Granted, we’ve been hearing a lot of hate lately and I agree with you on all of it! You’re the man Ariel! But can we get a baby face promo about about why you still love MMA and the fight game?!

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Hey Ariel,

The first part of this is more of a remark than a question. I was just disappointed when you read Newman's post from before the holiday about his wife being pregnant. I was hoping we’d get a "Your boys can swim!" Or a "Finally slipped one past the goalie" response from you (these are Seinfeld references in case Moderator Louis doesn’t know them).

And a question for GC about the most profitable fighter for 2022. Wouldn't Christian Echols have been the most profitable fighter of the year? With just the 1 win you'd have made more than the 3 wins from Dolidze. And that’s not even counting the fact that Echols had 3 wins in 2022, not just the 1 big upset against Pat Downey.

A final thought about the parlay pals. If you want to make it interesting and remove people, a rule could be that the total parlay number always needs to be positive. So with 4 people having a positive parlay is easy. Then with 3 it gets a little tougher and same with 2. The onus could fall on the person who’s making the last pick to get the number into the positives. Then once you’re down to one person picking by themselves, that person needs to pick an underdog.


Kevin from Ottawa

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Bonjour Lord Ariel,

As someone who suffers from extremely high amounts of anxiety I borderline had a panic attack on Wednesday's show when your audio started cutting out during the Brandon Moreno interview. This is only because we all know how much pride you take in your work and your show running smoothly. I thought Brandon did a good job rolling with it, and you did a fabulous job bouncing back and working through it as well, but I still couldn't help feel for Frank and the fellas in the back who must've been in emergency fix-it mode having their own mini panic attacks.

With this in mind, my question is would you ever consider moving your show from live to pre-recorded, similar to how Rogan now does it? This would prevent such instances from occurring live, and maybe lead to less stress for the team. Also, what really went down during that audio glitch? Would love to hear from Frank and the guys in the back about what really happened.

Happy late New Year and thanks for being the #1 show in combat sports!

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🚨 Closing thread. Thank you for all submissions. Anything submitted after this post, save it for next week.

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Hello, fan since 2011 but first time asking a question. I believe you when you say that no one told you to not share the news about Brock Lesnar fighting at UFC 200 and the narrative the UFC staff, for lack of a better term, tried to put out about people losing their jobs if it gets out was false. However, something I've wondered for a long time is this, did only a select few people know about that news? If they did were any NDAs in play? Last and most importantly, how did you learn of it and then confirm that news? Keep going, love your work!

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Hi Ariel,

If somebody asked you the simple question, “who are you?” - how would you respond?

- Taco

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Will you wear a Manchester United shirt for the show after we dump you out of the carabao cup?

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Hello Ariel!

I wanted to get your thoughts on the exchange between Brett Okamoto and Dana White at the press conference last Saturday. Brett’s questions were more pressing than usual and it seemed to irk Dana.



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Hi Ariel

Thank you for getting us through this tough time in MMA. In all your years in MMA, Do you remember a time in history where the shenanigans outside of the actual competition completely dominated the headlines as they are today? I’m assuming this is one of, if not the main reason why you feel the UFC would thrive without Dana White at the helm?

Much love to you and the team continue the great work,


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Hello Ariel

The Ali expansion act will be reintroduced to the senate this year. If the act is extended upon to MMA what are going to be the repercussions and in your opinion is this a good or bad thing for MMA.

Much love from Bristol, UK

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Rumors are swirling UFC 287 will be in Brooklyn, any truth to that and who do you think will headline that card?

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Good day Ariel -

I applaud you for sticking up and covering the sport of MMA in an honest manner.

With some big championship fights announced for March, are there any talks for other big fights such as when Valentina Schevchenko or Amanda Nunes will fight next?

Thanks for all that you do!


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Do you run? If so, do you like it and if not how do you make yourself do it? Also, any advice on how to control the urge to eat junk food and keep a fit body?

Much love,

Spencer from Japan

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Ariel, my oh my what a week in MMA,

With the truly awful way that Dana handled that press conference on Saturday I’m wondering, is the way they do business trashing fighters on the way out, trying to reduce their worth etc just a Dana White thing or is it a strategic business practice from the company as a whole? I would love to think it is just Dana being Dana and the company don’t actually plan to do these things but with the many recent examples (Nathan Diaz, Francis etc...) it is becoming harder to see it that way. You’re saying “seeing how the sausage is made” has never rang truer than this week. Thank you for being, as far as I can tell, the only guy in the MMA world willing to tell it like it is.

Also shout out GC running the NY half marathon, my dad is running the marathon in November and I’ll hopefully be going to the big apple to cheer him on. Best of the luck with it GC, you’re the man!

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Hi Ariel,

I assume you will interview Fedor before his fight with Ryan Bader.

Is it a fair game to ask him questions about the war in Ukraine? Fedor was born in Ukraine, has a Ukrainian last name but represents Russia.

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Good Afternoon Ariel!

You and Chael P are obviously good friends, and he references segments of your show quite often on his podcasts- sometimes with a vastly different take on the issue. My question is, does he ever call you up and say "I gotta tell you Partner, you've got this one all wrong"? And if so, how passionate do these exchanges get?

Thanks for providing so much great content for all of us for so long, have a great one!

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