Hello Ariel!

Recently, Joe Rogan said very nice things about you during his interview with Ric Flair.

Joe said that you are a very good interviewer, and it would be great if you can invite Joe as a guest on The MMA Hour. Can you extend an olive branch to Joe Rogan?

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Bonjour Lord Ariel,

No question this week, rather I want to express my genuine concern for the health of The MMA Hour crew, Frank in particular.

It has come to my attention that the whole team has been overconsuming the popular PRIME hydration drink. If you read the back of the bottle it clearly states "Do not exceed more than 1 serving per day." Yet, Frank is drinking at least 3 a day, Ariel is drinking them daily, GC, Andi, Alex, Joe and Ric are all habitually partaking as well.

Even though PRIME contains zero sugar, the artificial sweeteners used in it specifically acesulfame potassium and sucralose have real dangers and side effects. Please look into it and lower your consumption IMMEDIATELY. I do also hope you are not taking these home and giving it to your children as it also states "Not intended for anyone under 18." These are NOT health drinks.

Stay safe and God Bless.

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Hello MMA Hour. Quick question. Out of all these fictional athletes who would you like to interview the most.

Rocky Balboa of Rocky

Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights

Kenny Powers of EastBound and Down

Jesus Shuttlesworth of He Got Game

Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn of Major League

Happy Gilmore of Happy Gilmore

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Hello Ariel,

Simple one for me this week.

What happened to Ariel and the Bad Girl? Luciana seemed like she was just catching her stride. Love the non-mma questions. Hoping for a new one soon

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Good afternoon Ariel,

I’ve been a religious listener/watcher of your shows for years. Best in the biz! My question is, how did it feel to hear The Nature Boy Ric Flair shout you out on JRE!? Even cooler to hear Joe say that he likes you and that your show is great! Hearing that personally made me happy for you, so I’d love to hear your thoughts. Will we ever see Ariel on Rogan!? Shoutout to the boys, GC, Rick, & Frank. Keep up the amazing work and “watch the gold, Chico”

- Chico Bean

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Bonjour from Vancouver, mon ami!

Long time listener (since 2016), first time chiming in on the podcast. However, we did have a brief interaction a few years back when I commented my very own Helwani slogan on one of your IG posts. I stated, "Ariel, bringin the Hel, even if you don't Wani!." You then replied in a very Ariel way by saying, "hey, that's not bad." I digress, I'll be visting Montreal this summer for the first time and will be going with my recently turned fiance! Because of you and GSP, I will definitely be visiting the Orange Julep. My question is, what are some main items you'd recommend trying at the Julep? Also, what are some other great places you'd recommend eating, along with certain must try food dishes to really embrace the Montreal experience.

Ps. Nothing beats the imposter HelVANI on Twitter tricking both DC and Dana White

All the best and keep up the laughs,

Big Sandhu

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Hi Ariel,

Boxing was my first love and I was really excited to see such a blockbuster fight come together on Saturday night. Since you attended the fight and were a part of the broadcast, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the production differences between a major UFC fight card and a huge boxing event like Garcia V. Davis.

On the production side, what do you feel like the UFC can learn from boxing and what do you think boxing can learn from the UFC. Some of my thoughts are:

- Buying a PPV with the UFC is much easier. I'm disputing my payment to DAZN because the PPV never worked an hour after purchasing and I just ended up buying Showtime PPV. $$

- UFC has better pacing and promotes its co-main/undercards better.

- Boxing does a better job of embracing its history, culture, and legends.

What are your takeaways?

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Hey Ariel - quick one from me. Even though Leon Edwards is adamant on Colby not getting the next title shot, isn’t this the biggest fight available to him right now? After Burns/Belal, there will rightfully be a push for either guy to get the next title shot. However, if you’re a Champion getting PPV points, shouldn’t Leon push for the Colby fight, as that surely generates the most attention and buys?

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Salaam Alaykum Ariel & Crew!

Ariel, I keep listening to some of the stories you tell about your friendship with DC and would like to dive in a little further. I understand he works for same company you walked away from, but I know his YouTube channel has been on fire the last few months and that has no affiliation with ESPN. He’s had a plethora of guests on his show including a few with your old buddy Ben Askren. Has he ever invited you on for a throwback segment or is your friendship that one sided between you two? Would love any more insight on this relationship if you could share! I’d love to hear the crews thoughts on your friendship with DC as well. Do they echo my same sentiment?

Much love & Ramadan Mubarak to my good friends who celebrate!

David from Dearborn, MI

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Ariel, Ric Flair recently had a few comments about you, the best being that you look like you trained and were to quote Ric “tough.” How does it make you feel knowing that a WWE legend was intimidated by you?

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Hello Ariel

My question:

Ariel: “I like food and drinks”

Rick: “now that’s a whole different question”

Are you used to this by now? Rick cracks me up

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Hey Ariel,

Following an absolutely incredible weekend for boxing, I can’t help but wonder how great it would be if more boxers took a chance like those two did over the weekend. Despite a loss I have only gained respect for Ryan and there’s nothing more that can be said about Tank, the guy is an absolute killer.

I saw your rant calling out fighters who sit on their 0 losses and was wondering, hypothetically if boxing was one organization and you were the commissioner, what are the top 5 fights you would make?



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Hi Ariel,

In the build up to the Tank Davis/Ryan Garcia fight, it was revealed in an interview with Ryan that Tank had a rematch clause in his contract allowing Tank to challenge Ryan to an immediate rematch bout in event of a loss.

This then made me reflect on UFC 287 and I started to put my tinfoil hat on: After Israel Adesanya defeated Alex Pereira in their rematch, Israel and the UFC immediately shut down the idea of a 3rd fight and then Alex conveniently moved to 205 without even batting an eyelash. Adesanya's team brought up a strong case as to why Pereira didn't deserve a rematch and we all just accepted it and moved on. Essentially, all parties unanimously agreed to move on and the spark of a rematch desired by fans (including the MMA HOUR team), was immediately stomped out.

In the UFC, I can't think of anytime we've heard anyone speak about rematch clauses in their contract. However, I would like to know, is it possible that in their second fight, Alex Pereira signed a contract to fight Israel that specifically prevented an immediate rematch for Pereira and forced him to move up a weight class? And, is it also possible that the reason none of the parties discussed the idea of a rematch after Alex's loss is due to an NDA about discussing a possible rematch clause?

Regards and salutations from Vancouver, Canada! Hope to see you in June when the UFC finally comes back to The True North!

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Hello Ariel,

I really enjoyed all the episodes of Ariel and the bad girl, and I have been anxiously waiting the next episode. When will the next episode drop? If you don’t mind me asking is there a reason for the delay, are there outside influences affecting the show? on another note, I just want to thank you and the team for providing all the awesome hours of content. Have a great day guys.

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Hello Ariel!

I was wondering if you have an update on Cain Velasquez. I really enjoyed the last interview you had with him. I’m interested in knowing what he is up to and would love to show him support.

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Good Day Ariel,

At what point should the UFC reduce the number of events they put on each year? You have talked previously on how cards are now weaker than what they used to be. For example, the main event this weekend is the only fight with ranked fighters. Do you think it’s time the UFC considers stacking cards and reducing the quantity?



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