Hello Ariel and Team,

I am so glad to see that Chael is coming back to PPV this weekend! I am a big fan. I know he isn't perfect but he doesn't claim to be. That whole 16 month mess was ridiculous and the fact he couldn't speak to defend himself and had to take a backseat was ridiculous. Hot mic to you, as a friend of Chael, how special is it that he is getting to return to do jobs he never should've had to stop doing?

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Hallo Ariel,

Just the weekly petition to get Don Frye on the show

Greetings from Germany my man

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I'll pass this along to the man in plaid, Max.

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Ola Ariel,

What did you think of Zabit (my fav mixed martial artist) turning down an immediate title shot to pursue his medical career? Personally I would have loved to have seen him fight Alex but I can appreciate how concrete he has been with his decision to step away from MMA.

Love the podcast, all the best from Perth Western Australia

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Volk would have been great, but we were robbed of Zabit/Yair

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Hi Ariel, it's your best friend!

I was hoping we can get your journalist perspective on something (and I know it's a touchy subject you may not want to broach), But here it goes.... Have you seen Luke Thomas' video admitting he was wrong about, (in his own words) "proselytizing falsehoods" during the Covid era while covering the UFC. He received a lot of negative criticism from 2020-2023 for being pro lockdown and pro vaccine mandates. In a YouTube video he published Monday, he apologized for being wrong about masks, mRna vaccines, lockdowns, the lab leak, school closures and criticizing the UFC in the way he did. I'm not much of a follower of his content, but I do know he's got an audience, however, this was the first time I've seen a well known sports journalist admit they were wrong and misled in a variety of ways, and speaking from a sports fan perspective, this was refreshing to see the vulnerability in it.

What are your thoughts on the video, given what we know now about Covid, and especially, how Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey and the twitter files revealed that the federal government was working with Google, Youtube Facebook, and Twitter to silence dissenting views regarding Covid, masks and the mRna vaccines, and as was corroborated before congress by Zuckerberg, Dorsey and the twitter private investigators. Do you think more journalist will do what Luke Thomas did and what was your thoughts on his video?

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Hello Mr helwani! I was wondering if you would have Ryan Clark (from Rc and Dc) as a guest on the show?

Think it’d be a subtle but hilarious way to regain the advantage in yours and dc’s friendship!

Appreciate all you and the crew’s tireless work and dedication!


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Shalom, Ariel and crew. As a diehard Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, I have never been able to get into Seinfeld. Maybe it’s the corniness, maybe it’s the laugh track, but I just don’t find it funny. However, Curb Your Enthusiasm is probably my favorite television show of all time. Ariel, what about Seinfeld makes that your show of choice over Curb? I’m hoping for a pretty pretty pretty good response from the whole crew. Your friend, Eric

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I would like Ariel to know I purchased some milk and teabags recently. Not this morning but close enough.

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Hello Ariel! Not as much hype for the BMF title this go around. I am sure the fight will be an actual banger. I know UFC doesn't do much "Gimmick Fights," but why not have a BMF title to host one PPV a year? Just think of all the great fights we can have in next years to people who may not ever or not close to an actual title fight, get to go all out for BMF of year 24, 25, 26, etc.... everyone's thoughts?

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Good Afternoon Ariel!

If you had to only watch ONE fight this weekend which one are you picking? I’d love if the whole crew would chime in on this!

also! Is this bloodline cinema the best since The Undertaker vs Edge and Vickie Guerrero smackdown era?

y’all are the best! Much love! I never miss an episode!

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Helwani and Crew,

Julianna Pena is a gem and is exactly what the Women’s Bantamweight Division needed! Who would you rather see her fight as far as the excitement and the lead up to the fight itself. Rocky or MBS? Is she the best trash talker in Women’s MMA? When she’s champ again, will y’all be going back to Parlay Boys?

Love from KC, Gilbert Hill

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We MMA HOUR fans appreciate the mighty Vixen- undefeated, undisputed, drove the lioness away with her tail between her legs. she will reign for as long as she wants.

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No time to waste.

You four, listen up.

What would your nicknames be if you were in the UFC? Or would you take the Nate Diaz approach and not have one?

Also Connor, what the heck does GC stand for?

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Georgia Conner

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Hi Ariel,

After GC announced his imminent head-shaving (slated for early 2025), I couldn't help but ponder my own hairline's mortality.. Luckily, I've been staying at a solid level 6-8 buzz for many years now, so the eventual transition to fully shaved won't be as drastic.

Unfortunately, we can't all be blessed with a Helwani-esque hairline and CHOOSE baldness, so I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears.. How does one know when it's the right time to go?

Also, can you & the boys site a few examples of bag-fumbled transitions to bald (ex: Lebron), successful switches before things got uncomfortable (ex: Rogan, Volk), and who should consider the razor sooner than expected (ex: Colby?)

In a way, the whole topic is strangely similar to MMA/sports retirements..


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Dear Ariel and crew, and the worlds best gatekeeper in MMA, Louis.

This isn’t so much a question as it is a request.

I’m headed back to Salt Lake City to attend UFC 291, and I’ll be sporting my Heelwani shirt. If/when hen I get featured on the broadcast in one of their crowd shots (I’ve got good seats, this could happen) I would love to send in my shirt to be signed by the crew. I would love nothing more than for Ariel to make his way back into a UFC broadcast, even if it’s through a T Shirt! Keep your eyes peeled!

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Good day Ariel and crew

My question today is, do you think after this season of TUF the UFC may think to just end the show in its entirety? The structure of the show and the repetitive nature of it is beyond boring and surely if Conor being on the show can't make it more entertaining, then not much else can.

A big problem with being in the UK and watching it is, it airs in the US the night before and in the morning all the "best bits" and spoilers are all over social media. So makes watching the 40 odd minute episode totally pointless.

Can you think of any ideas for the show or just some other avenue they could down. Personally I think the show is dead and has been for a while.

Would love to hear your thoughts

Lloyd from Suffolk, England

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The Parlay boys love the show been listening for years but never looked into how ask questions till now

Ufc 293 pre sale comes out Wednesday yet no main event confirmed? Have the ufc done this before? Doesn’t seem right


Levi McGregor from Melbourne Australia

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