Belal x Usman?

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Hi Ariel have you had a chance to speak to the KFC king about the recent court rulings?

Last one, will you bring back the random trivia events? I remember a few years ago Rick would name random ufc cards and you would name the fights on that card. Pleaseeee bring this back, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Hi Ariel!

As you know, the Prograis x Haney fight was just announced for December 9th, in San Francisco's Chase Center.

Seeing this location made me wonder why San Francisco is never mentioned as a potential venue for the UFC. Chase Center seems like a perfect spot for a fight night or PPV, but I've never heard it being mentioned as a possibility. Is there a reason for this? Or is it just because there are so many cities/countries for the UFC to go to and SF gets lost in the shuffle?

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Hi Ariel. Quick one here.

You guys have been getting very involved in ball orientated sports these days and I’m wondering if you will be tuning into the AFL Grand final this weekend? Collingwood Magpies vs Brisbane Lions!

Cheers for the great weekly content, peace from Australia ✌🏼

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Hello Ariel and crew! Greetings from magical and beautiful Perú. It’s my first time asking so I'll keep it short and sweet. I’m participating in the MMA Hour FPL League, but I haven't heard you guys speak in the program about it (or about FPL at all). Are you out or still playing? You plan on doing something fun with FPL? Great season so far for Forest by the way.

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Hi Ariel, first time question asker. I saw your podcast with Mighty Mouse which I liked, and it got me thinking- do you think it should be more of a thinking media memeber’s, esp interviewers, go on fighters shows if possible? And would you do more of these in the future since fighters have their own shows? If so, what goes into consideration to fighters podcast/content you will appear on?

Side note- I believe more of this will break the stigma/false idea of media members are making money of the fighters likeness

One more- a small documentary on your story, esp the UFC fallout 20-30 years of now NEEDS to be made. Or atleast a podcast series

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Bonjour Lord Ariel,

On Last Wednesday's show you had Jared Cannonier on who all so eloquently outlined what should happen at the top of the middleweight division. Jared is coming off of two wins after fighting for the belt, one over current champ Sean Strickland, and another over perennial contender Marvin Vettori. Not only that, but being the company man he is Jared flew to the other side of the world as the backup fighter for Izzy/Strickland and made weight no problem.

Given these facts, Jared no doubt deserved a title shot in his next fight or at least a #1 contender fight against someone in the top 5. Yet just a few days after making his case on your show it gets announced he'll be fighting back in the ranks against surging prospect Roman Dolidze. My question is what do you make of this development, and is Jared being screwed here? Also, what does this say about meritocracy in the UFC?

As always thanks for being the mma media mensch and for keeping all us plebs informed.

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Question for everyone - If the UFC Video Game came out annually, who is your UFC 6 Video Game Cover Fighter at the moment? O'Malley perhaps? How about a Deluxe Edition Cover UFC HOF Fighter...Bisping maybe? Your thoughts? Love the show, thanks.

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Ariel. Very dark tagline, careful before you get a dm from Bryce Mitchell about accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. For Frank: My favorite show moment in recent memory is you naming Music For Earthworms as one of your favorite hip hop albums to a befuddled Ariel, Ric, and the Gorgonzola Rock and Rolla. On the other side of the coin have you tried putting your music head friends onto MMA? S/o my brother Sam at the L.I.R.R. (Long Island Rap Records) who’s putting out tremendous LI rap in the lineage of Aesop Rock you’d dig the fuck out of (https://www.longislandrap.com) who I’ve tried and failed countless times to get into the sport.

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Hey Ariel! long time no speak, Hope you had a lovley vaction !! anywho.... This is for ALL the crew.

What is the one advice that changed your life the most? it could be something silly, meaningful ,relationship wise or even dating and food .

And remember no matter what the result of the "Best MMA Programming" will be, THEY THE TWOS AND YOU THE ONES . LOVE YOU GUYS !

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The tension is palpable. How much of your disdain for metal face FRANK is a shoot? it's so awkward. Feels like work place flirting. sexual tension. In the early going's you were chummy. What happened? Is this what happens when 2 "comic book guys" meet?

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Hello Ariel!

As a Canadian who has been living in New York City for a long time, what is your opinion on New York Pizza? Personally, I did not enjoy the pizza in New York even at highly rated places. In my experience, the crust was too burned. I had way better pizza in Toronto and Mississauga.

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Hey Ariel, Dante here.

sorry for the delay I've been wanting to ask this question for a minute!

When Jones vsed Gane, how come he walked out last? And was in the red corner? Usually it's the higher ranked fighter that makes the walk last but it was Jones debut at heavyweight and he was unranked, whilst Cyril was ranked number 1. Is this the only time it has happened where not the higher ranked has been in the red corner? If it's because of popularity how come Conor was in the blue corner his last two fights.

Cheers Ariel. Love from New Zealand

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I'm here to throw shade at New York Rick. I thought GC and Rick were doing a great job on Monday until their update on how GC was doing in Breath of the wild. Rick then said the last Zelda game he had played was "the one on the 64". Disregarding the 2nd Zelda game on the 64, Majora's Mask is poor behaviour altogether. I'm disappointed in you Newb York Rick.

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Ariel! So on the Believe you me podcast Bisping and Lionheart spoke with Jamahal Hill and he brought up your name again. He still seems upset. He is a major player in the UFC as the current LHW Champ until 11/11 when Jiri and Pereira fight. As a fan of both of you can you please make an effort to heal that relationship?

After you giving Dana probs a few weeks back We would love to see it.

Ariel healing relationships can be the silver lining of 2023.

We believe in your bro! 🙏🏽

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Is it true Cannonier will fight Dolidze? And how does this make sense after a) his comments on your show b) after Dolidze last lost against Vettori who Cannonier beat quite clearly? greetings Jeremy from Switzerland

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