Yo Ariel and Luciana, congrats on the new segment!

How did y’all become so close, and Luciana what is your favorite and least favorite part of being an “octagon girl”?

Good luck and I hope this segment is as fun and successful as On The Nose!

Much Love from KC, Gilbert Hill

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Ariel & the Bad Girl! Hope all is well. Congratulations to both of you on this exciting new journey. I have a complex inquiry.

I am a law student from the island of Puerto Rico, currently in my third year, final semester. As you might know (or might not), opportunities to mix mma and law in Puerto Rico are quite limited. I have tried to reach out to many managers, teams, etc., about potentially finding a role that would help me find this opportunity, but nothing has come as of yet, all my Hail Mary emails have been ignored thus far. I guess my question would be, what piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join the MMA world through law? What steps should I take in order to try and make this possible? Maybe the bad girl can help a little more with this one, knowing she is in the process of taking/passing the BAR exam. I would just love a chance, but am having a hard time finding it. Cheers and thanks to both of you!

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Hello Luciana and Ariel,

I am a big believer in seminal moments. That one event in your life that seriously altered the trajectory of your ambitions and aspirations. I once believed I was going to enlist in the Marine Corps until a professor took me aside and encouraged me to pursue a career in the publishing industry! I wonder, for the two of you, what’s one moment in your lives that you can point to that seriously changed your fate, be it personally or professionally.

Much love,


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Excited for this new segment 💪🏽 What is your favorite book/s you have read recently as well as all time?



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Hi Luciana & Ariel,

Congratulations on the new segment. Luciana, question for you, but Ariel I would love your thoughts too if you feel comfortable chiming in.

Political leanings aside, it’s impossible to deny that Amazon deforestation under Bolsonaro rose to historic highs and indigenous land rights dipped to historic laws. Moreover, Imazon released a study showing the negligent impacts deforestation had on living conditions and wages for local communities. (Ie, mining, ranching, etc did not improve local economic fortune or development)

Living in Ecuador, I felt a deep connection to the Amazon and its communities, and would hate to see the Amazon’s natural and cultural heritage disappear for short-term corporate gains. My question is, what do you feel is the best way to approach these communities from a development perspective? Is there a way to improve local standard of living, education, and access to opportunity without sacrificing biodiversity? Is the answer to just leave the rainforest alone?

Would love your thoughts.

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Hello Ariel and the Bad Girl,

What has been your favorite vacation and why? Looking forward to this new segment!



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Luciana and Ariel,

Do you ever have conflicted feelings about using social media and the way they sell our personal data? I don't have to use social media for my work with the exception of LinkedIn, unlike both of you do. At the same time it's a great way to stay in touch with friends, especially those far away. I've been using BeReal and it's just photos, no ads. But then, if they have no ads, are they making money on analyzing the pictures we post? Curious if you ever think about this and even sharing too much, personal or professional, on social media.



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Any big regret or biggest regret that comes to mind either personal or professional?

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did you watch chris rock's netflix special? if so, did you enjoy the 10-7s from chris?

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Looking forward to this new segment! I’m a huge fan of your work, Ariel! I had the opportunity to meet you during the Ringer show you did in NYC.

Luciana- you absolutely killed it during the Oliveria interview!

My question for the both of you- where is your favorite vacation spot? And what is still on your vacation bucket lists?

Keep up the great work!


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Hi Ariel,

No holds barred, you say? Well here is something I've been wanting to ask you, as well as Luciana if she is interested. I know you are Jewish, Ariel, and I feel like I've heard you mention God in the past. My question to you is, If you believe in a God, what demonstrable evidence do you have to prove the existence of said God?

I imagine I'll have a follow up to whatever your answer is and admittedly this isn't the best format for a discussion, but I'd love to have an ongoing discourse through this channel about your beliefs and why you believe them.

Big fan, much love,

Spencer from Japan

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Hello guys!

I graduated in December with a degree in Mass Communication. I am a freelance journalist & post my work here, on Substack. However, I recently signed to play baseball in Poland. Once I return after the season, I intend to find a job in media. What would you recommend as the first steps in that process and is there any other career advice you would give in regard to the profession?

Side note: I will be writing about my baseball team and life in Poland, but any help connecting with Polish MMA figures would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you guys and good luck with the new show!

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Absolutely love this idea!

My ex girlfriend/now best friend is Brazilian and moved back to Brazil about a year ago. She is stressing out about how she can come back to the states one day, so Luciana, I’d love to get your advice on ways to improve a Brazilians chances of getting approved for a visa to the US! Again, can’t wait for this segment going forward. Thanks!

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Very exciting stuff you got going on Helwani. I'm on board. Question - GSP has mentioned during several interviews that he believes he has been abducted by aliens. He talks about "losing time" and believes aliens are why. So my question...what are your thoughts on Alien beings, UFOs, UAPs, etc. Thanks

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Ariel 🔥* that’s why he’s the goat! The goat! Gif *

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Excited for the new segment! My question for you guys...Doing what you love is always encouraged, and I love sports journalism. However, the outlook and money to be made in the industry is certainly discouraging. So the question, at what point is following your dream not the right choice. (for journalism or in general) Thanks.


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