Hi Ariel,

I'm interested in hearing your take on the events leading up the Jake Paul v Hasim Rahman cancellation. While I understand that Rahman signed a contract with stipulations that he wasn't prepared to meet -- my opinion is that Jake Paul's camp negotiated exactly as boxing promotions always have, in poor faith and with stipulations that create unfair advantages.

For all of Paul's talk about "Changing Boxing" and "Prioritizing fighters and fighter pay" - I would argue that his camp's negotiation tactics were exactly the kind of tactics that have turned people away from boxing for years. What are your thoughts and how do you view the contract negotiations / events leading up to the cancelled bout?


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Aug 3, 2022·edited Aug 3, 2022

Hello Ariel!

The acronym GOAT is thrown around a lot these days, but we’ve recently lost two of the greatest of all time at what they did in Vin Scully and Bill Russell. RIP to two absolute legends.

I subscribed to Peacock and watched Summerslam this past weekend and I was thoroughly entertained. I was a huge WWF fan as a kid in the early 90’s but stopped watching around the time Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow were the main event at Wrestlemania because I thought it had gone downhill, and never really paid much attention to wrestling since then. I missed the whole “attitude” era and never really watched The Rock or Stone Cold.

With my Peacock subscription I’ve been able to go back and watch the events from my childhood. I watched 1992 Summerslam from Wembley on Sunday and it was incredible. One thing that really stood out to me now is how good Vince McMahon was at doing play by play. What are some other events or eras that I should go back and watch instead of the Apex card on Saturday?

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Ariel!! Who do you think will be headlining 281 at MSG? And will poirier v chandler be on the card?

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What's poppin Lord Ariel,

Did Amanda Nunes regaining the title move the needle at all towards a possible Kayla Harrison match up? I know she recently resigned with PFL, but could you outline the terms of her deal as well as say when the soonest she'd be a free agent again would be.

Long Live The Man of Steelwani.

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Hello, hello. I know you like to poke fun at Dana's relationship with the Nelk Boys, but did you see the news yesterday that YouTube permanently deleted SteveWillDoIt's channel (the one that throws his shoes to Bam Bam). Over 4 million subscribers and just like that they completey DELETE his channel, not a suspension. What are your thoughts on this type of censorship? Can you imagine your channel being deleted? It reminds me of Howard's battle with terrestrial radio back in the day.

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Shalom Ariel,

I recently watched an incredible YouTube video by Mixed Martial Academic about CTE and it’s obvious effect on combat sports. It’s a very tough subject to grapple with as a fan of the sport because of how devastating it can be to our favorite fighters.

As someone so close to the sport, how do you address feelings of powerlessness, sadness, or any others as you watch your friends’ and colleagues’ minds slowly deteriorate due to repeated concussive trauma for the sake of glory and fame?

I recognize this is a heavy question, thank you for answering if you decide to.

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Good Morning Ariel!

I was slightly puzzled by why you were so let down by Moreno's post fight speech. For someone who is consistently a good role model, It would feel forced for him to suddenly be someone trying to cut a "promo" on a fight that already has plenty story built to run with. Is it absolutely necessary to have to generate moments like the ones you hoped would happen in that instance, when they (the UFC) have such promised revenue and buzz like we have been talking about lately?

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Dear sir! I’m relatively new to MMA, (you could call me one of the new covid-converts) but I’m loving the sport, and have been so grateful for how you and the team have given me an awareness and appreciation for the incredible backstories of these athletes. Thank you.

My question is whether you’d be willing to break down the weight cut, and what a ‘healthy’ cut looks like?

I’ve heard how difficult it can be, and the crazy numbers, and I’ve seen videos of sweat boxes and late night exercising. How long are they going without water and food? What are the other effects on the body? Are they completely over them 36 hours later when they fight?


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In the Figueiredo vs Moreno flyweight title fight, if Figueiredo doesn't make weight the undisputed title becomes vacant the moment the fight starts and only Moreno is eligible to win it but my question is if Moreno then loses the fight, am I right in assuming aswell as the undisputed title becoming vacant, there will no longer be an interim title? If so, shouldnt Moreno keep the interim belt given that he didn't missed weight and therefore didn't have to vacate. I personally think it would be unfair if lost his interim title vs someone over the weight limit. Very hypothetical scenario i know, but given Figgys past battles with the scale, a realistic possibility. Much love, your boy Abay ✌️

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Happy Wednesday Ariel.

Is there any update on a Dustin Poirier vs Michael Chandler bout? All parties, including the UFC, are about it. I thought it would have been a nice co-main for UFC 279 but that’s roughly 5 weeks away at this point.

Also, did you see Chael’s video giving his take on the Hasim Rahman Jr and Jake Paul fight falling out? I thought his breakdown was spot on, and him casually calling Hasim throughout the video “Top Ramen” was just hilarious and so on brand. Curious to know your thoughts.

Have a great day!

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Hi Ariel,

You always put a lot of effort to pronounce names of fighters correctly. I am sure that Fedor and Petr Yan will confirm that you are the only North American MMA journalist who pronounces their name correctly.

Does it bother you, when others mispronounce your name?

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Ariel, did you consider stepping in to fight Jake Paul on short notice after the fight against Rahman fell through? I can’t imagine that you’d pass up the opportunity to headline at the prestigious MSG and show off that Helwani boxing. Much love!

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I find it fascinating that top level UFC fighters are often left with nothing more than a hollowed-out hotel room for pre-fight training, sparring, & weight cutting.

Certainly athletes of this caliber deserve higher level facilities, but I do get a kick out of seeing the teams adapt to this awkward environment.

Groups gathered together in a 12x12 space, punching/kicking each other while avoiding pendant lights and kitchenettes, in & out of the 1-person sit-down saunas (one of which I bought off craigslist and use regularly!), sweat pouring onto the carpet below..

My question is.. have you ever heard of these rooms getting damaged and/or fighters getting injured due to the confined spaces?

I find it hard to believe that bodies like Jan, Glover, Khamzat, etc. can move around comfortably without the occasional spinning elbow into drywall.


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Hello Ariel,

There’s talk of Deiveson Figueiredo potentially not making 125 again. Why do you think there has been no suggestion of a potential champ v champ matchup at 135 like there has been with Volcanovski at 155? Also what are your thoughts on a potential matchup with Figueiredo v Sterling/TJ?

Must say I’m loving the MMA Hour multi and the banter between all of you guy’s at the top of the show, it’s hilarious😂.

In Australia we have an age old saying,


It’s clear you have done this with the great team assembled on the MMA Hour.

Keep up the great work guy’s.

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Greetings from Melbourne Australia.

Ariel how come paddy doesn’t come on the show anymore? You used to have him on all the time when he was in cage warriors. Now this is how he repays you?

Also how do I get some merch

From Ryan

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Hey Ariel, New York Ric’s birthday montage video by No Context Ariel got me reflecting on some of the great people that have been on your career journey namely TST, GC, Mysterious Frank and NYR.

What is your most memorable / proud moments in their respective MMA and MMA media journeys. One each for





cheers mate, have a good rest of the week. Nim

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