Whatsup Ariel, good to have you back!

My question:

What did you think of GLORY Collision 4 and especially the Badr Hari vs Alistair Overeem fight?

I attended the event and thought the fights were great! Had a very good time.

Absolutely tremendous atmosphere aswell with the whole “Badr Army” attending the event.

Also, what do you think about the Rico Verhoeven - Alistair Overeem matchup that is likely next for GLORY Collision 5 in January?

They already had a little altercation in the ring after Reem’s victory over Badr, where imo Rico acted a little over the top, but I’m sure you liked that as you normally enjoy moments like these hahaha😂

Shortly after while still being in the ring, Badr announced that he’s thinking about retirement with the whole crowd applauding him.

Very special moment..

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Maurits School

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Hi Ariel! What are your thoughts on the Cole Shelton story regarding Ali/ Fernand? More specifically Ali saying in the leaked audio that he owns MMA media?

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What’s up Ariel, so my question today is all about the featherweight division. It seems obvious that since there’s no stand-out #1 contender, and we know Volk is the back-up fighter for UFC 280, he’s most likely waiting for the winner of Charles/Islam, and that’ll hopefully happen 1st quarter next year. Well what about Max, is he looking to fight any time soon? How about Yair and Josh Emmett, is that fight going to get booked for an interim belt in the mean time? Any injury status on Brian Ortega? And do you have any clue if Korean Zombie is gonna continue fighting or hang em’ up? Feels like there’s a lot up in the air at the top of the division. Just wondering if you have any insight or knowledge on any of these fighters and their situations.

PS: I still stand by my claim that a deep dish is just a casserole. I also think oat milk just tastes like dirty water. Sorry not sorry.

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Hey Ariel, I know it’s old news by now, but I was curious what your take was on Nate diaz coming in with the 10-7 over D.C. I know they’re both your friends so I was curious how you felt about it.

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Oct 12, 2022·edited Oct 12, 2022

Hello Ariel!

I am so happy to see you’re having Shawn Michaels on the show today! If you recall, I asked a question in On The Nose back in August about how I was a huge wrestling fan in the early 90’s but stopped watching before the Attitude Era, and I wanted your advice on what matches or events I should go back and watch.

I took your advice and watched the 97 survivor series, aka Montreal screwjob first. Then I started watching episodes of Raw in chronological order from the start of 97, as well as the PPV’s. I actually watched the Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell match from Oct 97 last night!! It might be the greatest match I’ve ever seen! Michaels took an absolute beating but came out on top after the incredible first appearance by Kane.

My question for you is: how much of a wrestling match from start to finish is scripted? Is every move choreographed and planned out in advance, or is it more freestyling/going with the flow until the finishing sequence?

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The UFC officially announced that it is returning to Australia for UFC 284. Putting your matchmaker hat on, what fights would you like to see on this card?



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What are your thoughts about your interview with Tony Khan? Was it frustrating that he wouldn’t answer certain questions?

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Favorite segment of the week is back!!!

2 quick questions:

Ariel, do you think UFC 280 will be do well PPV wise? Card is loaded but sort of missing that major star

GC!! My weekly merch question…how we looking??!!??

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Shalom and a late shana tova Ariel, I have a massive job interview today and am wondering your go to advice on prepping and keeping the nerves calm? As someone who has talked about anxiety and stress and speaks in front of millions of people, what is your go to way to relax and not get too nervous before something like this?

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Afternoon Ariel! Welcome back!

What’s going on with Jailton Almeida? He was listed on the prelims of 280 and now he’s not on any card on UFC’s site. ESPN has him on the 11/5 fight night. And why the hell is this man still on prelims?! He’s a freaking beast! Why aren’t they promoting him?

PS. The red juice in meat isn’t blood. It’s a protein called myoglobin. The longer you cook your steak, the more carcinogens you create increasing your risk of colon cancer! You’ve got to try a solid medium cooked steak!

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what's your favorite airport in the world?

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👋 Hola Ariel!!!

Will the winner of this weeks flyweight battle between Askar Askarov and Brandon Royval be more likely to

A) Title fight with the winner of Figuieredo x Moreno 4

B) Number one contenders fight against Alexandre Pantoja

C) Other

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Welcome back, Ariel! We've missed you & the gang.

Just looking forward to hearing about your first trip to Orchard Park for that epic Bills/Steelers game..

Did you jump through a folding table after chugging a Labatt Blue?

Did you get a chance to meet any players/celebs?

How did your sons react to the rowdy Buffalo crowd & environment?

What other food/experiences did you enjoy while in WNY?

Thanks, as always & GO BILLS!

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Greetings to the MMA Hour Crew, missed you all. It has been speculated that Jose Aldo may have interest in pursing boxing. We know that Conor McGregor has interest in boxing again. Any chance we see a boxing match between these two at some point? To piggyback on this question, why do you think Aldo never pushed for a rematch with Conor?

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Good day all, a couple questions...Ariel, a week or so ago I tweeted asking if you knew if you would be attending Royal Rumble, you liked it so I hope was the signal that you are!! Can you 100% confirm??? While i dont watch like i used to, I occasionally keep up and since it will be relatively close to me, I will be attending a wwe event for the first time and think it'll be cool to meet you if I see you Roaming around by chance.

Secondly, I am always curious and hoping to find the numbers on ppvs but the ufc doesn't seem to make it easy to find them out, do you have any idea what UFC 279 did on ppv buys?? Or where I could find this information???

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Hello Ariel! i missed this program. Not really a question but I wanted to say thank you and tell you a bit of a story. Hearing you reminisce about your early days of reporting on MMA really inspired me. I been kicking around doing some sort of MMA content for a while now and last week decided to say F it. Everyone Monday Wednesday and Friday I release interviews with fighters at 10 am. My first interview I got Sodiq Yusuff (#12 ranked Featherweight) than for my next interview I went to Aljamain sterling’s open workout in Long Island, drove almost 2 hours just in hopes to get an interview. I got not only an interview with Aljo, but with Merab and Ray Longo too! All because you inspired me so thank you! (Btw if you wanna check it out @JackWalterr on YouTube and tiktok) also thanks for the compliment you gave me on my name.

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