👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Quick & simple this week, what do you think of the back and forth between Kayla Harrison’s manager Ali and MMA legend Cris Cyborg? Do you think we will ever get that fight and if so under what promotion?

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Dear Ariel,

Greetings once again from London, Ontario, Canada. My question relates to the failed dinner attempt between Mysterious Frank and Yoon that was discussed last week. We learned that:

1. Last time they had dinner plans, Frank almost certainly lied about his wife being sick so that he could cancel last-minute.

2. This time around, Yoon texted Frank a map that showed she was going to the wrong restaurant. Inexplicably, he confirmed this location and sent her to the wrong restaurant on the other side of town.

3. There was a delay in Yoon realizing that she was at the wrong restaurant, because Frank was somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes late to dinner.

4. Although Frank attempted to make amends by buying Yoon lunch the next day, she somehow ended up paying for their coffee.

A truly fascinating sequence of events. My question is, if you were Yoon, how long would it take you to make peace with Frank after this? I estimate it would take me 5 to 7 weeks, but am curious to hear from all of you (including Frank). As always, appreciate your valuable insights.



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hey ariel! question for the whole team. I’m currently in college and one of my favorite escapes from schoolwork is coming up with creative snack ideas that fit my college level budget. some of my recent favorites have been hot sauce on a baguette, honey drizzled on potato chips, and if I have a little extra money I love whipped cream/cool whip on cocoa puffs. so my question for you guys is what were your favorite snacks in college? did you have any weird concoctions that you love like I do? if so what were they?

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Ça va Ariel!

last saturday i took my girlfriend on a walk across the brooklyn bridge, with plans of proposing to her.

It was absolutely nerve wrecking. I wanted to go nice and early to avoid large crowds but she didn’t feel the need to rush, as she had no idea what my plan was. Once we got there at around noon, not only was the bridge packed with tourists, it was also boiling hot. This was made worse by the fact that I was wearing a jacket in order to hide the ring box in the side pocket, as keeping it in my tight schaub’esque jeans pockets would have been too easy to see for her and ruined the surprise. As we walked across the bridge towards brooklyn, i got more and more nervous, profusely sweating, desperately trying to identify a good spot to get on my knee and break out the box to propose, all while trying to act normal. With every step i felt the pressure increasing and my plan falling apart, and my girlfriend was beginning to get bored to the point where she asked if i would mind if she listened to some music on her headphones, since i wasn’t talking much anyways and she wanted to enjoy the walk. As you can see, things were not going to plan. Contrary to the cool, calm and collected version of myself i always thought i would be in this important moment in my life, i was an absolute nervous mess. Finally, towards the very end of bridge, i said the hell with it, got down on one knee, and opened the box. My girlfriend started screaming, gave me a hug, and cried while laughing at the same time. I put a ring on it, as the kids say, and we went to a bar in dumbo to celebrate. I cannot explain the relief i felt in that moment, not only of having avoided a choke job of epic, dare i say miami heat 2011 (sorry cubano), proportions, but also of finally being able to take off my jacket. As i was enjoying my alcoholic beverage, however, it dawned on me that i never actually asked her to marry me, since i just opened a box without saying anything. This leaves me in an awkward spot now, as it’s too late for me now to actually ask if she agreed to my proposal. This leads me to my question, which is really a request. Since she will be shown this clip, can you just confirm with her that she does in fact agree to being the future mrs. suave? Her name is Edna. Thank you Ariel for doing this, much appreciated!

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May 25, 2022·edited May 25, 2022

Hello Ariel.

I want to move to Canada. What can you tell me about living in the Great White North and where should I move to?

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Hey Ariel, your aversion to texting with Android users is one that intrigues me every time it comes up. You are right in your explanation that it causes barriers between users, but only when they are texting. Yet you admit that you feel a complete lack of connection the moment you see that green bubble. Knowing that you are not the only person that feels this strongly, it made me wonder, does this obstacle of dealing with Android users keep people from pursuing other connections further as well? Say, if you start dating somebody new? Will they lose interest at the sight of a green bubble? Or what about when it comes to hiring? The boss wants to group text but Jeff replied via android so I'd rather not hire him. Does it reflect class? The haves own the new iPhone while the have-nots own the new Galaxy, even though they cost roughly the same price. It seems to be deeply ingrained in iPhone users while Android users wonder why nobody likes them. Can we all learn to love, or does the rest of the world just need to conform already?

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Hi Ariel,

I enjoyed the Valentina interview on Monday and then started thinking..

She mentioned that a move back to bantamweight could happen sooner than later.

She's also said that she feels a little undersized for 135, but doesn't cut a lot of weight to make 125. As the current women's p4p #1, do we think it's a possibility for her to become champ in 3 weight classes? 115, 125, and 135.

Who is more likely to be the first 3-division UFC champ, Valentina or Cejudo?


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Favorite segment of the Week!!

2 quick questions:

How often do managers/promoters/fighters hit you up after the mma hour to talk about what was said on the show?

GC! If a couple of your mma futures hit, mainly the Joanna +3500, will there be wedding bells in your near future???

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With the UFC announcing this Asia based tournament, which asia based make and female fighter do you see having a long impactful career? Not including Wheili and tkz.

I think Seungwoo Choi has been looking great with one misstep.

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Hey Ariel, with Eagle FC having a 165lb division it had me thinking. If the UFC implemented new divisions such as 165, and something in between 205 and heavyweight, do you think this could negate the importance of belts?

It allows multiple fighters to have an “easier” path to champ champ status (and actually defend, unlike McGregor), and the possibility of belts not meaning so much anymore like in boxing.

Thanks, Tipp.

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Hi Ariel - PFL announced last week that they will split half of their pay-per-view revenue with the fighters. This seems like a great idea in a vacuum, but they would need to sell enough PPVs for it to be a viable option for fighters to benefit financially. What steps do you think they would need to take to have some level of success with their PPV events? Are there any potential fights they could put together other than maybe Kayla vs. Cyborg that would get people to buy a PPV?

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Hallo Ariel

I try a second time to get my question answered.

After the infamous UFC 199 incident, my question is if you ran into Brock at one of the wrestling events you worked on and what is the status of your relationship with him ?

Greetings from germany my man

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Hey ariel could you give your take on the Sasha and Naomi situation. GC mbappe fumbled the bag chosing money over glory staying with PSG

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Hey Ariel!! Today is 101° In the 209. No sweat!! I got your pod on a 12 mile run along the river. Life is good.

Question: wouldn’t Mariusz Pudzianowski make an amazing voice actor for a cartoon mouse or bulldog?!??

I can just hear and see it in a Rescue Rangers type movie. 😂

Respect and God bless always!

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Yo Ariel!

What are the top 5 things you would do in your first 100 days if you were UFC President in an alternate universe?

P.S. Can you please say the following sentence: Juan Wong (1-1-1) won one fight in One FC, one year ago today.

Much love,

Your homie, Sunny Chung

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Afternoon Ariel!!

When can you reveal what this new gig you got going on is?! Looking forward to supporting it!

P.S. I just want to give a shout out to Kamaru Usman's commentary, I thought he did a fantastic job at Eagle FC and think broadcasting should be something he should consider for a post fighting career!

Keep up the great work, and have a great day!!

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