Hey Gringo Papi Helwani

Do you think Arnold Allen is gonna get the UFC screw job and have to fight another fight before a title shot if he wins against kattar? Especially with Bryce and Evloev fighting the week later?

Also what do you think of Tony Ferguson x Jim Miller? Think this is perfect for the stage of both careers.

Keep winning! Viva Heelwani

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How much do top UFC fighters typically make on sponsorships (outside the octagon) vs fighters in other promotions?

Which active fighter do you think makes the most currently/how much (not including mcgregor)?



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Aloha Ariel. We were having a debate at work about whether or not you have to clean your work coffee cup. I personally wash it out in the work kitchenette after each use. My coworker has never cleaned his in over two years. He consumes black coffee all day and at the end of the day, leave what ever is left in the mug. The next morning, he dumps the old and fills it with new coffee. His white mug is now completely stained with brown. It pretty sure this is how Covid started. Half the office thinks it’s fine. The other half are disgusted. What do you guys think?

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How do you build a new relationship with fighters or managers to get them as guests on the show? It’s been fun seeing all of the first time guests and getting the opportunity to learn about their story.



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The featherweight division is one of the more electrifying in the UFC, however as a massive Max Holloway fan I’m curious what is next for him. Is he at a point where he only goes after superfights or does he test his luck with some of the big names at lightweight?



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Hi Ariel,

While my girlfriend and I bond over watching MMA and UFC fights (she rocks), my family - and particularly my mother - can't stand that I'm an MMA fan. My question to you is, how does your wife and/or close family feel about the role combat sports and martial arts play in your life? Given the violent nature of the sport, has it ever created tension in your familial relationships?


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Hi Ariel, greetings from the UK. Regarding last night, thought Robert Rojas Jr looked extremely impressive considering he's only 17 years old. Just wondering what your thoughts are on a 17 year old fighting for the UFC. Do you think he should be more protected and should develop even more before being signed, or since he's clearly got talent, do you think he shouldn't be held back if he feels ready?

Thank you, Elliott.

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Sep 21, 2022·edited Sep 21, 2022

QUE TAL ARIIEEELLLLLLL!!! First time asker here but I’ll make it quick -- if mma suddenly became obsolete today, like just completely disappeared, what do you think you would do professionally? Is there a plan B for The Nose? What other industry would you grace with your presence?

- Your #1 fan from San Francisco!!

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Hola Señor Helwani,

What do you make of the Aspen Ladd situation? Should she be cut due to the fact that she has continuously had weight issues? I don’t know that forcing her to go to featherweight is the answer as the women’s featherweight division is pretty nonexistent at this point, but continuously cancelling bouts is unfair to the other fighters. Appreciate everything that you and the boys in the back do!

Texas Rob

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Okay Ariel, since you and the guys stomped all over my “deep dish pizza is just a glorified casserole” debate from last week, I’ve got another so-called questionable food related topic for you guys. Since we’re approaching Halloween, I gotta say, candy corn is a top 2 candy of all-time, oh yeah and it ain’t number 2. I’ll take candy corn over any of those jabron candy bars or other sweets. Name a better candy, I’ll wait.

Quick note: I’ve got a few homeless cats in my neighborhood, and they love candy corn as well. Sometimes I’ll walg to my trugg and lay a handful underneath it for them to snack on.

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Hallo Ariel,

With the 2 events in London this year and course UFC Paris, do you think it is possible that we see an event in Germany next year? I know there are not many fighters and certainly no one from Germany who could headline such an event but I would love to see the UFC live for the first time.

Greetings from Germany my man !

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Shalom Ariel!

This Sunday is going to be Erev Rosh Hashanah, and I want to wish you and your family a Shana Tova!!!

I also wanted to ask you a quick question. In your opinion, how likely is the following scenario to happen?

Nate Diaz gets to fight Jake Paul in early 2023. Then, he signs a new contract with the UFC and fights Conor McGregor in a trilogy fight in the summer of 2023.

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Louis! Good afternoon from Norway.

I have a question about betting odds that I've long been curious about. It seems most people talk about odds as if they reflect the probability of who will win, while I have always understood it as the bookies trying to guarantee a profit and guessing how people will bet. A subtle distinction perhaps, but when people are shocked at the odds being too high or low I think its got more to do with getting people to put money down than any skill on the fighters side.

Am I wrong in this? Or is it understood when people are discussing odds and I didn't realise?

Med vennlig hilsen, Finn

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Favorite segment of the week!

Wanted to jump in with an idea for a “Hobby Corner” or “Rippin Wax” segment within. (Working titles) If it takes, perhaps Luis will allow me to interject a weekly bit of hobby news about the sport. 😉 To kick things off, what sports do you currently collect? If time allows, would love to hear from the whole panel on this topic.

PS-Stick to the Select UFC, GC! 🤞

All the best,


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Good Morning from Idaho!

Absolutely loved the interview with MJF on Monday. In the past you have spoken about your interview with Sasha Banks and how uncomfortable it was due to her staying in character and I would agree. I felt like MJF did the same however it felt like a completely different type of interview that I loved! He actually gave really good answers while staying in character but also avoided the word “promo” and also commonly used terms for pro wrestling. What were thoughts on the interview and is it true that there in fact was a McDonalds bag underneath the desk?

Thank you as always!

- Israel D

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Mysterious Frank Exposed!....Man, Monday was a day for Frankie Boy...Question for Frank, On a scale of 1-10 how intimidated were you in your interactions with MJF? Did you think a Salt Of The Earth was coming? Thanks guys keep up the great work

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