This thread marks one year of Moderating so make it extremely difficult to decide the questions for the show 🙏

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Bonjour Lord Ariel,

On last week's show you, GC and Frank were deciding on which horse in the Kentucky Derby to bet on, Frank said the 15 to 1 underdog "Mage" about 10 times. He literally said "Mage", "Can we go with Mage", "I like Mage", and then Ariel even said "I'll go with whatever you guys want", Frank then once again said "Mage" and then for reasons unbeknownst to mma hour fans around the world you all chose Angel of Empire.

My question is for Frank, what was going on in your head when you kept saying Mage and they went with Angel of Empire? I know you said Angel of Empire first, but clearly you wanted Mage after you had heard it. It felt like you were being ignored and then just ended up giving in. Is this an accurate assessment?

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Non mma related,

This is for you and everyone who wants to help me out here.

I have a number in my phone that I forgot to save a while back and that person and I text about basketball, mma etc. But the problem is, I DON’T KNOW WHO IM TEXTING!

I’ve texted back to be nice, but do I just randomly ask “who is this?” FaceTime them to find out who it is? What should I do?

Ps- I will start saving numbers

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May 9·edited May 9

What’s up Ariel & crew,

Do you think the ufc should change the knee to a grounded opponent rule like One championship? It would have made a huge difference in the Ajlo fight for Henry if it were legal. It seems that this rule gets exploited in certain situations which clearly gives an advantage and limits the opponent’s attack.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see anyone get blindsided or severely injured, but if knees to a grounded opponent were legal then it would force fighters to fight with a different level of situational and positional awareness. I gotta agree with the points that DJ made on Monday's show.

I’d love to hear you and the crews thoughts on this rule.

Ps. Still waiting for the video to be included on Spotify! (I know that’s not franks job, so who’s to blame?)

Keep up the great work!


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Bonjour Ariel,

Long time listener, first time question asker. Your show keeps my ears full while I work doing both accounting and delivering groceries, so I want to thank you and the team for your time and energy. I got to thinking about what I wanted to ask and the first thing that came to my mind was; what kind of pajamas do you and the boys wear when you go to bed. I can't help but assume you're the type of guy to wear a full long-sleeved and pants flannel pajama set to sleep. While Ric seems like a boxer shorts and white tee kind of guy and Conner, I don't know, just an oversized XXL sports jersey that reaches his knees? Just kidding. Hopefully this question finds you well. Passe une bonne journée et merci beaucoup.

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Hello Ariel!

As a Canadian who has been living in New York City for a long time, what is your opinion on New York Pizza? Personally, I did not enjoy the pizza in New York even at highly rated places. In my experience, the crust was too burned. I had way better pizza in Toronto and Mississauga.

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Mr Helvani,

The way you and Luke try so overly hard to make sure you pronounce a name the most correct way can often be cringe(although, I get it) but the way Uncle Chael just says the name however he wants is absolutely incredible. The most recent victim is Merab “deesh-la-villy” but the classics like “Yareer” Rodriguez and *insert your favorites* will remain timeless. Thanks for the good content and paid interviews, bapa.

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Ariel, how do the media members watch the UFC PPVs when not at the event? Do they get any code to watch it or do they have to buy the PPV like ever other fan. Like when you’re home watching, are you ordering every fight or as a member of the media does the UFC give Vox media a code to watch it.

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Good day Ariel,

What a tremendous fight we got to experience with Sterling-Cejudo. It’s a shame that poor judging is as much of a storyline as the battle that was. When will the MMA promotions demand change when it comes to scoring fights? If you were told that the fight was tied on two scorecards heading to the 5th round, you would have to believe that Cejudo walks out the winner. I know that people are suggesting open scoring to fix judging but that wouldn’t have made an impact in this fight. Is the time now to develop a new scoring system?



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Guten Tag Ariel

A quick one this week, who do you think has had the best „post UFC run“ ? Maybe Mighty Mouse but Perry has a Case as well, or does any other fighter come to mind ?

Greetings from Germany my man

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Hi Ariel,

With all the sport/energy drinks popping up these days, and while we're waiting for the much-anticipated "Secret Juice," I think there's room in the market for a new Helwani-backed product (and possible Prime competitor).. "MENSCHJUICE"

We know you're an unbiased journalist, but who are 5 fighters you & the gang would sponsor that will best represent the MenschJuice brand and "Be Honorable" catchphrase? They don't have to be in the Top 10 w/ a huge social media following, just good-hearted individuals full of integrity & honor.


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Hey Ariel and Crew!

Long time viewer, first time question asker. A short two parter, after the result of this weekend do you really think Henry can be competitive against anyone in the Top 3 at 145? (Volk, Yair and Max)

Also speaking of the hero of this weekend, there has been a lot of chatter about how Merab is making a mistake, but as a Canadian who believes in loyalty and honour above all else, I respect Merab for standing by his principles and not trying to fight his friend and I trust that Aljo and him have worked something out together. Do you think that Merab should be waiting for Aljo to leave the division or continue to take fights until then? (I would love to hear Rick's take on this last part as well as I'm sure he will have a different/interesting insight)

Thanks for everything you and the crew do to keep the quality of your show growing.

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Ariel et all,

What do you make of Demetrious Johnson saying he's going to consult fighters like GSP, Khabib, and Urijah to learn why they retired as a way to determine his own future in fighting? Do you see value in doing simething like this? Or is Demetrious just trying to delay the inevitable in admitting to himself (and everyone else) that there's little purpose to continue fighting beyond the innate desire all fighters have and that he needs to start putting his family and life after fighting to the forefront of his mind? Is he just trying to find a reason to stop himself from walking away?

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Ariel, why would Ali not want his fighters to get more exposure from being on your show? There is no chance his ego is getting in the way of fighters getting a platform for fans to connect with them. For instance, I wouldn’t be interest in Kayla’s career at all if wasn’t for getting to know her through your show. Now I’m an avid Kayla supporter.

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Bounjour from Vancouver, monsieur Helwani!

My fiance and I will be visiting Montreal for the first time this summer. We will definitely be hitting up the Orange Julep thanks to you and GSP!

My question is, what are some must try items on the Julep's menu, and secondly, what are some must see attractions while in Montreal?

Viva HelVANI, the Twitter imposter!

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With all the hooplah about BKFC, what 5 current UFC fighters are Tailor made for that style of fighting

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