Bonjour Lord Ariel,

If you and the crew were to compete in an mma bout, what weight class would you fight in? I'm not asking what weight you are now, but rather but what weight class would you realistically have to fight in? My guesses are Ariel middleweight, Ric welterweight, Conor lightweight, Frank light heavyweight.

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Although he's answered this before, I'd be interested to know what martial art each crew member would choose to compete in. MMA, boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, etc..

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Shalom Ariel,

Sending my blessings to moderator Lewis also, will this week finally be the week ?

Long time listener, shoutout to my brother Storefront Connor who sent in the Mount Rushmore of tv shows question.

Shoutout to my beautiful girlfriend Shannon who didn’t know about ufc until we met. She’s now a bigger fan than me.

I’ve been to some massive mma events live, The Quelly vs Scope walkout at Bellator Dublin, thanks to my bro we got to go to UFC London to watch the meatball spark out that girl with the spinning elbow but a slept on event of last year that doesn’t get the credit was when local County Derry man Paul Hughes fought in the ‘Fight of the Year’ against Jordan Vucenic to win the Cage Warriors featherweight title. I can see Hughes getting to the UFC and doing well but where you guys aware of this fight ?

Yup the Candystripes and Yup the ra

Much love from Derry Ireland

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Love the enthusiasm but what’s your question?

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Did the mmahour team hear about the Hughes vs Vucenic Cage Warriors title fight last year ?

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Hey Ariel,

There’s a school near where I live called the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study and given the shared name with New York Ric, I wanted to ask the guys if they weren’t doing what they are now, what would you be doing and if there was ever a different profession you guys had ever considered doing?


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Hello Ariel, I have this debate amongst friends often. Who are your top 5 or 6 wwe heels of all time? Mine is Vince McMahon, HHH, Mr. Perfect, Rick Flair, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Andre The Giant. (No particular order with the exception of Vince being number 1) can you give me 5 or 6, and I also ask if you agree with Vince being number 1?

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What’s the best thing about being a dad?

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Hey Ariel! Greets from Portugal!

Are you watching the champions league round of 16?

Who do you think will pass this round and who do you think is going to win the cup?

PS: Benfica is going to win the champions league

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Dear Ariel "not going solo" Helwani,

Who do you think will be the next champion from another organisation to challenge the top ranks of the UFC? Who will be the next Michael Chandler?

Big fan from Norway, don't follow wrestling but the footage of you in the crowd looked incredible!!

Med vennlig hilsen,


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Ariel I was wondering your opinion on the recent Jon Jones Tweets re his positive USADA tests.

He is asking for reparations due to USADAs mishandling of things.

Essentially since Jon Jones's USADA suspensions ‘the science has changed’ and now tests under 100 picograms per ML are NOT positive anymore. (This is actually due to the fact the tests have gotten more sensitive and.. are now picking up more substances contaminating foods.)

None of None of Jones's positive tests would be a positive under the current rules. Do you think his 'no contest' against DC should be restored to a win?

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Whats up Ariel! first time asking a question on here since i always remember once the deadlines passed! anyways, my question for you is regarding Cejudo. if he beats Sterling, do you think he would get a crack at Volk (if he beats Yair) for the belt? He seems pretty certain on becoming C4. Love what you guys do!

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Hi Ariel,

The difference in crowd energy at UFC events in different cities is crazy.

The crowds in Perth, Paris, London, MSG, and SLC were so much more electric than Rio, Houston, the apex (jk), and even T mobile (I was at 279).

Sometimes it’s obviously dependent on the card... but in general, why is there such a difference in crowd energies in different cities? Is it a scarcity thing? Cultural thing?

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Hey Ariel!

A couple from me -

Can you explain the snowman reference? You mentioned that it made ‘the boys pop in the back’. The thumbnail for On the Nose this week is also a snowman. What’s the meaning there?

You’ve referenced many GSP Montreal PPVs and past WWE Montreal events this week. Rank your top three Montreal events you’ve attended in terms of best crowd?

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Ariel, Ric and GC,

As NBA fans, does it disappoint you to see what’s become of the All Star game? What changes do you think could be made to salvage it, if any?

Leeeeeeeeroooooooy Jeeeeeeeeeeeenkins

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Hello Ariel,

I haven’t heard too many people discussing an underrated storyline for UFC 285. Will DC be apart of the boardcast team? Given his history with Jon Jones it’s understandable if he doesn’t want to call the fight. But also he’s professional enough to handle it with class & grace. Also really enjoyed seeing you in Montreal having a good time. Forget what the hates like Tony Khan are gonna say & keep living your best life.

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Hello friends! Question for Ariel and New York Ric,

At what age would you allow your kids to watch/follow mma? Since becoming a new father last year this is a topic that is debated in my household weekly and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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Ariel - can you please give us a timeline of the show and cast members? As a newer listener, I absolutely love the inclusion of GC, Mysterious Frank, Ric (SHOUTOUT!)...but I would love to know more about everyone's genesis with the show. Is it true Mysterious Frank turned down a full ride from Harvard??!!!

Also were there any other previous cast members that should be talked about too?

Much love

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Also can you give the background on moderator Louis too! thanks so much

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Hello Ariel,

Could you predict who the below list of fighters will face next. Both who you THINK they will fight and also what you who you would have them fight if you were in charge:

Khamzat Chimaev (if he moves to 185)

Colby Covington (if Khamzat moves up)

Tom Aspinall

Belal Muhammad

Dustin Porier

Dominick Cruz

Thanks as always

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