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Greetings Ariel,

I don't have a question this week, rather I wanted to use this opportunity for a PSA that can benefit all fighters. Inbetween rounds in a fight you will commonly see a fighter's corner rubbing ice on their chest, back, head and neck. These are the most common areas you will see the ice pack being applied, however this is not the best way to cool down a fighter between rounds, and may actually be damaging. Current science shows the best way to cool athletes down in preparation for further output is through the glabrous skin areas on the body, glabrous skin is hairless skin such as the palms of your hand, soles of your feet, and the skin on your face above the beard line. These areas are proven to cool your body temperature down at exponentially faster rates.

Please help spread the word, this is by far the cheapest, most effective, and easiest implementation fight corners can make immedietly that will benefit fighter health and safety. Dr. Andrew Huberman is the neurobiologist out of Stanford who I would recommend having on your show to discuss the science behind this, he has an episode on his podcast all about the science of cooling for optimum athletic performance which I hope people check out.

God Bless,


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Congrats 🥇

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Thanks man! We made it

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Hey! I'm a Huberman fan, too! Thanks for bringing this up; I think about it every time I see the corners applying ice between rounds.

It seems like there was a mention of Dr. Huberman collaborating with the UFC PI on one of the podcast episodes...maybe when he talked to Dr. Duncan French? It would be great if Ariel had either (or both) on the show to talk about athlete health and performance.

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That's awesome man glad there's more Huberman fans out there! And I'm the same way I think about the ice thing too everytime I see it 🤣 Yeah hopefully Ariel can have him as a guest that would be sweet

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Wow! That's so interesting!

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👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Although UFC 275 has two title fights, the fight I am most looking forward to is the rematch of Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk. I would like to know your thoughts on how different this fight will be due to it not only being a rematch but also being a 15 minute fight as opposed to the 25 minutes allotted in the first matchup.

Big news, I am currently moving back home after nearly 5 years! Meaning I am driving to Miami from Colorado as you are reading this. I have not heard Monday’s episode and will not be hearing today’s episode until Thursday, but I’d like to thank you and the crew in advance for helping me knock out 6-8 hours out of this 28 hour journey!

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Safe travels bro 🙏

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Quite the drive, safe travels El Cubano!

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Safe journey Cubano!

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Que te vaya bien hermano! 🇵🇷🇨🇺🤝

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Dear Ariel,

Greetings from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (I’m here instead of London this week for work). You mentioned on Monday that olives are key to a well-assembled charcuterie board, and it reminded me of a story and a question I had for you. When my girlfriend and I went on our first date, she made us a charcuterie board with garlic-stuffed olives that were delicious. I told her how impressed I was that she had hand-stuffed each olive with garlic, and she readily accepted this compliment. This perceived effort of hand-stuffing the olives was, in retrospect, a major factor in us proceeding with a second date. A little over a year later, however, she confessed that she bought the olives, pre-stuffed, from the grocery store. My question for you is, do you also have any relationships that began with a lie, fib, or half-truth? If so, do you think that this deception was ultimately beneficial to the relationship, or would you have preferred more upfront honesty? As always, appreciate your valuable insights.



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Hi Ariel! While listening to your segment with NY Ric last Monday where you discussed Figureido's stand point on threatening to move up, I thought back to Demetrious Johnson's last appearance on the show. When talking about the state of the flyweight division, he mentioned that the flyweight champion never receives PPV points. Do you believe this is still the case, and if so, do you think it is a reason why Figureido is flirting with the idea of moving to Bantamweight and chasing that belt instead?

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Yo Ariel,

Where do you think we can start thinking about Charles Oliveira if he beats Islam in a similar fashion to (almost) everyone else on his win streak? Is it too far fetched to say he'd be on par/better resume than Khabib? Thanks

P.S. Next time you interview Darren Till, please suggest he grows the traditional beard with no moustache to honor his new era as a Smesh Bro.

Much love,

Your homie, Sunny Chung.

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Hi Ariel,

I lived in Ecuador for many years and became a huge fan of Chito Vera while there.

