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First time caller, long time listener.

I would like to also get GC's, Franks, & the social media guru himself, NY Rick's opinion if possible.

Did you, Ariel Helwani, intentionally commit a Twitter journalistic sin by not properly crediting me for "OUR" viral Rocky video on Sunday?

You are a Twitter-etiquette-credit-critic. I do not feel you gave me proper credit on Sunday when you took my video and reposted it without a retweet, mention or even a simple like... You know no one clicks the little name under the video. I would even have taken a mention in a subsequent tweet under the original tweet. 🤔

Edit: I just remembered, you retweeted me last week of my favorite meme which is "Helwani, told You So, tea sip with the pinky finger up" you retweeted that but not this? 😤

Charles Olivera, Mick Maynard, John Anik, Kendra Lust, Peter Quelly, Big John McCarthy, and even Punk ass, bitch ass Josh Thompson mentioned liked or retweeted my original tweet and many other blue check marks.

Thanks for the few hundred followers it got me including the amazing Kendra Lust🤩. Not to give myself the ol' Barry Horowitz but I don't think it was a coincidence we had our highest live viewed show on Monday?

The viral wave has already passed us but if you & the guys think you committed a Twitter faux pas of not giving me proper credit, can i get a simple shout out?

My Twitter is:

"@ See (the letter) U Soon Boyy (with 2 y's)"


P.S. I remade the video with added footage of Henry and Ali talking easy money, Leon's corner calling for the head kick right before he did it and Leon talking in the back with Mum. Check it out. It's pinned to the top of my Twitter. It's 10 times better.

Thanks for taking my call. I'll hang up and listen.

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Hi Ariel,

When Dana White eventually retires do you see any major changes happening if Hunter Campbell takes over/ do you think your relationship with the ufc would change?

- Amin

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Hi Ariel,

Loved your interview with Brian Gewirtz. Interested to hear your favorite sports and/or non-sports books you have read.

Keep up the great work!

- Sutapa

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Hello Ariel! With the TUF30 Season Finale ending with entertaining finishes, it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay and must see TV. Who would you like to see as the next TUF coaches? My pick is Cejudo and the winner of Aljo/Dillashaw. With Leon’s win, could also see Leon and Usman.

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Yo Ariel... What happened to two cent Tuesday's? I loved reading your thoughts and insights. Please bring it back!

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Ariel, I think mysterious frank might be the one to give you your first 10-7. He has that Helwani boxing 1-2 on the mic and isn’t afraid to get his shirt stained. Thoughts on this?

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Greeting Ariel from Birmingham England!!

Complete euphoria from me and my friends when Leon pulls it off and not ashamed to say I’ve shed a few tears for my man Leon!

What I think is so so important however is none of this happens if Herb doesn’t make his decision to separate the fighters in round 5, Leon maybe never becomes a world champ, defends at Wembley in a trilogy or inspires quite literally millions in England and Jamaica

AND Usman could quite possibly surpass Silvas record and had a great case for all time greatest. My question is do we need more rigid rules

On separation, a set amount of time or number of warnings etc.

I’ve seen what usman was doing go on for way longer than Herb let it go, sometimes

Never separated. I thank the lord we had Herb and I’ll never forget him having the confidence to separate it in R5 of a huge title fight. I’m very confident others wouldn’t. How can we let such a impactful thing on history be so subjective? And if there is more rigid rules why aren’t they enforced more heavily and how do we get them enforced?

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“Ariel! We did it baby” The first words that Leon Edwards said to you on a taxi journey to his after party. That and so many memories from the last 5 days. So if you had to pick one, which is the one memory that will live with you and mean the most?

For me it’s the post fight interview. I have watched it over and over and even though I’m bias, it’s my favourite ever. Who says Leon can’t cut a promo. “Headshot, BANG”

sneaky follow up - your top three post fight interviews

PS please please GC don’t buy the Leon’s shirt! I’ll buy you a mug instead?

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Favorite segment of the week!!

2 Quick Questions:

Ariel! How often do other parents or neighbors of yours want to talk MMA with you?

GC! Can we get some college football picks this fall? Also, any chance of getting Mysterious Frank to do a shoeyvasa at the next ufc party?

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Hello, hello. We all know Conor is scheming and peeking out the window walking around his apartment butt naked like a freak. Question is, which title fight would he rather walk into for his comeback fight? Leon or Olivera/Islam?

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Hello Ariel!

First I want to say how happy I am for Leon. As an introvert who has been told most of my life that I need to “come out of my shell” and be more vocal, I feel like I can relate to Leon more than any other UFC fighter. I will never forget the raw emotion that came out during his post fight speech, and I already ordered my LOOK AT ME NOW mug!!!

Since we’re most likely getting the trilogy fight between Leon and Usman next, Henry Cejudo suggested that Khamzat should go to 185 and fight the winner of Izzy and Pereira next instead of waiting until next summer for his title shot at 170. This is assuming he beats Nate Diaz, of course.

Given the lack of new contenders for Izzy if he wins in November, I think it makes perfect sense. Could you imagine Izzy vs Khamzat and Volk defending his title on the same card in Australia?! What are your thought on this?

Also - congrats on your latest 10-7 of that clown Jake Paul.

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Ciao Mr Helwani,

Which county at the moment would you consider to be on top in the UFC Australia or UK? In regards to fighters

from Tom Princiotto

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F$&@, marry, kill: pancakes, waffles, French toast. And bonus question: aunt jenima or Vermont maple syrup?

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Ariel! Leon did it! Words can’t express...

Short and sweet:

- Usman needs time to recover

- Give Leon his pay day in the meantime

- Connor vs Leon, Wembley, 170lbs title


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Good morning Ariel, recently you dream booked the UFC 281 card pretty accurately, time for you to dream book the end of the year UFC 282 card? Thank you

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Hey Ariel - In a TMZ report this week, Usman mentioned the hurt of just getting one paycheck versus possibly three. It's kinda crazy that even he has to deal with the show/win split. Any insight into how much that last minute of the fight cost him?

This got me thinking of non-PPV fighters. Let's assume a fighter's pay is $100,000. How much of that money does he actually take home (after paying managers, coaches, taxes, travel, etc)?

A follow-up question - Are there any top-15 fighters that still have a full-time job?

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