Gday Ariel! 👋👋

My name is Gianni from Melbourne Australia. I recently had a wonderful email exchange with Eric about whether or not I should transition to MMA journalism with my burning passion for the sport.

(He gave me some amazing advice that I will always carry with me, what a mensch)

My question to you is, can you please explain some of the trials and tribulations while studying journalism, and how life was like after graduating.

Thanks for being someone I look up to greatly much love keep up the amazing work.

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Aug 10, 2022·edited Aug 10, 2022

Hello Ariel!

With all of the discussion about judging and open scoring in MMA, why doesn’t a promotion/league like the PFL try implementing open scoring? The PFL seems to be the most “progressive” in terms of trying new things like their season format, the smart cage, showing the strike speeds, and the ref cam. Why not try something that could revolutionize the entire sport like open scoring? I also think it would increase viewership because people would be interested in seeing how it works.

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Hi Ariel!

I was hoping to get your thoughts on Cesar Gracies recent interview with Submission Radio.

Cesar spoke about the lead up with Nick Diaz into the Robbie Lawler fight.

A couple of things that were mentioned was that Nick still owed money to the commission. He went in with neck problems which required surgery could explain why he wanted the fight at 185 and also that he would be returning early next year.

Do you think Nick is coming back and if so who would you like to see him fight or should he not return at all? Any other thoughts you have about the interview would love to hear it!

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Hi Ariel,

Do you have any clue as to whether there is a co-main in the works for UFC 279 that hasn't yet been announced? If not - what do you think of the UFC's decision to move forward with the card as it currently is?

The biggest and most interesting fights outside of the main event are arguably Irene Aldana vs Macy Chiasson and Johnny Walker vs Ion Cutelaba, both of which would be lucky to have featured on the main card at all in any of the recently occurred or upcoming numbered events.

Do you think the UFC brass have dropped the ball here, or will the popularity of both Khamzat and Nate - as well as this likely being Nate's last ever fight in the organisation - see them achieve strong PPV numbers regardless of the overall poor quality card?

Much love to you, GC, NewYorkRic, Mysterious Frank and the rest of the team for the awesome work you do on the show.

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👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Over the next 2 months we will have more clarity at the top of the bantamweight division, starting with this week’s main event of Vera x Cruz. The following matchups scheduled for the division are:

(C) Sterling x (2) Dillashaw

(1) Yan x (13) O’Malley

(3) Aldo x (6) Dvalishvilli

(4) Sandhagen x (10) Song

(5) Vera x (8) Cruz

My question this week is who do you see besides Sterling x Dillashaw to have the clearest path to a title shot?

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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You are hosting a dinner party for your 40th, it’s kind of a big deal.

You need to invite one former mma fighter, one current mma fighter, one analyst/commentator, one referee and one mma journalist.

Who gets a seat at the table and why?


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Hi Ariel,

Long time listener first time question asker here. Two questions for you:

1. I know you tend not to use notes for your interviews so I am curious to hear how you typically prepare for shows/interviews

2. With Nate Diaz being the draw that he is do you know if his contract allows him to get ppv points for his main event fight at UFC 279?

Keep up the great work 💪🏽

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Hi Ariel,

Recently, you shared a few old and nostalgic videos on Twitter. One of them was of you together with Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg.

I would love you to interview Joe Rogan on your show, and for you to go on his Podcast. Are you open to do that? Have you had any contact with Joe since 2016?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Good morning Ariel!

You’re a legend.

That’s all, thanks,

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Ma nishma , Ariel?

So an MMA judge who scored a fight for Don’Tale Mayes was berated on the 277 broadcast (by name) for his scoring of the fight, to the point that Joe insinuates that he gambled on the fight. He actually posted a reaction video, breaking down very specific instructions that judges receive. He mentions in the video that the last judge to speak up was essentially fired, but he feels that he needs to stand up for himself and fellow judges. My question is, did you know judges got in trouble for responding to criticism? If the judges can avoid trouble, would you like more judges to defend/explain their decisions?

Thanks for what you and the whole crew do! 1 year next week! VIVA HEELWANI!

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Whats good Ariel!

After a long time listening in the shadows, im finally setting my middle-of-the-night alarms and stepping forward for the first time to submit a question for you!

In New Zealand, a "GC" (notably short for Good C*nt) is one of the highest honors of praise a person can be given. Given his legendary status and phenomenal picks, its an apt moniker for Producer Conner, HOWEVER, I know y'all dont use the C word the same way we do and despite watching every single episode of the MMA Hour since your return I cant remember an explanation for what it stands for/means. Would you or GC care to elaborate?

Love what you guys are doing, the whole team segments are amazing. Ill be back next week with hot takes from the bottom of the world, someone put El Cubano on watch, there's a new contender on the block, and i'm coming for the crown💪👑

- Robdog

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Hi Ariel,

I'm starting to freak out a bit. I purchased tickets to UFC 279 - flights, camping roadtrip beforehand, I mean -- the whole shebang. I'm freaking out because outside of the main event, the card stinks -- or as GC and the Gen z'ers say, the UFC 279 card is 'mid'.

Is there any chance they add any other big names or at least another fight between ranked opponents to this card? Please give me some good news. It's my girlfriend's first UFC event too and this will set the stage for any future trips to watch fights if it goes well.

I hate the apex fights so much and feel like they've ruined the ppv cards. UFC 279 would have been a complete banger if Santos v Hill and Sandhagen vs. Yadong were put on the main event card, ie.

Cheers, gimme good news my man.

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Trying again with this one...

Ariel, wouldnt you say that it could make for quite a wwe like iconic moment if Nate were to be the last walkout of 279 given the current circumstances?? He usually picks very good songs that may fit the moment best, like at 263 when the recent passing of DMX occurred he came out to one of his songs, I like to think as a tribute, any chance he would be the last walkout of the night???

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Yo Ariel,

This one's for GC:

Thanks for the hard work and analysis you put into every fight. From the first time I heard you give a breakdown, I knew your thought processes were spot on, and that your research was meticulous.

While it's obvious that you've done your homework for all the recent events, how much of the old school MMA library have you seen? Parlwani and NYR are sure to come up with a solid list of top fights/events to watch if you haven't. Maybe this can complement the upcoming MMA Hour book club?

Thanks for all that you guys do,

Your homie,

Sunny Chung

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My brother Ariel, YKTV! Papi Live here.

Looking at this weekend’s card, excluding the main event, I see fights on there that either don’t make any sense or very indifferent towards. What are your thoughts, heading into San Diego this weekend?

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Bo Nickal looked good in his Contender Series with a quick first round submission. What are your thoughts on Dana giving Bo another Contender Series fight instead of the contract? I get that everyone wants to see Bo get more experience but why not in the UFC? Could some other organization come and snatch him up for their roster now?

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