What happened to Eagle FC? The website doesn’t show any upcoming US shows. The last one was May 20th. Where does Kevin Lee fit into this?

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Warmest greetings to my favorite Content Creator,

My 24th birthday was Friday, but my celebration was overshadowed by the mishegoss surrounding 282 (10-7 Helwani). My perception is that the UFC is trying to inorganically create stars for the impending post-Conor era. Before social media, UFC stars made themselves with electric performances or cutting promos to make it onto YouTube compilations. The UFC is now inverting this formula: building fighters’ online fame and backing them into success. How do you think putting unproven fighters over, largely based on personality versus verifiable fight ability, will affect the UFC in the long run as it tries to build its next generation of PPV stars? I understand cultivating hype between fights, but continuous exposure without earning it creates artificially inflated expectations for fighters who may not be ready for it.

Thank you to the whole crew for always bringing some levity to my lonely cubicle.


King Tyler

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Greeting Sir Ariel...

just wondering what you made of Brendan Schaubs comments that he will never understand why you bring him up on your shows & how he never mentions you?

He must forget that #10/7gate started from him bringing you up several times on his shows!

Also, Brendan the reason Ariel brings you up is because people like me ask!

His really sad upset face while telling it was cute though ;(

All the best

Don Money

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Good afternoon Lord Ariel,

I work in wind and constantly climb ladders, and I’ve noticed some specific muscle groups that are just naturally becoming stronger than when I typically was working out without working in this industry.

My question is do you think there is an untapped group of people who would make great fighters? Something like rock climbers for their incredible strength, grip and flexibility for BJJ for example. You can clearly see farmer strength in certain fighters, and specifically Ngannou being a prime example from his past life.

Long live Canada,


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Hi Ariel,

2 questions for you...& don’t worry I don’t expect to get paid ha:

1) how often do fighters/managers request you to avoid asking certain questions during an upcoming interview? Have you turned down guests bc of this?

2) if you were in charge of Bellator, PFL, ONE, etc. what would you do differently to increase market share and be more competitive with the UFC?

10-6 Heelwani.



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Open field, no rules, who you got? Mike Tyson, Jon Jones, GSP, or Khabib Nurmagomedov.

There can only be one winner. You decide, tell us why

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Dear Mr. Helwani,

Long time listener, second time asking a question.

After saturdays main even going to a split draw would it make sense to do a "sudden victory" or "sudden death" sixth round? I know when mike perry fought MVP in bare knuckle they did a sixth round because it was a draw after five rounds. I am not sure what the logistics of this would be but I think that if you had something like this in place it would eliminate the madness of having a draw for a title fight. I feel like having something like this would give resolution to actually know who the better fighter was that night.


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Hello, I hope that you’re doing well! Two quick ones:

Is there any truth that Kamaru may not be ready for a title fight against Leon in March?

Also, when will you and Pat make amends and get back to the fun conversations that we miss?

Peace, I’m out of here.


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If you could Bring back the Expos but it meant the bills had to trade josh Allen .. do you do it ??

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Happy Holidays!! Wondering what your favorite tradition is to do with your family that you did as a kid!!

Much love

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Hi Ariel,

Is Ali homies with Kadyrov? Does he think it’s good pr for his fighters to go shoot guns with him and go to his kid’s birthday party? I just don’t get it - what’s the rationale or benefit of sending three American fighters to Chechnya to shoot guns with a dictator? It’s one thing for Chechen or Russian fighters to be associated with him, but who on earth said “wow, cool opportunity. Justin, Kamaru, Henry, wanna go to Chechnya and shoot cans with this guy?”

The whole situation becomes more bothersome by the week. Hunter, Dana, and Mick need to grow some huevos.

10-5 Ariel

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Greetings from Down Under,

Out of ten, how would you score this year for the UFC?

For what it’s worth despite Dana boasting about breaking records (which he says every year) I think this has been their worst in quite some time. Outside of the MSG card and Jiri vs Glover, there have been far less memorable nights than usual. What do you think?

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If you were in control of MLS, what would you do to elevate it to the top league given that you are knowledgeable about and a lover of football?

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Hot take for 2023 have moderator Louis to keep this on record. We saw the rise of African champs in the ufc, 2023 will be the rise of Latin America champions. Moreno, chito vera, yair rodriguez, aldana, grasso will be champs. VIVA LA RAZA 🐸💧🔥

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Hey Ariel, with Doug Crosby being talked about so much recently. Have you heard of Chael's "get in the hole" story (Doug is Steve in that story), and if so, what are your thoughts on it? Happy holidays!

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Yo Ariel,

Since you had mentioned that most of the regular MMA fans wouldn't have any idea about Douglas Crosby and/or his connections and questionable refereeing, can you think of any other similar issues that should be talked about but aren't common knowledge? Thanks for all you do and happy holidays to you and the crew.

Your homie,

Sunny Chung

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