If the UFC started a 162.5 lbs division and wanted a an 8 person tournament to decide the first belt holder. You get to matchmake for it. Who are you putting in there? What matchups would you be most excited for. For me it’s Dustin vs Colby.

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Ayu-bo-wan Ariel,

Has Max Holloway surpassed B.J. Penn as the best fighter to come out of Hawaii?

B.J. Penn: UFC LW and WW champion, 3 LW title defenses

Max Holloway: FW champion, 3 FW title defenses

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Hey Ariel,

In a recent interview with theScore, DJ hinted that his next fight might be his last fight. If that was the case, could you enlighten some of the newer fans about his legacy and what he has meant to the sport. In my opinion, he’s the most underrated MMA great and belongs in any GOAT convo.



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Good morning from SoCal !

My question today is about Dana’s attitude during the post fight press conferences. He’s constantly talking bad about the media, talking bad about some fighters, etcetera. I worry that this gives the sport a bad look to more casual fans, but my friends appreciate Dana being “real.” What do you think about it, does his attitude damage or help the brand?

Thank you and everyone else for their hard work!

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A few weeks ago you mentioned Dillon not shaking your hand was one of the “All time bitch moves of all time”™️. Initially, I was thinking this could be a great addition to the year-end awards, but it seems there may be too many nominees for an annual award. It seems every week we’ve got a nominee begging for a 10-7. Up next: Schmo. I know you touched on this last week, but he’s since responded and if there’s one thing we know about Heelwani, it’s that he doesn’t like liars. What do you have to say to this second rate blogger who had to create an uninspiring persona, peacock in Colby-esq suits and yellow tinted lenses, and above all else LIE about The Nose to try to amass a shred of clicks and views?


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Hello MMA Hour. Quick question. Out of all these fictional athletes who would you like to interview the most.

Rocky Balboa of Rocky

Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights

Kenny Powers of EastBound and Down

Jesus Shuttlesworth of He Got Game

Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn of Major League

Happy Gilmore of Happy Gilmore

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Primetime Helwani

I just want to let you know that I am someone who does turn to twitter to see how you score fights while I am watching, so keep it up!

Could you cut a promo for Max on why he deserves a 4th fight? But would Frank be willing to cut it first?

Ps Thank you

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What is up Ariel!

Because we’ve gotten a few additional shows outside of the glamorous Apex recently, we’ve seen multiple fighters able to fight in front of their home town crowd. Which has me wondering, what are some of the most memorable home-comings in MMA that come to mind? Which was the loudest pop for a hometown fighter?

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Aloha Ariel!

Coming off a great fight week in Kansas City and all this talk about BBQ got me hungry. But it reminded me of a pet peeve of mine. I hate when a friend invites everyone over for a summer "BBQ", but when you show up there are only hot dogs and hamburgers. This is just "grilling". To be considered a BBQ, top scientists agree that you must have ribs, chicken, sausage, brisket, pulled pork, or turkey legs. What do you think? Is there a meat expectation for an official BBQ?

I know GC will be on my side.

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Hey Ariel! I can tell that you have a great relationship with Sami Zayn but what’s your relationship like with Kevin Owens these days? I know there was previously some friction there (which you seemingly squashed last year). Have you been able to develop a closer bond since then?

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Salam Alaikum Ariel,

My question today is about the wall of immortalization behind you. The fighters on the wall have done exceptional things no doubt, but what does a fan of the show/of you need to do to warrant getting up there? (for a short term rental of course, a fan is unlikely to be immortalized)

P.S: Your boy here was the inaugural HELWANI BOXING Champion so if a Helwani HOF ever starts up, don’t Jens Pulver me, I’m a pioneer of this game

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Hello Friends,

The top ranked fighters in bantamweight division have been very active. A few months ago, I thought Sean O'Malley waiting for the winner of Cejudo / Sterling was the right move and he'd be a shoe-in for the title shot (so did he). But recent dominant showings from Merab, Sandhagen, and Font have honestly made O'Malley an afterthought in my mind.

With the benefit of hindsight, it seems like O'Malley may have made a mistake by just sitting and waiting for these last 6 months. Do you think he made a mistake and should have stayed active? Who is most likely getting the title shot next?

Cheers boys

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Hola Senor Ariel!

With the world becoming more inclusive in many aspects of life don't you think it is time to update the UFC in terms of the

octagon girls? I'm not saying do away with them, but what are your thoughts on octagon boys?

I'm partially joking, but thought it was a fun topic for discussion with yourself and the boys. Also what would their dress code be?

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Hello to the whole MMA Hour Crew, I appreciate what you all do. Question - What is your take on DC and Bisping making a $5 bet on a fight during the live broadcast Saturday night? I don't recall which fight is was but definitely seemed in poor taste considering thr betting crackdown. Just curious what you though about it. Thanks. #FWO (FRANK WORLD ORDER)

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Hi Ariel, hope you and the crew are all good!

Quick question: have you seen the series being made on lee Murray? It’s called catching lightning and covers his life in the ufc, aswell as his criminal ways.

Thankuou, Kenny from the UK

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HELLO HELLO! If you had to pick any pair of current or former MMA fighters to host a weekly podcast as a duo, who do you think would create the greatest content? My vote would be Askren and Masvidal starting a "Let's Be Friends" podcast. Every episode, they'd bring in two fighters with a rivalry and try to squash the beef.

P.S., thank you! 😅

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