How about "Beauty & The Nose" for the name of this new segment? You can also add the same graphic style and theme from "Beauty & The Beast" for the video transitions and thumbnails (plus the shocked faces for more clicks, of course).

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Hello Ariel and Luciana,

Ariel, you are a very busy man these days. I miss reading your MMA articles. Do you enjoy the writing process, and would you ever consider writing a book?

Luciana, what is your favourite book of all time?

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Eyyyyy Ariel and Luciana!!!!

I just found out I’m expecting baby #3! Any suggestions on fun ways to tell our two older girls ages 4 and 6? Also, any cool baby name suggestions?

Love you guys!!!!

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Loved show 1. 'Luci & The Heel' is a great name for this segment, anyway, My Question: Are either of you fans of the animated show South Park? Any fave moments/episodes? Heelwani, what are your thoughts on how Canadiens are drawn in the show? Thanks buddy

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hi ariel.. you look too good for your age.. did you get anything done? how about luciana? will you?..say in 10 years... 🙄

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Hi Ariel, the internet exploded after UFC 286 when Dana promised the title shot to Colby, and now you have team Colby and Team Belal arguing online over who should get a title fight.

Why is no one talking about Belal vs Colby for the number 1 contender spot? That’s the only fight that makes sense if you ask me because you can make a case for both being good fights for Leon.

And can we then please stop talking about Masvidal getting the title shot? He sucker punches colleagues (cause that’s what UFC fighters are in the end) from behind. He did that twice now (Leon and Colby), and he didn’t just lose his lasts fights, he keeps getting dominated.

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Hi my friends!

My question, for both of you, is what is a favorite quote you might reference when life is challenging? Mine is, "be where your feet are", as a reminder to stay present in the moment and not stress about the future or the past.

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Happy hump Day, Ariel,

I would like to issue a challenge. When you had the RapMan on your show he recommended you growing the hair out. I personally think that would be a great idea as well. It looks like Monday you had a pretty fresh cut, so here is the challenge. Since you are the Chairman of the Leon Edwards fan club, you should grow your hair out until Leon either loses the title or retires. (Whichever comes first) getting lined up, and your beard trimmed is fine. I will also do it as a member of the Leon Edwards fan club.

Any interest Ariel?

Just want to say, I love the show, all of the Jack Shore stuff is great.

Love from KC - Gilbert Hill

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Hola Ariel and Luciana, ¿Como estas? What is your guys craziest drunk story? Almost arrested? Broke a few laws? Anything —-Chino$

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Really enjoyed last weeks show! Which non family member/friend has had the greatest impact on your life today?



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Mar 21, 2023·edited Mar 21, 2023

Hey guys! Loved the show week 1 really interesting answers, my question is for Ariel and it involves parenting!

Ariel I’ve heard you many times quote Wu Tang, Biggie, Tupac ect so my question is do you monitor and somewhat sensor the types of music/tv you let your sons listen to? If you came home to the boys bumping Hit ‘Em Up uncensored in their rooms what is your reaction? Do you let them discover and experience those types of arts by themselves or do you feel their age plays a factor? How did your parents handle that type of thing with you?

Bonus question: Is there any aspects of parenting your Mother and Father used on you that you made a point not to implement with your kids?

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Salaam alaykum!

Ariel, with Mama Nose being from Lebanon, have you ever visited and if so, do you have a favorite memory from your time there and if not, would you like to someday (any relatives that reside there?) and for Luciana, have you ever visited any middle eastern countries in your Iife and if you need any recommendations on where to go, I’d be happy to share them with you! Keep up the great content!

David from Dearborn, MI

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Hi Luciana and Ariel,

Love the new segment you guys are great. Recently I have been watching some conspiracy videos on the moon landing and 9/11. It's fascinating to see how unbelievably strange these people can be sometimes but with that said do you guys have any conspiracies of your own that you believe in?

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Hello Mr Helwani and Ms Andrade

Which type of computer document do you prefer . As two people who work on the internet I’d be curious to hear what you think. I’m a college student here in Ireland , and I have one lecturer who only uploads her selected readings as HTML documents . This cannot be worse . In my opinion the permanence of a PDF is undefeated . Word docs feel subject to change .

Thank you , merci , obrigado

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Hola Ariel and Luciana . A couple of phrases you regularly use on the show has worked its way into my vocabulary ( ‘one for the scrapbook, give myself the old Barry H, outhouse to penthouse’ ) so my question is are there any phrases that either of you have picked up from people you regularly watch , and if so , what are they ?

Loved last weeks show and look forward to it becoming a regular fixture in my podcast schedule. Obrigado 🙏

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Hello Ariel and Luciana. I would like to know what your Mount Rushmore of favorite musicians/bands all time is?

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