I appreciate your insight on your feelings regarding Nick Diaz. I already knew and understood your tweet and messages about Nick but for those who are unfamiliar, this paints a great narrative as to the reason why you feel this way about this legend. If the unfamiliar fans are willing to be objective, this will put things into perspective. I too will be watching with one eye opened not because I don’t believe in Nick’s ability… However his ESPN interview gave me reason to pause and I want him to go out on top. Let’s hope it all goes well!

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Thank you for expressing what we all feel inside.

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What a Mensch

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You're a legend Ariel. This is why love you man!

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Hi Ariel. Very thoughtful piece.

The hardcore fans care about Nick (and Nate).

It’s very weird as we don’t care a lot about most fighters that go. It’s the ones that are clearly vulnerable we care more about, the ones that came into the MMA world to look after themselves in their neighbourhoods not necessarily the ones taken to karate or wrestling so their parents could get rest bite.

Nick in his recent espn interview is explaining why he doesn’t want to and why he has to.

He’s saying he wanted to open his own gym but it looks like the rugs been pulled from under him by some investors. He’s prob lost money in that.

Also what was the pay structure to his last UFC contract? I bet it was $10k + $10k. Who long will that last.

He’s broke as f*ck Ariel and it’s a god damn shame.

I feel sorry for you as your the only one beating the MMA pay drum.

I don’t want you to get ostracised because of it.

Keep up all the good work.

Peace I’m outta here…

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You're really coming into your own as a writer. I enjoy this substack a lot.

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it's a hard life, it's hard times.

I relate to nick so fucking much. Not because he is this invincible strong person.

But because he is not.....

His life has been one filled with struggles, money struggles, love struggles, work stress...

But he manages to not break somehow....he stands there, maybe a little battered a little bruised...but still standing.....

watching nick makes me tear up....because he's as hurt on the inside...as most of us....

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The Combat Sports Gods seem to be sending us a very loud message these last few months. Holyfield fighting at almost 60 years old, Cannonier talking so openly about his financial struggles, Woodley getting a degrading tattoo in order to get another big pay day, and now Nick’s revelations yesterday.

This post is not intended to be any form of self promotion, so I am not going to mention the specifics - but it is for this reason that I started a combat sports management company with two other smart gentlemen 18 months ago.

We have been combat sports fans for most of our lives and have seen how fighters end up in this position time and time again. Yes part of the problem is the greedy corporate that takes a monstrous percentage. Yes fighters need a Union. But above and beyond the biggest issue in my opinion is most fighters are mismanaged.

There are too many managers out there who just book fights and collect captain obvious sponsorship payments.

We believe that fighters need to be educated about money management and sit down with financial advisors from the very beginning to create a plan for their earnings and savings. We believe that every fighter should take at the very least a distance educational course in their time off/down time so they have a plan B if things don’t work out in the ring or cage. It also helps with a natural progression in to something else when it’s time to hang up the gloves.

These may sound like simple things - but fighters fight, and if no one guides them on this from the start we end up where we are now.

As Ariel said, watching with one eye closed and hoping for the best. It shouldn’t come to this.

Great stuff Ariel - love what 2021 has turned in to for you ❤️

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I love Nick Diaz, met him a few years ago, he was surprisingly funny. I hope he looks good in this fight and can get a few more money fights before retiring.

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Hey Ariel, greetings from Ireland, I wanted to ask can I get your autograph so I can be celebrity in my village? :D

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Deep, bro

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Great article Ariel,

I like you have been around the capper since the early days (2005).

Your concern for Nick is genuine and I believe mostly warranted. The Diaz brothers are complex fellas that can be hard to read, I hope that Nick was having a bad day with his anxiety in that interview and he gets to go out there and perform at his old high standard. More importantly, I hope (like you) that he gets rewarded financially more than anything. Old school fighters like Nick seemed to have missed the money boat by a decade unfortunately.

Have a great day and thanks for your passion


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Understanding your actual relationship with Nick over the years I can not imagine how tough it may be to think the worst case could be upon us for Nick. I’ve followed him for many years, don’t actually know him as a person and feel that I’ll be watching out of the corner of my eye hoping for the best. There will never be anyone ever like the Diaz brothers and they have made the sport great and people like myself love it. I hope Nick goes out there and has a great performance at this time there are so many unkowns that we will sit on the edge of our seat until we see the outcome and will always be in nicks corner. Your loved by many Ariel for not being scared to speak what you feel and how it really is some of the same reasons we all love Nick. Two more sleeps.

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Fantastic read always speaking the real

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Thank you for sharing. This brought tears to my eyes. I totally understand your feelings. I too will be watching with one eye open. It's kill or be killed and I will be praying for a kill.

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I think it is incredibly disrespectful for anyone to comment on Nicks or any other fighter’s financial situation. None of our business. Nate is fine financially, they have a popular weed business and Nick is doing fine I am sure. It seems to me like he, like all of us, are worried and questioning his future. Perhaps he is was being perfectly honest when he said he would regret not fighting looking back at 40 years old.

I only wish happiness for Nick. Watching the ESPN yesterday made me want to reach through the screen and hug Nick and hold him and take care of him. I hope he has good people in his life to help him. Or at least he is getting rid of the bad influences.

He would be great at anything he put his mind too. He is successful because if who he is, not because of fighting. He is caring, compassionate, hard working, a natural leader, passionate, ambitious, intelligent….and so much more. He needs only apply those traits to another goal and he will do great.

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