Hey Ariel,

Gotta ask about the Pat McAfee paying Aaron Rodgers to appear on his show. 

He made a good point about Rodgers coming on as a guest greatly helping him build a platform, and he thought it was only fair to repay him for that.

I would like to know:

1. Your general thoughts on the situation and McAfee’s rationale.

2. If his standards should be different because he’s not truly a journalist.

3. If you feel betrayed because he told you he did not pay people to come on when you had asked him (after the Paddy thing was happening in private)

Thank you Frank for not being afraid to ask Ariel the tough questions and Ariel for taking them on. :)

Slava P 

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Ariel - Why do you think the UFC doesn't allow fighters to make extravagant/unique entrances? Obviously the Pyro and whatnot would add on to their costs but the spectacle would be absolutely worth it! These fighters are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with the crowd/fans. Also, why don't many fighters have a "theme song" or a song that is synonymous with them. I can think of only a few that do. Thanks, love all the work you and the crew put in for us. Much appreciated.

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Oct 17, 2023·edited Oct 18, 2023

Hey Ariel - happy to hear that you've squashed the beef with The Schmo as he's been quite critical of you in the past. I'm sure it was a private squash but are you able to share how the convo went? e.g. misunderstanding etc.

Also, I was very surprised that you were working with The Coach (let alone sitting next to him) during Saturday's commentary. You two have gone back and forth at times, are you both good now?

And how was it working with two WWE legends? (Grisham & Coach)

EDIT: I forgot you squashed Till beef too, shheeeeeesh



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Hi Ariel! Did you see Bispings comments on the BYM podcast about your biased commentary on the KSI fight? If so what do you think?

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I don't personally think Ariel said too much that was biased - It was more he stayed quiet or just agreed with his co-commentator who was CLEARLY not giving a fair assessment of things.

That was some of the worst (bias) commentary i've ever heard.

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Hello Ariel,

Who is the most intimidating presence you have met in person? The two answers I always hear are Brock Lesnar and Mike Tyson - interested to hear your thoughts.

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Hi everyone,

Question for GC: what are your thoughts on live betting? In between rounds and the like?

Also I thought you might appreciate that I was recently paid out 100 dollars after I bet the Costa Chimaev fight wouldn’t happen immedietely after it was announced!

Your fan from Norway,


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On Monday you asked Johnny Walker what his message to Magomed is at the end of your interview, and on the Spotify version it goes silent. Was there something edited out or was this intentional? If it was edited out could you please give us a synopsis? Viva

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Ok NoSoup usually asks a gossipy juicy question to get the el passion out of Ariel but with whats going on in the world let me take a different angle.

Can each of you name one thing you are thankful for today ?

I will start. This show.

It provides an escape for a few hours and I look forward to it twice a week .

Its my happy place.

Cheers Lads

I'll be back next week with a juicy question.


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Hi Ariel and the crew.

With the ufc and usada parting ways is there a chance that the ufc could be in charge of punishments for failed drug tests and that they could then use it as another way to be coercive towards fighters while also letting other failed tests slide if it is some of the companies biggest stars? While I don’t agree with everything usada do I really don’t like the idea of the ufc having even more power over the fighters.

On a lighter note. Is there a more exciting matchup that can be made at 145 than rodriguez vs barboza? I feel like this matchup will never be made if it doesn’t get made now.

Sending my best wishes to Israel.

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Ayo Ariel,

Have y'all thought about giving the chat a say in the parlay boys picks?

We're pretty good at betting.

You could drop a poll in the chat of several options and you could have us vote on it.

Just an idea that I hope y'all consider.

All the best

Also, give Mysterious Frank a raise.

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Hi Frank and Ariel! I have figured out the main event for UFC 300. Mike Chandler vs Conor McGregor for the new vacant 165 lb championship. This will make the fight more historic and worthy of the main event if there’s multiple title fights on the card. Thoughts from Ariel and the boys?

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Ariel, if Volk or Islam win on Saturday does that guarantee them pfp #1 status over jones, also if volk loses I don’t think he should be penalized in the pfp rankings given the circumstances

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Who’s got a better shot, Usman or Volk? Love you guys!

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Just saw a video of Usman's open workout where it looks like he says his knee "Popped"...that can't be ideal going into a battle with Khamzat. I'll bet Volk.

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Ariel and the boys,

Thanks for the shout last week! Made my Wednesday!

Now got a question for the Parlay Boys even though I feel the OG Parlay Pals was a better name.

What would Rick, GC, and Frank think of the idea to get fans involved with the picks every now and then?

Say one person of the crew causes the Parlay to lose, then the following week a fan could be chosen in that person's spot to place a pick in before the show similar to how the great Juliana Pena does.

Whether that fan helps win or lose the parlay, the full crew is back at it the following week. Also, the guys could veto any picks that would be made that they don't feel is a smart move.

P.S. Not sure how much time is going to be available after the live show during meet and greets but 1v1 darts with fans would be incredible!

All love to the MMA Media GOATs

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Favorite segment of the week!!

2 quick questions:

Ariel, if Dillion Danis were to come over to the UFC, do you think he could be beat any of the top 15 guys at welterweight?

GC!!! Break the 4th wall, what was it like traveling across the pond with Ariel and how big of a star is Ariel in Manchester?

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Usman is in an interesting position.

If he wins against Khamzat he gets a shot at the Middleweight title vs a guy he's already beat.

If he loses against Khamzat and Colby beats Leon in December then I could see Usman getting another shot at the Welterweight belt against Covington.

Do you think - Usman will win another belt before he retires?

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