Yo Ariel,

Next time you talk to Darren Till, can you please suggest that he grows out the traditional beard with no moustache so he can channel his inner Chechen/Dagestani wrestling powers? I think he needs to go all in to complete his skills.

Your homie,

Sunny Chung

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Hallo Ariel

Can you or any member of the Team (GC maybe) describe the model of betting in the United States to me as a German ?

Over here the odds are like maybe 1.2 for the favorite and for example 3.0 for the underdog. Which means if you bet on the favorite and he wins you will get your bet x 1.2 or if you bet on the underdog you will get your bet x 3.0.

the whole thing with -300 or +250 gets me confused every single time.

Greetings from Germany my man

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Hey Ariel,

I will be going to my very first UFC event at long island, there are a lot of great fights on the card I'm excited to see such as Burgos, Soriano, Ortega, and Rodriguez. BUT None of these fighters excite me more than the MAIN ATTRACTION on the 16th which is the man himself sports betting legend Conner Burks being in attendance. So I wanted to ask you, how can I meet the MMA Hour Icon himself, on the 16th of July at Long Island?

Best Regards.

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你好, Ariel

Have you any thoughts as to why China has not produced many fighters for the UFC? we have Weili, yadong and the Leech as the most prominent fighters but few else.

A second question is whether you’d consider the performance institute in Shanghai a folly ? It was touted as the HQ for fighters across Asia to come and train there, but China has closed its borders for the past 2 1/2 years, and we’ve seen due to the travel restrictions Chinas top fighters training abroad. Is China an important enough market for the Ufc for them to keep investing into the PI Shanghai ?

Regards from Shanghai,


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Jun 29, 2022·edited Jun 29, 2022

Welcome back Ariel!

I hope you had a great time in Montreal last week. Hopefully you hit up a Timmy's after Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce and got to try Justin Bieber's new Timbits the Timbiebs, they've been a big hit back in Canada.

After hearing GC talk about his subpar Bellator experience on Monday I have some constructive criticism for the company as well. On Friday's prelims for Bellator 282 Ilara Joanne vs Alejandra Lara there was a huge amount of confusion with their uniforms. Lara was wearing all blue with red gloves, while Joanne was wearing all red with blue gloves, meanwhile the broadcast references fighters by glove color not uniform color. You can see how this causes confusion and a very negative viewership experience. During grappling exchanges when the gloves are hidden, someone just tuning in would literally not be able to tell which side or team is which. As they would naturally assume the color on the broadcast is referring to their uniform color not the glove color. You can see how this would be confusing. Next time you talk to Scott Coker please tell him to stop displaying fighters by glove color if their uniform is the opposite opponents glove color.

Bonus: What's your favorite Leonard Cohen song?

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👋 Hola Ariel!!!

If I told you that at UFC 276 the last 3 matches of the night (Adesanya x Cannonier, Volkanovski x Holloway III, Strickland x Pereira) ended with 1 knockout, one submission and one decision.

How does each match end and who wins? Also, I’d love to hear NYR and GC’s take on this as well.

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Would it be possible to have a face to face between tommy fury and NYR?

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How does spectator seating work at the Apex? It seems like every fighter is at least allowed some tickets for friends/family, but it also seems like there can't be more than 100 spectator seats in there (and obviously there are some fans there that aren't tied to fighters, too). So are fighter friends/family just let in to watch that one fighter compete then kicked out so the next fight's tickets can get a seat, or is there enough seating in there for everyone to keep a seat for the whole card?

Viva Heelwani!

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Shalom Ariel - first time asking.

Before the question I just wanna say thanks for the laughs and memories as this show has often been the backing track for two years of on and off MCAT studying and delivering the mail for Canada Post in grand old Winnipeg Manitoba (still waiting to hear about med school).

Last week while you were on break it came across my twitter feed that it had been 15 years since the Chris Benoit tragedy. I was 9 years old at the time and I remember how that news coupled with the death of Eddie Guerrero really changed my WWE fandom from being a superfan into a casual that soon drifted away completely - I haven't watched a full WWE event in at least 10 years.

Just wondering what you remember from that tragedy, what your immediate reaction was and how you feel the Benoit tragedy affected the trajectory of the WWE onwards as they made the transition from 14-A to PG-13.

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Hey Ariel,

In the spirit of Danny Sabatello cursing up a storm on the show, I’d like to know what your favorite and most used curse word is.

Please also relay the question to GC, newyorkric, and mysterious frank.

Best regards from Milwaukee,


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To the Highly Revered Mr Helwani,

We are witnessing a new era of lightweights coming up.......Makachev, Gamrot, Tsarukyan. But is seems the UFC aren't matching them up against the old guard on their way out.....Oliveira, Gaethje, Poirier, Chandler, Mcgregor

I want to see how the new generation compares to the old, not the new generation fighting each other. My feeling is that the new would wipe the floor with the old. Does the UFC also think this and intentionally keeps them apart to squeeze more money from the old guard before they disappear?

Oliveira Vs Mackachev

Gaethje Vs Gamrot

Poirier Vs Tsarukyan



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Hello, hello. If Max regains the title and Moreno wins the interim later this month, you think we can see Max/Volk 4 AND Moreno/Figgy 4 on the same card before the end of the year?

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Good day all, of course gotta ask about the latest on Nate, and when we could see this all conclude??

Second with the fourth of July coming up, I was wondering what each of the crew preferred to do/did when growing up if anything at all, a fireworks show watcher or a fireworks popper themselves??

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Hey Ariel,

No question just a request. Please do whatever needs to be done to get back on The Pat Mcafee show. Watching Dana go on there is so brutal. Just giving the same bullshit answers he always does. Not having you on the show breaks all our hearts. Heelwani 4 Life


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Let's settle this once and for all. Did Volk really win the first two fights against Holloway?

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Greetings Ariel,

Each day I’m hoping to see a heavyweight title update and I think I maybe, just maybe, I found a Stipe update. In Justin Barrasso’s recent article in Sports Illustrated he writes, “Miocic will be in Vegas over the coming days... And with UFC 276 this Saturday, the possibility also exists that his next fight is announced, with opponents ranging from Jones, Ciryl Gane, and Tai Tuivasa in an interim title bout if Ngannou remains out due to injury.”

Is there any validity to a potential Stipe fight announcement and if so, it has to be Jon, right?

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