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Yo MMA Hour crew! Happy Wednesday.

I’ve asked this before but it wasn’t included.

Mysterious Frank, what is your favorite Aphex Twin track? What about album?

Also, Ariel one time you joked about having Mysterious Frank as an in-studio guest. I think you should do it! The fans have spoken.

Ps - Ariel nice Tallib Kweli reference.

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Hola Ariel, MF, RIC and GC!

Love your work.

My question is have we seen peak UFC, and are we now on the decline?

Over the past 6 months, we've seen an awful lack of ambition from the promotion.

1.Trotting out low name value FN/apex cards they don't promote.

2.Signing high volumes of low value contender series contracts.

3. Passing on promoters dreams like Doumbe to maintain their wage structure.

4. Dragging Costa through the mud to turn fans opinion of him, rather than pay him. Fake booking fights he hasn't agreed to. (Dogging Rob Whittaker and fans in the process)

5. Substandard PPVs in name value that don't have you reaching for your wallet. The list goes on and on.

It seems a lot of near sighted cost cutting measures, rather than continued building of their brand through exciting fights.

They used to bill themselves as being everything boxing wasn't. It's looking an awful lot like boxing is beating the brakes off them at the moment, giving us the fights we want!

Would love your thoughts gang!

Love always xoxo


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What is good MMA Hour Crew.....Ariel, What is the real deal regarding Jon Jones? Any reason you know of why he would choose to sit out 3 years to go to heavyweight as opposed to stay at LHW and try to become a double champ? Jon at 205lbs could've beat Cyril at HW. Is it just me that this seems like an odd career move? Shout out to Frank, FRANK WORLD ORDER (FWO)

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Hi Ariel,

Thoughts on True Geordie's comments about your interview with Conor?

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Ariel - I have a great deal of respect for your relationship with Conor and the interviews you've had with him recently, but I would appreciate your honest thoughts on how he's presented himself the past six months or so. He seems to be on a world-wide bender, not shy about getting intoxicated and not exactly getting into fighting shape. Are you at all worried that he's headed down a dark path that leads anywhere but back to the octagon? Cheers from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Hey Ariel,

How many MMA scandals are you aware of that will never see the light of day?

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Ayu-bo-wan Ariel,

Last Wednesday marked the 9th year anniversary of T.J. Dillashaw finishing Renan Barão, for the 1st time to win the bantamweight title. One of the biggest upsets and one of the biggest betting underdog wins in MMA history.

Can we talk about the "Baron"? Before he got beaten that night, he was the No. 3 ranked P4P fighter in the world. He was on a freaking 32 fight winning streak. Which included 9 fights under Zuffa. People go to his Wikipedia and see a bad run to end his career and give no love to what he achieved. Can we show some love to the "Baron"?

PS : I hate it when people take fighters' accolades away because of a bad run. Anderson Silva, B.J. Penn, and Tony Ferguson are a few that face the same fate.

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Ariel: I like food

Ric: me too but thats an entirely different category than talking about pizza, you can’t compare those.

Has the banter always been great between y’all?

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How was franks Bday?

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Eyyyyyyyy Ariel!!! Have you ever dressed up in disguise and gone to a UFC event?

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Hahahahahahahaha- John Morgan is actually Ariel in a fat suit

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Love the cast. Keep breaking down those 4th walls. 2 quick questions: Ariel, what’s your favorite Montréal coffee shop? Any insight into why UFC stopped selling/using the device that allowed live event attendees the ability to listen to the commentary team, while watching live in-person? It use to be available to purchase at their merch stand in the arenas. Attending UFC events is tremendous, but not having the audio commentary takes away from the overall experience. Your thoughts and/or insight…

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Hey Ariel,

Question for you about practicality of going away from the win/show model. The UFC isn’t going to pay the fighters more (and therefore your answer can’t be “pay them more.”)

From the UFC’s perspective, giving the full show and guaranteeing half the win would average out about the same percentage payout for fighters (e.g., a 50+50 fighter would just be guaranteed to make 75K)

If tomorrow the UFC would agree to this, would you support this /how do you think the fighters would react? So, instead of going 15+15, new fighters are guaranteed 22.5 K. Fair trade or nah?

Fighters betting on themselves would probably want the win bonus But the safe bet is to split the difference and and have more guaranteed money.

Id love to hear GC’s/ Rick’s perspective too.

As always, thank you for being awesome.

Slava P

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Short and sweet: dream crossover fights right now for a BELLATOR vs. UFC card? Make me the most stacked card possible, using only current fighters.

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Hey Ariel and Crew,

Long time follower from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦

Would love your thoughts on this (this includes Rick, GC and Mysterious Frank, as you all represent different viewpoints through different eras of the UFC)

There is often an annual discussion about the BEST division. Do you guys think that the "best" division is partially determined by the competitiveness of the division in relation to it's current champion? i.e. Divisions where there have been more titles changing hands in contrast to divisions with champions with long defense streaks. Were divisions perceived competitiveness like LHW damaged by Jon Jones or MW by Anderson and Adesanya?

Thanks as always for the entertainment. Appreciate you all!


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With Francis signed and Kayla on the way out, would now be the best time for PFL to trade her to Bellator to get an opponent for Francis? Who would you want to get from Bellator? My first thought was Corey Anderson.

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Hi Ariel, 2-parter

1. If you could have prime Uncle Chael fight a current, active fighter, who would be your dream matchup?

B. Have you had In N Out, and if yes, what was your order?

Be well, Heat in 7.

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You made me think what it would be like to watch Chael vs Strikland and it made me so happy

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