaz Poirier fight at 170 or what is next for either if that fight never comes to fruition?

Also, you shadow boxing with Nate at the sportsbook had me thinking, if you were a fighter, which weight class do you think would be competing in?

Have a great day to you and the whole MMA Hour crew!

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Hey Ariel

Just wanted to say: fresh out of Vegas. First event ever, wowza. My first impression is how powerful the walkouts are and why the heck the UFC doesn’t learn harder into them during the production. They are damn near a religious experience (Looking at you Gabe Green coming out to ‘Our God Is An Awesome God’).

Peace and God bless,


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Ups to hot-dog-with-a-fork Ric these last few months. Being the heel for a bit has given him an edge that has made me smile more than once. Question for him: best and worst advice given to you by Ariel?

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After talking to Nathan off the record, was there at least anything encouraging that he said about fighting soon?

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Hi Ariel,

What is your favourite Seinfeld episode of all time?

And what are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

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Ça va Ariel!

Thanks to you I recently started the F1 show on netflix and what a show it is. I’ve never been interested in any form of motorsports but call me an F1 casual now! I was wondering if you caught the incredible, high-octane drama of last season’s last race in Abu Dhabi, when Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton went mano a mano in the last lap to decide the championship? It had everything you want in sports drama. A world title at stake, two incredible competitors equal on points going into the final lap/ play of the season, with one being the young, hungry contender gunning for his first title and the other one being arguably the greatest, one win removed from undisputed goat status at 8 world titles (at the time being tied at 7 with michael schumacher), and last but not least, an incredible amount of controversy. For anyone who hasn’t seen this, treat yourself to the final lap with original commentary on youtube. Absolute scenes.

My question is, where do you think this moment ranks in all time great sports drama?

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Hallo Ariel

Very simple one this week, where do you want to see KD next season ? I think a move to Portland with Dame and KD would be insane

Greetings from Germany my man

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