👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Simple and sweet this week my friend. Which of these two scenarios is more likely to happen?

Adesanya x Usman for the middleweight belt or Usman moving up to fight at light heavyweight? (Both narratives are being pushed by Usman’s manager Ali)

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Hello Ariel. I have been covering MMA/combat sports for a site as a side gig for almost a year now, and yesterday I completed my first ever fighter interview. I was also approved for press credentials for LFA 123 on Friday, so Friday I will be attending my first MMA event as media.

Any suggestions on covering an event live? I'm freaking psyched to be going and have this opportunity, but I'm also nervous at the same time because I want to nail it and turn this into a full time job soon. I figured I'd ask the best in the business. Thanks!

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Hello Ariel - Happy Wednesday. I’m at the airport waiting to be scanned for my trip to your city. No questions today as I’m slightly high on emotions and energy drinks but wanted to get a couple of thoughts in:

1. Today is National Girls and Women in sports day so shoutout to everyone who broke barriers as we get set to witness the greatest female boxing fight as a main event. Today is also National ukulele day so I’m hopeful my goat the bullet will someday play for us on the mma hour.

2. You were amazing at the royal rumble - enjoyed every bit of it and hoping you do this more often it’s amazing

Have a great rest of the week 🙏🏽

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“ Holding your urine for too long can weaken the bladder muscles over time. This can lead to problems such as incontinence and not being able to fully empty your bladder. Holding your urine for extremely long periods of time can also cause urinary tract infections due to bacteria build-up” Is it crazy to think that during a four hour show someone else could vamp for 5-minutes while you run to the bathroom? Maybe you can get an adult diaper sponsor!

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Hey Ariel, can you FaceTime McAfee on air and squash this so called beef. Seems like youre working yourself into a shoot. Loved you on PMS. If it is a work get it aht a here and go back to how things were.

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What do you foresee will cause the extinction of humanity,


Dave From North Bay

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Hey Ariel, any word on a 272 Co-Main event? Also what sells more PPVs Covington vs Masvidal or Nate vs Dustin?? Take care

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Will there be a co-main event announced for UFC 272?

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My man 👃🏻 good afternoon Lord H,

To preface my question, I think you have an excellent read on people, their emotions or agenda.

If you cast your mind back to the credentialed days, with the fighter scrums and interviews - do you recall any standout moments where fighters gave off energy that was then matched and translated into their performance on fight night?

Both sides of the coin, any fighter that was nervous and then could not get out of first gear come fight night? Or, any that exuded confidence but then walked the talk?

Hopefully not too heavy a question as we likely approach hour 4 of the show. Much love ❤️

(Hope you’re a part of the Taylor Serrano broadcast 🅿️)

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Feb 2, 2022·edited Feb 2, 2022

NY Ric is incorrect. Crypto and NFT's are both built on top of blockchain technology, so you were right on Monday. They're not the same thing but they most certainly are under the same umbrella.

And while crypto isn't inherently a scam, it has very little real utility other than for scamming people. There is a great documentary that came out recently called "Line Goes Up" that is 2 hours of in-depth analysis on the technological, social, and financial implications of crypto and NFT's that I highly recommend that you watch.

Ariel, if you would like to hear some critical analysis about crypto from people without a vested interest, please take some time to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ_xWvX1n9g

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What up Ariel!? Loooong time listener! I was recently talking with my my wife and we came to the conclusion that I have probably listened to you talk quite a bit more than I’ve listened to my wife over the past 12 years. Kinda funny, kinda sad. If she made content as great as you things could change. Quick question, what technical difficulty has haunted you the most over the history of your show/career? Is there an instance that stands out to you where you thought you might lose it on air? What ever happened when the recent call history for Skype was put on screen? Any blow back from the guests that day? Sorry to bring up bad memories.. keep doin your thing, Heelwani 2024!

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Why does Ric keep applying this Hobbesian “everyone’s a narcissist” POV? He argued that the reasons why Jake Paul is an advocate didn’t ultimately matter. It does. It’s diluting the impact significantly. Instead of comment sections filled with discussion about fighter pay and benefits, it’s littered with “Rics” claiming to know Jakes internal motivations.

Do you feel this opposition is damaging the potential impact of Jake’s movement?

P.S. Tell GC good luck this weekend and War Eagle! 😉

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Hey Ariel really enjoyed Monday especially Jake Paul! I think the guy has an authentic purpose around this. He can make money anywhere but I think this fight for fighter rights is real as he’s seen the blood sweat and tears that goes into becoming a fighter personally. Assuming you agree, what has to transpire this year for him to be considered by consensus authentic in his intentions?

Ps he used a line from my AMA segment last week about treating fighters as independent contractors or employees with benefits; not the worst of both.

So, Jake I’m happy to take on being your staff writer. I have a standing offer from Dilion Danis but I’m not hopeful as he owes me $2000 for liking a tweet from 6 months ago.

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Hey Ariel! Hope your wife is doing better!

2 questions

1. I’ve been following you and your work for a couple of years now. I’ve heard you talk about PF Changs and I’ve tried to look what up the context is and I can’t find anything. Would you enlighten me about the context?

2. Did GC see the $20 bet turn into over $500K off of the 2 playoff games from last weekend??? That guy HAS to make it on the wall of fame.

Much love. Heelwani for life.

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Ariel, here’s the top 5 diss tracks of all times

1) The Story of Adidon (Pusha T)

2) Ether (Nas)

3) Hit Em Up (your favorite)

4) No Vaseline

5) Takeover (Jay Z)

Back To Back by Drake is weak!!!

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Hi Ariel! Thoughts on Lampard being the new manager of Everton and the signings of Van de Beek and Dele?

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