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What’s more likely: Dana white going on the MMA hour or Ariel Helwani going on the Joe Rogan experience?

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Hey Ariel what are you thoughts on healthcare in Canada vs healthcare in the US? As a Canadian its nice that we have free healthcare but it takes an unbelievably long time to get results or care when needed. Is it like that in the US or because you pay for your own health insurance is the service much faster?

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From one Canadian to another, what’s your favourite go to Canadian snack? Ketchup chips? Poutine? Double chocolate doughnut from Tim’s? I have to know.

Love you and your nose keep up the incredible work.

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Ariel Helwani, the Bills absolutely suck! National Noodle Ring weekend, the biggest rematch in the history of the business! I’m calling you out Helwani but we’re upping the stakes! The Jets beat the Bills my question is first on Helwani Nose for the next two months. The Bills beat the Jets and I will leave Helwani Nose FOREVER!

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Hey Ariel! Long time fan, first time question asker. What is your favourite WCW-Era storyline swerve? Mine would be when Hogan was revealed to be the third man and joined Nash and Hall to kick start the NWO. Keep up the great work!

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Hey Ariel,

Following RDAs callout of Conor over the weekend, it had me thinking, why do fighters try and get “money fights” when they are still fighting on the same contract and therefore would be getting the same pay regardless of opponent. Is it just for more general exposure to the public? Because otherwise I don’t get why they are calling for what would be “big” fights.

Thanks! Lets keep the ball rolling on the new and improved parlay pals.

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Yo Ariel,

Do we have any more insight on the following: 1) Francis's status with the UFC? 2) Any potential details or "leanings" for locations in 2023, specifically SoCal?

Also, after your interview with Vanessa last week I was wondering: Have you ever been to a strip club? Don't worry, what stays in a strip club, happens in a strip club. Thanks for all you do.

Your homie,

Sunny Chung

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Hey Ariel, I'm bringing the heat this week so be prepared.

You constantly make a point of saying that you tend to like doing interviews with people that you have contrasting views or perspectives with in the industry and in general. It is also to no surprise the MMA media and journalist;'s constant left-leaning bias. If that's the case, why do we no longer get guys like Bryce Mitchell, Jakes Shields, or many others in the MMA world that have different views than you. Instead, you make snarky jokes about them and other conservatives in the world (ex. Herschel Walker) on the show thinking people won't realize it or see. You claim to be "down the middle" on things but you clearly got heated from your conversation with Chael last week. Just be transparent with us once and for all.

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Considering everything going on, would you be interested in having James Kraus back on the show? I would love to get his side on all of this. Love the show, thanks!


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What’s up Ariel,

I’ve been a long time fan but this is the first time I’ve written in. I was compelled to write in after the latest episode of the MMA hour. You were spot on when you said we had your back, your integrity, professionalism and class can never be questioned and should be applauded and appreciated.(Which it is by your fans). You get us through our rough weeks and I look forward to your show every time Monday and Wednesday roll around.

Paddy came at the king but he missed, and boy did he miss badly. He came across looking foolish, mean and spineless.

PS – Your monologue after Leon beat Usman was all time, I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times and it gets me every time.

Keep up the great work

Peace and love to you, GC, Rick and flaky Frank


Down under

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Hello Ariel from Newcastle, England. Sorry to bring up negativity but wondering if you saw Paddy the Baddy and your old friend Dana’s rant about you? Just throwing up the 10-7 alley oop for you if you wish to respond, if you come at the king, you best not miss. Elliott.

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Hi Ariel, dog poop question today.

Paddy Pimblett earned my respect after his now infamous dog poo video. As a fellow city dweller, I’m sure you can sympathize with my stance that there’s nothing more bothersome than lazy, inconsiderate, and disrespectful dog owners that fail to clean up their pup’s dumps.

(Side PSA - clean your dog’s dookie. Leaving it out there risks disease spread and may compromise the health of other dogs)

With that said, sometimes those canine number 2’s can really create a fudgy, steamy mess. If one bag doesn’t do the trick, how do you go about removing your doggy’s doo-doo from bushes, plants, or other “shit-stops”? Paddy’s use of neighborhood water is an excellent option - but curious what alternatives you and the boys have. I mean GC, dude - ATL is more infested with dog shit than ever before!

Finally, is it petty of me to want to call out other dog owners when I catch them leaving their puppy’s excrement in public? Ugh.

Remember MMA fans...

If you see a dumpy from your puppy,

Be a champ, and clean it uppy.

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Hey Ariel. Good breakdown of this scandal on Monday.

Do you think minner was involved in betting during his tko loss, and took money to take a dive or do you think that people seen him injured in the locker room and word got out and that’s what caused the lines to move so much?

Was this the fight that started off the ban for coaches and fighters betting on fights or could it be a fight at the top of the card like Sterling vs Dillashaw which has a lot more eyes on it. Surely there were people in his camp who would have bet against him knowing he had issues with his shoulder and they would spread that news to friends? All of this coming up has conveniently or inconveniently lined up with his retirement announcement

Is there a way the ufc can prevent fights being fixed? Like paying their fighters better for example because then the fighters have more to lose if they get caught?

Has a James Krause fighter ever cost the parlay pals?

I’m just catching up on Mondays show so sorry if any of this gets covered.

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Assalom Aleykum Ariel,

This is Nasibullo, a student in Germany, I'm from Uzbekistan. As the MMA Hour team and you know, being a student is not always the best time, has some challenges through the journey. Especially if you are in a foreign country.

When you came back to the MMA Hour last year, you read the very first email from New York Rick regarding the internship. To be honest, that hit me in a way that I'll never forget, because I was also looking for an internship. At that very moment, I understood that every single person, even likes of New York Rick and You had to deal with it in your own journeys and made me realize that I was not alone in this. It inspired me and I would always listen to you guys while submitting hundreds of applications, the MMA Hour gave me an energy to do it. Even during the interviews I remembered Connor's interview and you said Connor was the only one that would fit in the team. That helped me too.

Finally, last week I received multiple internship offers from the top companies in Germany and I had the chance to choose the best one.

That's why I want to THANK All the members of the team and ask you to keep doing what you guys doing.

All the best



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Hi Ariel. Big fan from Scotland. Question from me is the next time there is a free week for the UFC, would you consider doing a mma journalist special? Knowing your backstories, hearing about your families is part of the reason we feel connected to you and the team so it’d be great to hear you interview others in your field.

If so, who would be you love to have on?

I’d love to hear you speak to Guilherme Cruz, Adam Catterall, Kevin Iole and Laura Sanko. Cheers, love the show and all the team. G

(Last go at this question Louis, I’ll take hint if it doesn’t make it!)

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Shalom Ariel!

Can you and GC give your picks for the World Cup quarter final games?

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