👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Last week’s main event was a tough outing for my guy Gamebred. Still, as a true fan through and through I can’t wait to see when his next match will be, to fully support him once again. Can you rank these five opponents in order from least likely to most likely to be next in line?

1. Conor McGregor

2. Nate Diaz rematch

3. Nick Diaz

4. Leon Edwards (if he loses to Usman)

5. Wonderboy rematch

BONUS: is there any other possible opponent that may be flying under the radar?

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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My man, good afternoon Ariel 🇺🇸

The talk with Kayla H on Monday is another addition to the library of scintillating, intriguing and challenging interviews since the show’s return.

This got me thinking about old interviews and one that was challenging for very different reasons is one that took place in August 2017, at a gentleman’s club with Floyd Mayweather.

Can you talk about the events of that night? I don’t think the curtain’s ever really been pulled back before.

One last thing, Monday also revealed you as a soup drinker - no 🥄. Any other questionable eating habits? 😆

Much love, Louis

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Hey Ariel, we’ve had a few impressions recently so what would you rate these impressions out of ten:

1. Killashaws impression of GC

2. Killashaws impression of NYR

3. Helwani’ impression of Sean Sheehan and anon. judge on open scoring.

Congrats on US citizenship mate.

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Mar 9, 2022·edited Mar 9, 2022

Hello Ariel!!

Wow what an honor it is to be first. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get here but I finally made it. I have to start by congratulating you and Mrs. Helwani on becoming US citizens! You have a lot of questions to get to so I’ll keep mine short.

On the upcoming UFC schedule, they have 3 consecutive fight nights in April scheduled at the Apex. Do you know if they plan to take any of those events on the road?

Also, how do you see Robert Whittaker fitting in at 170, and who makes sense as an opponent for him?

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Good morning Ariel, call me a hater but what was the whole point of Kayla Harrison saying it haunts her that her window of opportunity to fight girls with the star power of Rhonda Rousey is closing? In order to do that she would have go to a different organization but instead she resigns with PFL. Don’t get me wrong she is smart getting paid over a million dollars to fight cans but she will never get the star power she wants in PFL. Also shoutout to the nicest crypto in the sport Marshall Rogan Inu!

Much love - Zack

This weeks handicapped hot take for you, Julianna Pena will win the rematch against Nunes via KO!

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Sup Ariel,

I kinda felt for Johnny Boy Morgan last week at the pressers, Colby was continuing to school him and it seemed like he was not enjoying asking him questions.

1. Aside from the push ups, how do you think he should approach interviewing Colby in the future?

2. Have you ever feared asking an MMA fighter a question? If so, who was it and what question?

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Ça va Ariel!

Your point in yesterday’s Two-Cent-Tuesday regarding Conor v Jorge at MSG got me thinking. The UFC should put the BMF belt on the line.

IF Conor wins, dare I say, a Nate v Conor trilogy fight for the BMF belt beats the 2.4MM PPV buys record.

Agree/ Disagree?

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What are some Substacks that you are subscribed to that you recommend? (Not necessarily mma related) I just got the app and I would like to subscribe to a few more people as I really enjoy the concept and layout of it.

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Rest In Peace to the greatest cricketer in the world Shane Warne ….

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Have you heard any update as to why CM Punk is angry at you? Would love to hear from him. Him and Paul Heyman are my favourite guests in the history of the MMA Hour. I can hear the latter talk for hours on end.

Lastly, when you elongate the word shit for "shiiiiiiettttttt" along with when you say "you come at the king you best not miss" are you aware it is from the tv show The Wire? That was why I mentioned it last week in my post as I had assumed you had watched it so the question was not weird last week Frank!

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183 comments wtf?! That's insane, no way Ariel can get to them all lol

At the post fight press conference on Saturday, somebody mentioned something about an Allegiant Stadium card in the summer time.. Have you heard anything about this?

Keep up the great work, Ariel! See you in the next Greenroom!!

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VIVA HELWANI!! Hey Ariel!!! Writing to you from the most beautiful city in the world, with the most beautiful women in the world: Toronto.

Comment on:

People, fans, media, are upset with that invisible line Covington, Strickland, Conor persistently cross... Hurtful, distasteful language directed at another man or woman's family, religion, etc, should be off limits. I disagree. How can this line exist in the sport of cage fighting Ariel? AS A FAN, why would I be concerned or bothered by the hurtful message one man uses to put down his opponent, and then sit back and eat my popcorn while those same fighters risk potentially life altering physical consequences. When I see what happened to Souza against Muniz, or Cyborg against MVP, it is absolutely meaningless to me the hurtful redirect a fighter uses towards his opponent. It is soft and inconsistent to be caught up in these words AS A FAN. Thoughts?

Thanks Ariel

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Hey Ariel, i’m assuming i’m too late for my question to make the show so I just wanted to say congrats on becoming a US Citizen. Happy for you and your wife.

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Ariel, I know that MMA varies from the boxing world in this aspect, but at what point do you believe that a fighter's record reflects his/her ability to remain elite?

Obviously, fighters like Jorge, Nate, and Cowboy are "fan favorites" that have drawing power, but are they truly the "best in the world" with double-digit losses?

I've noticed that most of the top-level MMA fighters have record ratios of about 4:1 (wins to losses) or better. Once they move into the 3:1 (with the exception of Charles Oliveira & a couple others) or 2:1 range, it seems nearly impossible to win or regain a title.

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Still dying to know about Houston. But my real question is this. Do you think ufc wants conor/diaz 3 to the point they refuse to make dustin/diaz and push hard for dustin/colby? Personally I think it's a great story line of colby beating ATT guys. And about him (colby) not fighting top guys i mean when he was fighting robbie, woodley, rda where were these guys that are relevant now at that time? 2 years ago we didn't even know who khamzat was really. Vincent wouldn't have done much for him at that point. And about him calling out dustin and people say he's not WW, dustin himself said he doesn't know if he'll ever make 155 again (he's a big guy). But we call usman pfp best when colby is only guy he's beat on this title run that is not former lightweight.

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Where’s the Butternut Squash coming from? The Little Beet? Hale and Hearty?

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