Hey guys just a quick suggestion, how about a parlay boys darts game? There’s been a lot of talk but I think nows the time to put the skills to the test. Maybe you can even do a knock out tournament and winner takes all. I’ll leave the stakes up to you guys I’m sure you’ll find something perfect to award the winner. And yes we can change the camera to hide the not-so baby-faced Mysterious Frank

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Hello to my favorite journalist and the rest of the crew. With Sterling vs Cejudo coming up, I had the thought that these are arguably the two best grapplers in UFC bantamweight history, which led me to start thinking about which fighters are the best all time at particular disciplines/categories. I’d love to hear you and the crew’s picks for the best UFC fighter of all time in the following categories, respectively. I think this could spark some fun debate.







Fight IQ:

Would love to hear your answers to these, and which ones you, Rick, and GC disagree on. Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work!

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Blessings Ariel & MMA Hour Crew!

Let’s have some fun, shall we? You are given 1,000,000 to 1 odds on a future bet of $1 in which you must pick the most likely MMA fighter couple that will procreate a future UFC champion. Would love to hear the crew’s picks as well if possible, here’s your options:

Amanda Nunes & Nina Nunes

Ronda Rousey & Travis Browne

Angela Lee & Bruno Picci

Rose Namajunas & Pat Barry

Patchy Mix & Tatiana Suarez

If you choose one of these honorable mentions you can double your winnings to 2,000,000 (Paige Vanzant & Austin Vanderford, Thiago Santos & Yana Kunitskaya, Mark De La Rosa & Montana De La Rose, JP Buys & Cheyenne Buys)

Thank you as always for everything you do for the MMA/Combat sports community 😊 Also shout-out to Andy, the sexiest voice on the MMA Hour I love when she helps you pronounce Spanish words and does her Hispanic accent, I hope she feels better in the days to come!

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May 3·edited May 3

Hey Ariel, I know the idea of the UFC being involved in a cross-promotional card is practically a non starter, but after hearing Jorge Masvidal on the show talking about Johnny Eblen being the best Middleweight on earth, then seeing him fight the wheels got turning for me again. I know it's near impossible, but given the state of the UFC's Middleweight division is this the best fight that could be made for Israel Adesanya right now? Would it benefit both the UFC and Bellator? Personally it's the only fight for him that I would clamor to see. Every other match up feels premature or redundant at the moment. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Bonjour from Vancouver, mon ami!

Long time listener (since 2016), first time chiming in on the podcast. However, we did have a brief interaction a few years back when I commented my very own Helwani slogan on one of your IG posts. I stated, "Ariel, bringin the Hel, even if you don't Wani!." You then replied in a very Ariel way by saying, "hey, that's not bad." I digress, I'll be visting Montreal this summer for the first time and will be going with my recently turned fiance! Because of you and GSP, I will definitely be visiting the Orange Julep. My question is, what are some main items you'd recommend trying at the Julep? Also, what are some other great places you'd recommend eating, along with certain must try food dishes to really embrace the Montreal experience.

Ps. Nothing beats the imposter HelVANI on Twitter tricking both DC and Dana White

All the best and keep up the laughs,

Big Sandhu

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Shalom Ariel,

Almost all MMA fighters fight past their prime and take unnecessary damage. Have you ever had a conversation with a fighter where you tried to persuade them to consider stop fighting?

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A-Wani and the Boys,

Jersey born UFC and MMA Hour Fan. I am attending my first ever UFC event at Prudential Center this Saturday for UFC 288 with a couple buddies. I was inspired to purchase tickets to this event after last summer hearing GC's recap of UFC Long Island Ortega v Rodriguez. I had some serious FOMO that I didn't pony up and go when the UFC was local and promised, regardless of event or ticket price next time they come around (outside of MSG because SHEESH who can pay for that) I am going. Initially I was devastated to hear my favorite fighter DoBronx was pulling out but looks like the card has come together and I AM PUMPED.

Here's where I need help! What's my game plan? I need advice, how should I attack the day? What time should I get to Newark? When should we go into Prudential? Will any of the MMA crew be in attendance (round on me at American Whiskey)? What is something I need to make sure I cannot miss while I am there?

Always appreciate you and the boys keeping me going throughout the week, keep doing you!

- Jersey Jay

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Ayu-bo-one Ariel,

If you, Ric and GC had to pick a fighter to narrate your life story who would you pick?

For example I'd pick Chidi "Chidi Bang Bang" Njokuani.

Plus I feel like Andy would be a great narrator for children's audio books.

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Dear lord nose,

CG, Andi and NY Rick are commentating a UFC apex card. Who does play-by-play? who gives the post fight interview? who accuses the others of not doing their research?

