👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Happy 1 year anniversary!!! Quick and simple this week my friend, if Paulo Costa misses weight again this weekend, how would you handle him moving forward if you were the UFC? Would you let Costa go or keep him but refuse to give him a bout at middleweight moving forward?

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Aug 17, 2022·edited Aug 17, 2022

Hello Ariel!

Why doesn’t an MMA promotion/league like the PFL try implementing open scoring? The PFL seems to be the most “progressive” in terms of trying new things like their season format, the smart cage, showing the strike speeds, the ref cam, etc. Why not try something that could revolutionize the entire sport like open scoring? I also think it would increase viewership because people would be interested in seeing how it works.

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Hi Ariel,

Some quick fire questions :

1. UFC Bantamweight champ at end of 2023?

2. Does Volk fight at 155 in his next 2 fights?

3. What’s the biggest non-Conor fight the UFC COULD make AND the biggest fight they WILL make by the end of the year?

4. Jon Jones fights this year?

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Hi Ariel,

Loved your interview with Brian Gewirtz last week. Interested to hear your favorite sports and/or non-sports books you have read.

Keep up the great work!

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Ariel!!! I am currently in the hospital because my wife has just given birth to our first child so I figured what better time to ask the Goat of mma coverage a question. With all the talks of stipe and Jon jones fight being for an interim belt and the winner of course fighting Francis, how do you realistically seeing that going? I know Jon jones is the Goat but he has been gone for awhile, joined a new weight class and will be jumping immediately to 5 round fights, I want to be confident but I do not see either stipe or Jon jones beating Francis at any point. Creating an extremely anti climactic comeback, what are your thoughts?

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With the TUF30 Season Finale ending in fireworks, it’s safe to say that TUF is here to stay and must see TV. Who would you like to see as the next TUF coaches? My pick is Cejudo and the winner of Aljo/Dillashaw.

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Hey Ariel!

First time asking a question here but I have been listening to the show for a while now. My question is for the whole crew (including anyone else behind the scenes who wants to answer) as the 1 year anniversary for this show has just recently passed, what has been the greatest/best thing that has resulted from your involvement with the MMA hour?

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Hi Ariel,

When Dana White eventually retires do you see any major changes happening if Hunter Campbell takes over/ do you think your relationship with the ufc would change?

- Amin

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Yo Ariel,

This one is for the crew as a whole, but GC usually seems to take on lead these things. What's the theme this weekend? Are we listening to Jazz in honor of world renowned Utah basketball? Are we dressing for a summer ski trip? Are we Mormons?

Your homie,

Sunny Chung

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Happy Hot Tag Weds!!

Last week on Believe You Me, Michael Gavin Joseph Bisping disclosed that Darren Till leaked your phone number.

Was this about the time Darren had the very odd tandem interview with Khamzat? They kept haranguing you to be paid for the interview, and even attempting to goad you for your Jewish heritage. Khamzat's 'burger shop' interview had no airs of this at all.

I am inclined to believe that Darren Till threw that monkey wrench in there for whatever reason. What is his deal?

P.S. Ever since he got kicked out of that supermarket..... he's lost me as a fan. Tada to you, mate!!!

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Hallo Ariel,

Yesterday Dana said that he plans to add some more fights to UFC 279, any insights on that ?

And one more, can we get Jones on the show ? Or is he mad at you for being so close with DC

Greetings from Germany my man

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Hey Ariel, what do you make of Dana white admitting they should have Resigned Shane Burgos? He said “100 percent [mistakes were made], 100 percent. Big mistakes were made over here.” In the past Dana has said He “wishes the best” for the fighter but doesn’t really comment about wishing they resigned a fighter. If Dana was more involved liked in the past so you think he gets a Deal done with Shane? Thanks have a great day


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Do you think social media is helping or hurting us?

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Hi Ariel!

Last night in Dana’s post show interview, a media member asked him a question about adding another big fight to the UFC 279 card. Dana replied with his usual, match meeting yesterday working on it..

Wondering if you heard of any fights that are possibly getting added to the card?

Bonus question, I’m a massive Seinfeld fan so I always get a kick out when you try to get the crew into it. Out of everyone you’ve worked with. I would you assume your Jerry? Who is your George, Elaine & Kramer? You can also add who would be your Newman 😂

Appreciate everything you do! Congratulations on your one year return to a platform and stage where you are valued and belong.

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What’s up Ariel?!

Hope today’s show was everything you hoped it would be! I haven’t been a MMA fan my entire life so I’m not entirely sure on most details as it pertains to weight classes…but has the UFC ever considered implementing a “Super Heavyweight” division? If not, what are some of those reasons it hasn’t been done?

Thanks and VIVA HELWANI!

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Hi, Ariel: Any intel on whether or not they are going to beef up UFC 279? It almost looks like a fight night at this point.

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