Hey Ariel and crew.

You guys are on an absolute hot streak as of late. Love your work.

However, a bit of a bone to pick with GC! You have so much fight merch and you've been dangling it in our faces for quite some time. It really stings to see you flaunting your Venezuela Vixen or Suga Sean merch, talking about your desire for Tommy Aspinall's slick black hoodies, or your freebies from Niko.

Because we, the people have been waiting patiently since 2021 for our own MMA Hour Merch! It's like the longest slow clap of all time.

It's time GC comes clean and gives us a proper, honest live update on the status of this merch? Who has dropped the ball? Who has fumbled the bag?

How can we, the people get this going? Do you need a leg up? I'm more than happy to help in whatever way i can!

Let's get this rocking!

Much love from Australia.


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Hey G.C,

Can you ask Julianna Peña to do a voice note when giving her pick for the Parlay Boys. It would add so much more colour to it.

PS shout-out to Man United.

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Greetings Ariel, Dustin Poirier has recently said he would like to fight on UFC 300, DOES ANYONE ELSE MAKE SENSE BESIDES NATHAN DIAZ?! thank you Ariel #10-8

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Rafael Dos Anjos

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Ariel - Bills are 5-5, did you hear Mike Greenberg's rant about how Josh Allen is this era's Brett Favre? Thoughts? (Colts fan here, GO HORSE!) Love the show, thanks to the whole crew.

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Good Afternoon Ariel and the Parlay Boys,

After the events of this past PPV (UFC 295), do you think that that should more of a distinction between 2 division champions (BJ Penn, Jon Jones, GSP, now Alex Pereira) and simultaneously Champ Champs (Daniel Cormier, Amanda Nunes, Conor McGregor*, Henry Cejudo*) because the MMA fanbase at large seems to conflate the two. Do you think the singular achievement of gaining both belts regardless of when or how long outshines or is the same as what Amanda Nunes and Daniel Cormier did, defending both belts?

Thanks for the 3 episodes of content last week!

Hope to see you in Toronto at UFC297,

Dillon from Toronto

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Nov 14, 2023·edited Nov 14, 2023

Greetings Ariel and crew,

You may have heard a few weeks back former NHL player of the Pittsburgh Penguins Adam Johnson was tragically killed while playing in a hockey tournament in Europe. He bled out in hospital after an opposing player kicked him in the throat with his skate blade. This tragedy really started getting me to question the dangers of different sports, specifically comparing team sports that are viewed as less harmful by the general public, to combat sports like MMA which are aesthetically violent but arguably less dangerous and fatal as there have been zero deaths in any major MMA organization.

My question is, how would you compare the danger and safety concerns between different sports to mma? And where on the totem pole of major sports would you rank MMA as far as danger?

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Hallo Ariel

With Nurmagomedov popping , where does that leave the Bellator Lightweight division ? And what does that mean for him personally, will the PFL be interested in him for a potential buy ?

Greetings from Germany man

And please get the main man Don Frye on the show !

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Hi Ariel,

Given that Bellator 301 is almost certainly going to be their last event, I think it would be really cool if they brought back say, 10 of their most important historical fighters, almost like they did with Fedor’s retirement. Who would you say those fighters are? And is there anything else Bellator could do to celebrate its history at its final event instead of fading out unceremoniously.

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Hey Ariel, Comment tu vas Mon Ami?

Thank you for mentioning that early stoppage for the main event of UFC 295 but I feel like everyone is kinda brushing it away (Maybe because of Jiri's statement after the fight). However, wouldn't it be right to mention the idea of a rematch since there's a little bit of controversy? We've seen it happen before. Jiri Prochazka doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.

Also if you need a French translator whenever you invite a French guest. Feel free to reach out je le ferai gratuitement.

Merci beaucoup pour ce que tu fais.

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The joy you continually bring to my life is incalculable. Thank you.

Ariel - You’ve had Michael Rapaport in studio. You’ve had Action twice. You had Steve-o. These have been outstanding interviews with deep MMA fans and also refreshing because of their trades & distance from the fighters’ lifestyles. After speaking with Steve-O, please. Please. PLEASE at least reach out to Anthony Keidis for an in studio interview. A fascinating pacifist, artist & early preliminary spectator, he’s always moved on stage like he trains. He even writes lyrics like “I’ve gotta find my way to the light heavy, middleweight.” I am positive it would be a fascinating interview & well received.

And if Anthony’s unavailable, hit up Travis Barker, cuz we know he’s in.

Blessings to you all.

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Hi Ariel,

Expat Brit living in Canada - Have been watching the UFC since 2011 and must say, your dedication to your craft really shows - In a world where less for more is the norm, the amount of content you put out amazes me. 360 degree coverage of the MMA world, for free!

Two questions if you don't mind:

1. Great live show, but I was surprised to hear you open up with an f bomb or two, with your kids in attendance - How do you handle this in real life? I'm a father who occasionally swears in front of his kids, and I don't believe in giving power to "magic words". As long as my kids don't swear in front of other adults, I'm sort of fine with it. Would love to hear how you approach this.

2. Secondly, huge Tommy Aspinal fan - Love to see his success but how did you feel about Dana's comments, discrediting Toms win - saying he got lucky against Sergei ("someone was going to get the KO and it ended up being Tom") and essentially saying we've paid him to sit out and wait for Jon.

LOVE THE SHOW, can't wait to see what's next - Shout out Frank, GC, and Rick (ever the contrarian)

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What up Ariel and crew, firstly love the show and as everyone says it gets me through the week and provides an escape. I love a post PPV Monday show and especially when a fighter that you are close with or has an inspirational story comes on. I’ve gone back to your intro to the Monday show after Leon beat Usman several times for a re-listen. It’s incredible.

A question about behind the 4th wall and ads for your show, are they put in my the mysterious one after the show or automatically inserted by an AI bot? On Monday’s show at the 2:34:57 mark just as Tommy A was in the middle of answering a serious question with his grace, thoughtfulness and humility we abruptly jump to a couple of ads. Kinda ruined the moment.

Much love

AA ron

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Hello Hello! I have a conspiracy theory. What if Dana is actually planning to host 300 at the Sphere first? And then they'll go back 5 months later for Mexican Independence Day. I know Kavanagh said it's looking like July for Conor, but don't you think that's exactly what Dana would want him to say? Just to keep things under wraps. I can see it now. They announce it on the Sphere display on New Years Day.

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Hi Ariel (and Frankie)

What is up with Dana’s obsession with the Jones v Stipe?? He’s constantly talking about how they’re legends and have warned the fight, but he’s the same guy who didn’t give Stipe a rematch against Francis. How does he deserve the match against Jones but didn’t against a guy he’d already beaten??

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Hi Ariel,

Any insight into RVCA Sport closing and the impact to the fighters? Is this why Jason Parillo was not in Mackenzie Dern's corner this past weekend? Will he be in Chito's corner for his upcoming title bout?

Love the show!



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Hey Ariel and crew.

Greetings from the windiest intersection in Canada.

I was going through some old belongings and came across a few Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em hockey VHS tapes from the early 90's. As a fellow Canadian I wante to know Ariel's take on Canadian hockey legend Don Cherry? Do you think he was thrown under the bus or was his exist just. What do you think his legacy will be when he's gone?

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