Frank is obviously the ring announcer, his voice and presentation perfect for getting the apex crowd amped up.

Could we get a demo of a main event announcement?

- cheers!

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Bonjour Ariel and crew!

Hope all is well. Just a quick one today. Jon Jones announcing that he'll likely retire after the Stipe fight (unless Francis comes back), makes me wonder: why sign the 8 fight deal? If you're not planning to be with the UFC for a long time, why commit to such a contract?

All love from the Netherlands,


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Non mma related,

This is for you and everyone who wants to help me out here.

I have a number in my phone that I forgot to save a while back and that person and I text about basketball, mma etc. But the problem is, I DON’T KNOW WHO IM TEXTING!

I’ve texted back to be nice, but do I just randomly ask “who is this?” FaceTime them to find out who it is? What should I do?

Ps- I will start saving numbers

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Hey Ariel. I have heard you mention a few times over the years that you can't speak about certain things because you are saving it for the memoir. Do you have any plans to write a memoir? That is one book I would queue to buy because I am sure you have a ton of stories you have not shared. Can you share any stories with us that you weren't comfortable talking about in the past but you can now? Cheers to you and the whole crew!

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G’day Ariel!

A comment and a question for you today!

Firstly my comment, I thought the version of Mike Perry that appeared on your show on Monday was the best we’ve seen. He was insightful, eloquent and just seemed much more “on” than in some previous interviews. I really think he feels that he is the face of bare knuckle and is living up to the responsibilities that come with that.

My question today is about PPV points. I have always been curious as to how much fighters actually make from each purchase. Are deals generally structured to include a dollar amount per buy or do the fighters get a bonus if the event meets buy rate targets?

Cheers to you and the awesome crew for all of your hard work!

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Hi Ariel,

Have you heard how far out the next UFC women's strawweight and flyweight title fights might be this year?

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Hi Ariel

I know this is already old news, but as a South African I felt I just need to clarify DDP's comments.. I don't think people understand that it's a point of pride to be training and living out of Africa during an international career, when history has shown most people leave here to find success. Dricus Du Plessis and Cameron Saaiman are examples of fighters who are staying here in Africa and using South African facilities and training partners, not moving away to the 'first world' to compete on the same level. You also kept asking Dricus why it was important, but who else is doing it from here? When Africa is considered third world and secondary and our facilities etc. not regarded world class. It's not the same as a Canadian in America. Whenever people see success here, they get the option from international gyms and teams and end up moving there because they think it'll be better for their career, and for the most part it has been. Now there is a chance to show the world that Africa can produce champions from within Africa and that will inspire so many people here at home who can build a potential championship career right here, making it much more realistic in a place with limited resources. Also, if you look at the pride of our South African rugby or cricket team, for example, it shows when they win a world championship, no one has any questions considering those teams are very diverse racially. We are the Rugby World Champions currently and as South Africans we are very proud of that, and don't distinguish the white members of the team separately when celebrating. When we first became world champions back in 1995 it went a long way to unite the country as well. I think maybe people would be surprised how people of all races would be very proud if we have a South African UFC champion, and it would be celebrated by all. Here in South Africa, there wouldn't be a question of 'if they are South African' or not, we have moved far beyond that and it's strange to see people harp on someone being proud of being African despite being white. I don't think you folks get what it's like here, maybe another good reason to get the UFC here at last and expose more people to all the diverse cultures and beautiful country. It is called The Rainbow Nation for a reason. You also referred to Dricus' coach's comments, while clearly ignoring the fact that those comments were only made after Israel said that he will drag Dricus' carcass across South Africa. At that point it became personal, so coach Morné Visser also got a bit personal by saying Israel must go back to his home in NZ. Context is very important here. PS. Israel also made very bad racist/racial comments last week in an interview with his brother, while referring to Dricus Du Plessis. I don't see anyone taking him on about his tasteless racist slurs, yet Dricus who did not mention race once, gets grilled on your show. I just feel there is a huge double standard on how certain individuals were treated in this whole saga. One would expect some objectivity from someone with a journalism background. You will probably disagree. It is just how it came across.

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Shalom Ariel,

Is it me or has Brett Okamoto completly stopped breaking big UFC fights/news as of late? It seems like it stopped around the time of the Dana domestic incident. At the time Brett (surprisingly) retweeted a article about how bad it was for the sport and that a punishment needs to be handed down and even got into a back and forth with Dana at the press conference where Dana addressed the incident. It almost seems like when Dana went live on Youtube recently acouple times to break fights, he would of in the past given the info to Brett to break instead of doing it instead . Am I reading too much into this? BIG shout out to the biz-oys in the back!!!

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