Hey Ariel,

Next week, the “King of Kickboxing” Rico Verhoeven will be back defending his GLORY heavyweight-title after more than two years.

His opponent is the interim heavyweight-champion Tariq “Cookie” Osaro, at GLORY Collision 6 in the GelreDome, November 4.

What’s your prediction for this fight?

And also, it would be super cool to have them on the show next week.

Cheers and have a blessed week!

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Maurits School

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Ariel - Watching Nathaniel Wood lose the fight at 294 against Muhammad Naimov was one of the most infuriating conclusions to a fight I can remember. Naimov blatantly cheated at least 5 times, numerous low blows, fence grabs at crucial times, fingers holding inside the gloves of Wood, etc. The referee didn't take a single point although he did talk to Naimov on at least 3 occasions...when is enough enough? Do you think Wood has legitimate grounds for asking for this decision to be overturned? Love the show...LOVE THE WATCH PARTY! Thanks guys!

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Hello to the mma hour crew. I don’t know if I’m alone on this hill but I didn’t feel excited by the time the co main and main event came around. The officiating had kind of ruined the event for me by that point bar a spectacular fight. Is this the worst officiated ufc card you’ve ever seen? I know a referees job isn’t easy and my thinking is that referees don’t like to get too involved in the fights to avoid effecting the outcome but isn’t a referee indirectly effecting the outcome by not taking points?

Do you think referees not clamping down on fouls earlier in the night(or day in this case) set the tone for the fighters on what they could get away with?

I counted 5 fouls against 2 groin shots 2 glove hooks Nathaniel Wood and a near eye poke. In other fights I seen fighters get warned for kneeing downed opponents then continue to knee the downed opponent with no punishment given.

I heard the doctor that stopped the chief support if the (ankalaev vs Walker fight fits that term)was pretty new to the gig. I don’t mean to be harsh but don’t you think someone should be getting experience at regional events rather than learning their trade on a ufc PPV? I got my doctorate from a cereal box yesterday so can I have a go at ufc 295. Did he want to sub in and be referee as well since he feels it’s his job to tell fighters that it didn’t hit the cup. I wonder if he’s nominated victor Henry for the Oscar’s yet?

This is starting to feel more like a rant than a question now so I’ll finish on a positive. Thanks for the great shows as always. You guys help me through every night shift.

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Hi Ariel,

Given that Bellator 301 is almost certainly going to be their last event, I think it would be really cool if they brought back say 10 of their most important historical fighters, almost like they did with Fedor’s retirement. Who would you say those fighters are? And is there anything else Bellator could do to celebrate its history at its final event instead of fading out unceremoniously.

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Hello all,

Why does Dana keep saying Usman is the best welterweight ever in all pre and post-fight interviews at UFC 294?

GSP, who clearly has a better record, cleared out the division (twice / 3 times over) and was a 2 weight world champ.

Why does Dana love to shit on people once they leave the company?

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Hi Ariel!

When a guest on the show tells you during the interview that they're going to send you a video/photo/merch etc. once their interview is over, what percent of the time do they actually send it? I'm curious whether it's mostly cap.

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Hi Ariel,

Any chance we will see Cain Velasquez on the MMA Hour?

Also, with UFC 294 behind us, any thoughts or recommendations on how to address the various and numerous rules broken by fighters and the lack of repercussions (ie fence, hair, glove grabs, etc,)

Best to all the MMA Hour team in these difficult global times

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Yo, Ariel

If you could make the card for UFC 300… I’m just kidding.. but if you could build your own misfits card, what would the top three fights be?

I would love to see Jorge and Nate box.

Thanks guys I love the show

-Gilbert Hill

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Ariel, long time fan first time question asker! Like you Sprinter has been on repeat for me, CC is great but so is Dave. Trojan horse is another good song with incredible bars

Non mma question - what’re your top 3/4 drake albums and in a particular order? Thanks!

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Hi everone,

Question for the group: We see some weight misses these days in the UFC, and in my opinion 20% of your 15/15 purse is not a deterrent compared to a win on your record in a big fight. Everyone forgets a weight miss within 6 months anwyay. Given that it is basically cheating, what are your thoughts on a mandatory suspension following missing weight? It can be based on how much you miss by, and kick into effect after the fight (assuming your opponent is still willing to fight). Personally I think it would be a far more effective way of deterring fighters who are close to making weight but choose not to sacrifice the last few pounds, and would definetely make them less likely to repeat the offence.

Your fan from Norway,


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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

Hi Ariel, Hi GC, Ric & Mr. Frankie,

With Jon "Papa" Jones out for at least 8 MONTHS per "King Dana" latest breaking news, how do you guys see the HW landscape in 2024?

Also Ariel, do you think Ciryl "Bon Gamin" (a.k.a "The French Prince") Gane is paying for the probably new bad relationships between the UFC and his management 🏭 ? 🤔

Thanks for your answers, hopefully will cross your path in Montreal one day.



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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023

Hello, Ariel and Crew!

Long time fan of the show and all the work you do. I love the MMA Hour (sponsored by Draft Kings) for so many reasons but mostly for the rapport of the team and the way you push the narrative of the sport in a positive way. Thank you for always giving the fighters a platform to express themselves. I was fortunate to have my question answered live by GC & NY Ric, when they covered for you the first time, and am hoping to get your take as well: Who’s your Women’s MMA Mount Rushmore? GC and Ric some interesting picks and I’m hoping to get yours, too.

Peace and love,


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Hey Ariel

What are the chances we see a plethora of announcements this week from Dana White solely just to spite and take focus off of Fury vs Ngannou?

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023

Heelwani! Do you have any idea of when you’ll be covering a wwe event again ? I love hearing you talk all things wrastlin’

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Hi Ariel, love the show.

In each division, who is your champion if it was one 25 minute round, rather than five 5s? Great cardio doesn’t necessarily mean success, but how different do you think fights would be?

Shout out to Frank’s randomiser.


G from Glasgow

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Lord Ariel & crew:

I enjoy every aspect of MMA. But, as soon as wrestling or grappling begins to take place, a couple of my friends that have begun watching the sport with me, start asking questions about why I enjoy watching this part of the fight, similar to round 1 of Chimaev vs. Usman. It seems they can’t appreciate a fight unless it’s a bloody war.

This leads me to my question:

Why do you think kickboxing never got the steam in the United States like it did in other countries?

Every time my friend complain about grappling, I tell them to go watch kickboxing and they make a great point, they have no idea where or goes to watch the sport.

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