In 2018, four random guys stabbed me 6 times in total while I was running an errand two blocks from my apartment in Quito. Needing an outlet, I started doing some MMA training a few months later in a nearby gym. Everybody there was nuts about Chito, so I joined the crowd. His hard work ethic and authenticity got me through a super intense recovery. Chito is truly the fighter that got me into MMA and I've loved watching him on this recent run. Not a question there, just wanted to give him his props - he's a man of the people.

My question is this, if he beats Dominick Cruz, what are the odds he gets a title shot after that? I feel like the UFC doesn't give him the respect he deserves and they are missing an opportunity to expand in Latin America beyond Brazil by not hyping him up more. A fight in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, or Chile could be hugeee for the brand. Thoughts?

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What does Max do if he loses to volk again? He will be at a dead end in the division. A gatekeeper for the title. Does he move to 155? He’s still young and can take a year off to add muscle to his frame to be a true 55er. or maybe he goes to another promotion?

What’s his play IF he does lose?

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Shalom Ariel,

Any chance we hear more about Jones and Stipe soon?

Also, if you ever established the Helwani Invitational Tournament/Championship would it be for top MMA pros or regional fighters that aren’t getting enough recognition?

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With Glover v Jiri right around the corner, I've been wondering why Jiri doesn't seem to have the hype of a prospect like Khamzat, even though their ascensions in the UFC ranks are somewhat similar..

Fans/Commentators say things like "This guy is one of a kind! Taking on the #2 contender in his 4th UFC fight!" "We've never seen a rise like this!" in regards to Khamzat. Meanwhile, Jiri has become a title contender in just his 3rd fight..

Both athletes have dominant performances in their weight divisions, exciting styles, speak English relatively well, and have time on their side to keep improving.

Why do you think this is, and what can Jiri do to gain popularity / win over the masses? More switching of weight classes? More "brotha, brotha" "I smesh!"?


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Hello, hello. Did you hear Dana's comments about hoping Tony and Khabib would piss each other off enough on TUF that they'd actually agree to fight? Tony is currently ranked number NOINE. Is this even in the realm of possibility? Also, unrelated, what are your thoughts on vinyl?

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Ariel, in order who are the top 5 draws in the UFC at the moment?

Also, one for the whole crew, you are all gathered and playing Mario Kart!! Who is most likely to come out in first place and which character is the go to??

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Favorite segment of the week!!!

2 quick questions:

Ariel, break the 4th wall for us, does that Anthony Pettis Wheaties box have cereal in it? And if so, what’s the expiration date?

Staying on the cereal theme, what’s yours and the crews favorite cereal of all time? Mine has to be fruity pebbles. Also, Ariel please tell me you use cold oat milk for your cereal and not warm like you do for your other beverages…

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Fruity pebbles is the 🐐

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Hallo Ariel,

European MMA is thriving at the moment with KSW, Cage Warriors and so on.

We have multiple top contenders in the UFC from Europe such as Vettori (Italy), Gane (France), Aspinall/Edwards (UK) etc.

My question is, why haven’t we seen a top talent from Germany yet, besides the fact that Germany has the largest population in Europe?

Greetings from Germany my man

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Salam wu lakem Ariel!

The interview you had with Jordan Leavitt was extremely insightful to who he is as an athlete and person. Kind of want to see him take it home. Do you have a guess on how many rounds and outcome of the fight or how you'd like to see it go down?

Shout out to MY PERSON! Good luck on your upcoming gig! So proud of you! Can we get a GOLLEEEE good luck for my boy?

Also, Hey Frank!

Lots of love,


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Do you have any news on the UFC doing events in Puerto Rico?

I know they were developing a PI out there~ tons of Puerto Rican talent.

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What’s good Ariel,

I know Wonderboy was tweeting at Masvidal in hopes of a potential fight, and I feel like it went a little under the radar, understandably so.

Couple of questions:

1. Would this draw enough PPV buyers to satisfy Masvidal, or does he need something bigger?

2. What’s the right way of matching up a fighter that’s on their way out? How do you not give them fights that are too easy, but at the same time preserve their legacy and physical health?

Also, Happy National Pick Your Poison Day.

All the best from Central PA,


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