Breaking news about Charles Oliveira hit our feeds yesterday and Dana right after contender series said that Volkanovski is now fighting Islam!

Not complaining about the fight but didn’t Gamrot say he was the back up? What’s the point of selecting a back up if it’s not who UFC want to be there.

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I was going to ask this too

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MMA Junkie apparently have a report that he is flying to Vegas to meet with Dana about getting skipped 🤣 Go to Abu Dhabi in case someone don’t make weight

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Ariel + The Crew

We all appreciate the words you shared this past Monday regarding the tragedies in Israel. Recently lost two friends during the horrific scenes that took place at the rave, and am extremely grateful you were strong enough to continue this show! For me these fighters act more than just athletes, they resemble strength and perseverance, something we need at a time like this.

You and the crew due a fantastic job of covering this sport and look forward to it every fucking week!

Best -

J Sherm

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Hello Ariel +crew with Costa being out what are the chances Izzy will step in as his teammate Volk is doing?

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Oct 11, 2023·edited Oct 11, 2023

Hello Ariel, Frank, GC & Ric.

Paulo Costa is officially out of UFC 294. Given that Aliskerov's only loss is to Khamzat in a closely contested fight, plus the fact that he's already on the maincard, how likely are we to see Khamzat vs Aliskerov 2 at 294?

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Ariel, shoutout to you and family abroad. Thanks for delivering us solid entertainment in these trying times. You bring out the best in everyone.

Question is for FRANK (he had a big dub on Sat let him have this one): which lead-in is better Mars Volta’s Son Et Lumière into Inertiatic ESP or Parabol into Parabola by Tool. 🤔

Love the show, it gets better every year. Rock on 🤘. GC start a go fund me for International Fight Week next year, I’ll donate.

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As-salam Alaykum Ariel, 2 quick ones for you this week:

1) With Volk now fighting Islam in Abu Dhabi, who do you think will headline the Toronto PPV in January?

2) Farting at the urinal, fair game or faux pas?

Much love to you and the crew

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Hello to Ariel & the Gang,

The unexpected Bills loss on Sunday morning was frustrating and depressing as a fan..

Until I thought of Chris Eubank v Conor Benn for a moment, and how lucky we’d be to witness such a masterpiece.

NYR, please take this opportunity to further discuss why Eubank v Benn is undoubtedly the greatest fight of ‘23/‘24. Also, to Ariel, GC and Frank, in your opinion, is there any other boxing match in the history of mankind that could possibly rival Eubank v Benn (in terms of “big fights”)? How many PPVs could it realistically sell ($2m, $3m..)?

Love the show, as always

Thanks, boys 🙏

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Hey Ariel,

First off - big ups to moderator Frank/question askers last week. Some weeks are so good that you can’t even be mad that your question doesn’t get asked.

Secondly, thank you for sharing your feelings on Monday. I loved you sharing about the diversity of the people who spoke with you when you were in Israel.

While that story got me thinking about a lot more deeper things, it also prompted thought about etiquette when running across famous people.I would like to hear your thoughts/personal preferences as a person who is famous in our MMA bubble.

When is it appropriate to approach you? Ask for a picture? Would you just prefer a hello or is it OK to ask a question/strike up a conversation? Are there other rules/etiquette that the average fan should know/ consider?

I would also like to hear from GC, New York Rick, and Frank (somebody has recognized his voice in public, right?)

-Slava P

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Ariel - Why do you think the UFC doesn't allow fighters to make creative entrances to their fights? No costumes, no Pyro/fireworks, for the most part fighters don't have specific songs or anything...Do you believe this is a strategy of theirs to stifle the Fighters personalities/popularity with the fans all to help the UFCs bargaining power when it comes to fighter contracts? You would think they would embrace these extravagant entrances a la WWE. What do you guys think? Love the show, thanks for all the great content.

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Oct 10, 2023·edited Oct 10, 2023

Shalom, Ariel, and crew. This isn’t a question, but Ariel, I just want to thank you sincerely for what you said on Monday about the current situation in the Middle East. My grandmother escaped Austria on the Kindertransport, and my grandfather survived Auschwitz. I grew up hearing stories about persecution of my Jewish ancestors and was grateful as I used to think it would remain as just an ugly stain on human history. It is beyond unbelievable to me how, in this day and age, there are so many people cheering the horrific events that unfolded and are continuing to unfold in Israel and Palestine, and even more unbelievable that so many of those people cheering for terrorists are under contract with major mma promotions, and how almost no one calls them out for it. I just don’t know how to make sense of that. Anyway, you mentioned your inbox has been 99 to 1 negativity, so I just wanted to spread some public positivity and say thank you and let you know that there are many of us who appreciate what you said. We all just want peace. Much love. Your friend, Eric.

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Afternoon chaps!

I saw that in the weeks leading up to UFC 295, the UFC is putting out their top 30 UFC fighters to celebrate their 30th anniversary. I remember Ariel saying that he wish the UFC would do this, like the NBA did for their 75th anniversary. I'm wondering if we could get an MMA Hour or MMA Fighting top 30 list as well?!

Enjoy the festivities over seas!


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Hey hope you're enjoying the UK,

Dillon keeps mentioning that he wants to go to the UFC. What do you think Dana and the UFC's opinion on Dillon's personality, antics, and specifically promotion to this fight would be?



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Simple and sweet. If Volk wins on Saturday however injures himself. Would that mean two interim belts for both FW and LW and if so? Would it be max v ilia at FW? & Justin v Islam for the interim belt.

P.s Mysterious Big Balls Frank is the official name

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Oct 11, 2023·edited Oct 11, 2023

Hello Ariel, In all of the fights I’m about to mention, at least one of the fighters involved has recently spoke about the realistic possibility of making these matchups, im wondering how you and the boys would rank the likelihood of them actually getting made, from least likely to most ? And please include if any of them you’d go as far as saying you expect to see?

Jones V Ngannou (if so, what needs to happen?)

Logan Paul v Danis 2 (MMA)

Jake Paul v Nate Diaz 2 (MMA)

Masvidal v Askren 2 (any form of combat)

P.S huge respect on the words you shared about Israel, they were spot on. My prayers are with that great nation. Much love, your boy Abay ✌🏾

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Oct 11, 2023·edited Oct 11, 2023

Hello Ariel, 2 part question, firstly wanted your thoughts on the events surrounding UFC 294? Last week Dana confirmed Garmrot was backup fighter yet Charles pulls out & they call Volk. For what it’s worth, Islam v Volk 2 is the bigger fight but what about Gamrot? Does the backup fighter actually sign a contract to ensure they are chosen as replacement fighter? And as Dana confirmed Volk v Topuria was actually in the works for Januarys Canada card, could you see Volk still making that card. Secondly, any news on who’s potentially crazy enough to fight Islam on under 2 weeks notice? In these cases we’d usually look to the likes of Holland & Strickland but without these options, any idea on who might step up? P.S respect for the words you shared about Israel, my prayers are with them. Much love, your boy Abay ✌🏾

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Pick this one Frank ye mysterious bollix.

Ariel please explain Mike Russell and his link with Ali and your relationship with him .I know chuck fell out with him. He always says he has loads of info on Ali . Is he to be taken seriously? He has a gripe with the mmaja too . What's going on. Cheers.


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