Hola Ariel,

Next sunday (October 2nd) Levels Fight League 6 is taking place. I’m attending the event.

Levels Fight League is an Amsterdam-based Mixed Martial Arts promotion who aims to provide up-and-coming prospects a platform to showcase their skills. In time they aim to become one of the bigger promotions in Europe.

They are new to the MMA game, founded in 2021.

LFL 6 got some nice fights on the card! A mix between upcoming fighters and big, well-known names in combat sports, and also 2 amateur fights on the undercard.

Former Glory Kickboxing middleweight champion Jason Wilnis will make his fourth MMA appearance on next weekends card of the Dutch based MMA-promotion. Jason Wilnis has wins over Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira in kickboxing.

The event also features Murthel Groenhart. The former Glory Kickboxing welterweight champion, who has a win over Cédric Doumbé, will make his third appearance in MMA and look to make it 3-0.

Gino van Steenis, younger brother of Bellator middleweight Costello van Steenis, will also fight on this card and look to make it 3-0 at his young age, aswell as Glory Kickboxing lightweight-contender Massaro Glunder.

Belgian MMA-fighter Alain Van De Merckt, the only fighter to beat ARES HW-champ Slim Trabelsi, will also fight on LFL 6.

He’s 1-0 in MMA as a pro and he went 4-1 in the amateurs.

Ariel, what are your expectations for this event and LFL in general?

Viva Helwani and greetings from the Netherlands,

Maurits School

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👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Quick and simple this week my friend, what in the world is going on at the apex this weekend that media is not being allowed to attend?

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Que Onda mi amigo ariel! Could we get some real truth why there will be no media in this week's card? Also do you think the end of the year card will have 3 titles as they end the year with a bang. Thanks to the whole crew for all the great work

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Shalom Lord Helwani

As a fellow Jew, Shana Tova! Hope you had a nice holiday with family.

I have a couple of short questions about the team. We haven’t heard you talk about Yoon in a while unless i missed it. Is she still with the team? Also I’m sad we haven’t heard to Ricks picks theme song by the one and only Mike Heck played in a while. What’s the deal with that?

One last quick question … are you and Darren Till still tight?

Viva Heelwani


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What iz up Ariel. So despite the “success” of Bellator Dublin this past Friday, I can’t help but feel like they are not growing as a promotion and are going to be completely passed by the PFL and One Championship, if they haven’t been already. There are only a few fights/fighters in the promotion that actually entice me to watch or care about. There aren’t many stars or characters and the actually marketing and promotion for the events and fighters is almost non existent. Do you share this same point of view? And if so, what would you do to fix or improve Bellator? How do they change things up to become more important to both casual and hardcore MMA fans?

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Sep 28, 2022·edited Sep 28, 2022

If you couldn’t live in NYC or Montreal, what would be your top 3 cities to live in?

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Good day Ariel,

About two weeks ago you mentioned your travels to Pittsburgh. I am interested as to what brought you to the steel city. As a native to Pittsburgh were there any areas of town or restaurants that you visited that stood out.

Keep doing that you’re doing!


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Hi Ariel,

I really enjoyed listening to Chuck Mindenhall talk about the early years of the UFC on the Room Service Diaries podcast. His candid accounts of Dana being a relentless promoter and advocate for the sport (and company, perhaps to a fault) really broke the 4th wall a bit for fans in the best way.

I'm curious about your interactions with Dana in the pre UFC 100 days? What was he like as a promoter working hard to keep a company afloat? Did you have any hunch in those days that your relationship may turn sour? Would love some story time from you about the good ol' days and your thoughts on the Dana White of that era.

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Shalom Ariel,

Curious to hear your top three dream matchups within the sport today? For me, I’d love to see a TJ/Petr Yan fight, Adesanya/Darren Till and Bryce Mitchell/Merab. Let me know your thoughts and shout-out to the rest of the crew!

Appreciate you guys. 🙏

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Hi Ariel - the UFC Apex 61's main event this Saturday is Mackenzie Dern vs. Xiaonan Yan. How do you see that matchup going and do you believe the winner is fighting for a shot at a number one contender fight since they both lost to Marina Rodriguez?

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Ariel, explain the Conor not being tested by USADA situation to me? I don’t get how he hasn’t been tested in such a long time and doesn’t that raise some eye brows. Especially with his current size?

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Hola Ariel

Would you ever consider doing a day in the life? I know this would be breaking the fourth wall slightly however, I feel I stand for many of the heelwani hitmen when I say I would love to see the routines you speak of. I know this isn’t something really up your street but really hope you may consider.

Many thanks and ‘toda’ to Ariel and the team for quality entertainment week on week from gods county of Yorkshire🍻🍻🍻

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So Karate Combat is changing to a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) where the fighters and fans are able to vote on the direction of the company. There aren’t many details so far, but fans will be able to earn tokens by picking winners.

How do you think this will work out?

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Hey ariel

With UFC 280 just under a month away we get to see Sean O’malley back in action against the very dangerous Petr Yan..With a win over Yan surely Sean is next in line for a title shot, however im not confident that the same would be for Yan, my question is do you think a win over sean is enough to solidify the 3rd fight between Yan and Aljo? Or is a #1 contender fight with Chito the right move? (Assuming Aljo beats TJ)

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Good Day -

Non-PPV main events are typically 5 rounds instead of 3. Do fighters make more money for a five round non-title fight main event?



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Mr. Helwani,

Thanks for the great work. Have you ever considered training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? With your frame and analytical mind I think you would do quite well. All the best, Yani

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