Well, at least no one died?

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At least no one died.

That was my final thought as I logged off mentally last night after watching the Triller: Holyfield x Belfort card.

I was genuinely worried Evander Holyfield, 58, would get seriously hurt by the very strong Vitor Belfort, 44. This fight never should have been sanctioned. It never should been made, especially on such short notice. There has to be safer, more honorable, ways for these legends to make money. And I hope this is a warning to the younger fighters out there to be wise with their money in their prime so they don’t have to resort to this when they are grandparents.

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I’m not one of these sanctimonious combat types. I hate those types. But there has to be a line. Almost sixty-year-olds who look and talk like Holyfield should not be fighting. Plain and simple. This is way more dangerous, in my opinion, than two social media twenty-somethings fighting each other.

So, what to make of a night where you’re worried one of the headliners might die, which also featured a bizarre Anderson Silva vs. Tito Ortiz squash match and Donald Trump Sr. and Jr. in the broadcast booth for four hours?

At least no one died? At least no one died.


And how about the fact that Belfort dismissed Jake Paul in every interview leading up to the fight, and then he’s cutting an expletive-laced promo about Paul seconds after the win, with his family beside him, no less, while challenging Paul, who is twenty years younger than him, to a winner-take-all (apparently) 30-million-dollar-purse fight on Thanksgiving weekend? Always the walking contradiction.

Immediately following the main event, Chuck Mindenhall, Petesy Carroll and I, aka 3PAC, talked about the event, where the particulars go from here, whether the fights were fixed, whether we care to see any of the winners fight Jake Paul, what this all means and much more.

Enjoy. Happy Sunday. And Go Bills.

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