Salaam Alaykum!

Missed you both the last few weeks and glad to have you back! Question for Ariel: With Luciana’s wedding rapidly approaching, do you have any advice you can give her to calm any nerves or help her prepare for the biggest day of her life? Luciana, where is your honeymoon going to be and if you could take 3 personal things with you on the trip and nothing else, what would those items be?

Thank you and happy to have you back in our lives!

Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim friends!

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Hey Louis, was just wondering if/when this episode is dropping? I saw it uploaded on Spotify saying it was added on Tuesday but then I tried to play it and it didn’t play then I checked back and it was gone, is it not happening??

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Apr 28, 2023·edited Apr 28, 2023

Hi Luciana and Ariel,

Do you have any opinions about American politics that you are willing to share or is that a topic that you prefer not to discuss?

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Hello Ms Andrade and Mr Helwani

Missed you guys and glad you are back taking the internet by storm.

My question for you both is in relation to a strange experience I had today. The sink in my apartment was blocked and not draining so I called maintenance. He arrived later in the day with a white bottle wrapped in plastic containing a pink liquid to clear the pipes. When I asked him what was in the bottle, he laughed and said “ It’s acid , very strong stuff , it’s illegal here and in most countries (in Ireland). He continued and said it could dissolve anything, even a body, which he said very sternly towards me and I shuddered.

Have either of you had an experience with someone who definitely was referring to something bad they have done ?

Sorry for the long one

Respect to you both


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Hello Luciana and Ariel, what is your alcoholic beverage of choice? I don’t think Ariel is much of a drinker but when you do, what do you prefer? I believe Lucy likes her wine, if so, which kind? Saúde!

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Hi Ariel, hope all is well and the family are all good.

In the last episode you and Arnold made a joke about the first ‘KFC’ being in Utah, and that had me thinking.. if things did okay out that way then it was be called ‘UFC’ instead of ‘KFC’ so my question is: if you had to start your own mma organisation, what would you call it?

Thankyou Ariel and team,

Kenny from the UK.

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Bonjour Ariel and Luciana, my question is what is the best way to interact with a fighter/celebrity you really like and are star struck by - i.e How to not be nervous or say something simple and common but to have a special moment you can look back thinking you didn’t waste a big opportunity. Do you guys have any stories about meeting big celebrities?


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Hello Friends,

I am in my mid 30s and I cannot imagine getting married. I know Luciana is getting married soon. Why? Like I feel many people in my college/high school got married because everyone else is and now are divorced. Maybe I am being too deep.



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Hi Ariel and Luciana.!

Have you both ever had to deal with people who intentionally go out of their way to antagonise you? How do you deal with these people without resorting to their level but at the same time, letting them know you aren't one to be messed with? Ariel, I know you had/have to deal with this in regards the UFC, so a personal experience could be shared instead if you have one.

Thanks guys. Really love this show and I hope it continues, even if there aren't that many questions asked each week.

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Glad to see you two back! Busy bees the both of you. My question this week is for Luciana. My apologies if you've been asked this already but what are some of the things regarding the female fight kits that you would change? We've seen some mishaps with female fight gear recently and the last thing a fighter should have to worry about is their gear possibly failing them during a fight. Do you think there are any updates to the venom gear that would help the female fighters have that security? Can't wait for more episodes and future discussions 😁

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Hey Yo Heelwani,

Great last episode with the face-to-face with Platinum Mike and Rockhold, plus the Salt Papi interview. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

What have been your favorite face offs or funny moments that you got to experience either on your show or first hand?

Don't overdo it on the Prime, Papa Mensch.



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Salutations Ariel and Luciana and from the sunny white beaches of Sydneyyy Australiaaaa!

As a long time listener (all 4 episodes), first time question asker, my question is: What was the most memorable dream you have ever had? I once had a dream kangaroos stole my Vegemite while I was surfing so when I got home I had to throw my boomerang at them to scare them off and that has stuck with me ever since.

P.S Love the show and the MMA hour - my official favourite list is: GC(the goated baby face👶), Ariel(the 10-7 King🤴🏽), Luciana(The good girl 👧🏽), Ric(Depends how we define favourite🧐), Frank(Mr Glass half empty🥃🫗)

Much Love,


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Good day Luciana,

I am so sorry to see that your property was vandalized. As someone that is looking to get in the real estate market renting out properties, do you have any advice that you can share?



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Hello Ariel and Luciana,

Both of you are dog owners. Have you ever owned a cat, and would you consider owning a cat in the future?

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Bom dia Ariel and Luciana! You may remember talking about my Brazilian ex girlfriend a few weeks back. Well, I’m leaving for Brazil to visit her this Friday! Luci, any tips or recommendations for my visit? Particularly Porto Alegre and Florinapolis? Muito obrigado!

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Question for Luciana: We often hear about fighters and their contracts, what does the breakdown look like for the octagon girls? Do you have a set # of cards you are assigned to each year? How do they decide who gets PPV’s? Do they accommodate everything when you’re required to travel for an event?

Thanks! - Tipp

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