My man, good afternoon Ariel,

Many of the items on the MMA Hour set have been present for years, surviving numerous set design changes, employment changes and some even featured in lockdown zoom backdrops.

My question is, which items on the set mean the most to you?

What are the ones you’re grabbing if the building was ablaze 🔥?

When it’s all said and done I want to visit the MMA Hall of Fame and see a recreation of the MMA Hour Set - empty butternut squash soup included.

Much love, Louis

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👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Quick question this week, who is closer to signing a new contract with the UFC, Francis Ngannou or Nate Diaz?

Also, tell GC I will stop bothering him on Twitter now that the series is over, and my Heat definitively beat down his Hawks. If it makes GC feel better I would’ve given NYR the same treatment.

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Ahoy Ariel,

I have a massive confession to make. I’ve been trying to figure out how to break this news for almost two months now but I’ve been too ashamed to ask.

The last time you had Dan Hooker on, you guys chatted about Dan’s very affordable Cameo appearances. It got me thinking.. “wow. I’d love to surprise a friend with a very price conscious video from the hangman”. I gladly signed up for cameo, and requested the $20 video from the hangman.

Since it was fight week, I figured I’d receive it sometime after his fight. But no! To my surprise, Dan submitted the video THE NIGHT BEFORE FIGHT! Wow! I was speechless (and super happy at the same time). But after seeing his fight and how it went, I now can’t help but think that I might have been responsible for his performance.

If Dan was hanging in his room on fight night eve, making videos for me for $20 and not focusing on his opponent, is there a chance that I took his head out of the game, and perhaps influenced the result of the fight all for $20?! Better yet, do you also share this guilt with me, being that the price point was promoted on your show, that we somehow had a role to play in his TKO loss?!?

What do we do? Do we make a pact to never speak about our accidental influence over The Hangman getting TKO’d? Or is this one of those situations where it’s better to air it out and heal out loud together?!?


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Dear Ariel,

Greetings once again from London, Ontario, Canada. My question today is a straightforward one: do you think someone can have more than one best friend? In my opinion the answer is obviously no, because I believe that any question involving the word “best” should receive a singular response. My girlfriend is insistent, however, that she has three to five “best friends” on any given day. English is her second language and so I am unsure if she is misunderstanding the word “best” as a non-native speaker, or if she is being intentionally difficult. To clarify the situation, I thought I would ask your opinion on the matter. I would appreciate if GC could weigh in as well, given his social nature. You could also ask New York Ric on Monday but I doubt he has to concern himself with this issue, since it requires having multiple friends.

As always, appreciate your valuable insights.



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Apr 27, 2022·edited Apr 27, 2022

Hello Ariel!

I have become a very disgruntled UFC fan recently, and I feel like the greed of the UFC is the sole reason behind my grievances.

After UFC 274 on May 7, they have 3 consecutive events scheduled at the Apex, which would make it 6 out of 7 events at the Apex. The only reason they’re continuing to use the Apex is because it’s cheaper than going on the road and it sucks for the fans and the fighters.

My other issue is they aren’t scheduling any big fights, most likely because they’re too cheap to pay the fighters what they’re worth. It’s almost May and some of the biggest stars in the sport don’t even have a fight scheduled yet.

My theory is that the UFC brass believes they can keep putting on shitty events (no disrespect to the fighters) and keep costs low because they've already been paid by ESPN, and there’s no real competition to the UFC so the fans will watch no matter what. Am I overreacting here?

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Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario.

My question is about recency bias among the MMA community. Do you think that as the sport continues to grow, as does the talent pool, that fighters across every division are simply facing far tougher competition than in years past? Maybe recency bias makes sense in combat sports.

Do you think Ronda would have gotten to be champ if she were in her prime today?

Shout-out GC for cutting the best babyface promos in MMA Hour control room history.

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Apr 27, 2022·edited Apr 27, 2022

Hey Ariel, hope passover was good!! before i ask my question I must say, Gc and new york ric together in one segment is much better, when you all 3 have a discussion it feels like im in the living room talking MMA with friends, and this is the biggest compliment i can give!

My question is:

If the ufc don't let diaz fight as he keeps saying, what whould you do if you were him?beside twitter does he have anything to do about it?

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Hi Ariel,

NBA question for you today. The Miami Heat just beat the Hawks (sorry GC) without Jimmy Butler or Kyle Lowry.

I'm biased as a Miami sports fan, but I think the Heat are the deepest team in the league. They keep finding ways to win without generational talent. Do you agree? How do you fancy their odds to win the chip? Will #HeatCulture prevail?

The New York Ric of shooting contested, mid-range bricks,


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Would you rather be a fly on the wall at an upcoming matchmaker meeting w/ Dana, Hunter, etc. OR Frank & GC's next UFC viewing "party"?

I'm also curious about what food/drink item you'd typically bring as a guest at someone's gathering. Personally, I don't think one can go wrong with a classic bottle of wine..

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Ariel, you previously mentioned that Nate had a knee injury v. Masvidal, would you say the result would've been different if that wasnt the case?? Would a rematch be more competitive if healthy in your opinion? Also, not saying Nate would have beat Leon, but he has also stated that he had a injury before that fight that made him lose motivation a month before, would that fight been closer if that didn't happen???

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Howdy Ariel!

Any news on Brian Ortega and/or Yair Rodriguez?


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Ca Va Ariel!

Sorry I was m.i.a. last time, had a job interview.

Two questions this week to make up for it:

1. Can you provide some clarity around which team darren benedict arnold till belongs to now, after his “loyalty is everything” post?

2. Which non-sport journalist do you look up to?

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Nothing against stipe but why is he considered the hw goat when he only defended the belt only 3 times? Considering fedor has done it a million times. Or are fans just saying “ufc goat”?

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Ariel, has anyone who’s close with both you and Dana,(like DC) helped try to facilitate a squashing of the beef between you two?

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What’s up Ariel,

At the post fight press conference for May/ Mac you asked Leonard Ellerbe why a certain section was blocked off in the stands, I’m sure you remember. Are you going to keep that same energy with your best friend Jake Paul or Eddie Hearn? You once said that his rise reminded you a lot of Conor McGregor's yet Jake Paul can’t even give away tickets to the “greatest women's boxing match of all time”.

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I was going to ask this last week but there was no show! As a newer fan of MMA, I just learned about the April 17th, 2010 Strikeforce Nashville brawl. Just wondering what was the significance of that event at that time? I think I read something that MMA didn't return to national television for over a year after that?!

Have a great show and keep up the great work Ariel!

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