👋 Hola Ariel!!!

With Khabib’s induction into the UFC Hall of Fame under the modern wing, how would you fill out the rest of this years class?

Modern Wing: Khabib Nurmagomedov

Pioneer Wing:

Contributor Wing:

Fight Wing:

Personally, I’d absolutely love to see Bruce Buffer get inducted in the contributor wing, give the man his roses while he’s still performing!

Viva Heelwani 🦹🏻‍♂️

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Hello Ariel!

Obviously you’ve interviewed every person on Earth at this point, but still no one is perfect. What do you think are your biggest weaknesses/flaws as an interviewer and how do you go about trying to improve?

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Hey Ariel,

Firstly thanks so much for the Birthday cameo! It was awesome and my in laws thought you did a brilliant job!

I want to shout out my mate Topsey, who helped my wife find you on Cameo.

(Don’t read this bit out loud if you don’t want to!)

If he hadn’t helped, I would’ve potentially ended up with a Cameo from Sam Alvey, which I anticipate I would not have enjoyed as much.

So, on to my question:

“What are you looking forward to most for UFC London? (can be anything, crowd, fight, etc)”

For me it’s Mokhaev’s debut and a getting a drink in with Petesy and Dana White. Petesy and Dana are tight so he’s arranged a little post event gathering at Dana’s Mayfair flat (apartment).

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🤘🏾Hey Yo! 🤘🏾

As a lifelong wrestling fan I just wanted to show Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall some love and appreciation.. RIP to

one of the greats man. Heartbreaking news. Could you share one of your favorite Razor Ramon/Scott Hall moments or matches?

Also, prayers up for Big E.. get well soon man!

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Good Morning from Idaho!

Is there any chance that Dana would accept Jake Paul’s challenge and let Conor and Jake fight in the UFC? It sounds like a win/win for the UFC and would be big PPV numbers. But I also know Dana probably doesn’t want to look like he is “bending the knee” to Jake Paul.


Thank you as always!

-Israel D

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Salamu alekum Ariel! Cheers from Dubai! Do you miss Montreal by the way or does the NYC weather keep it close?

Everything and anything goes, so here it goes.

Recently, I've been struggling to overcome some dark thoughts in my head, pain from the past, fear to be loved yada yada yada. It's come to a point where I'm losing the closest people in my life because I simply cannot train my mind to let go or "get over it". I want to move forward, I want to breathe and be happy and to be honest, your show does help by hearing fighters or even some nose writers they too struggle at times. I know everyone has their shit, but I'm ready to bury mine and truly be happy, or you might have a new lightweight in the making coming soon ;) any affirmations for a struggling emotional/happy girl? Maybe this can also help anyone else going through something similar. I hope you're okay<3

Shoutout please: You are my person, you saved me. Please do not give up on me. Sending love.


Lots of love, always, Rasha

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Ariel, you know the vibes! It’s Greenroom Papi here! 🔥🔥

What are your thoughts on this Ilia- Paddy situation? Thoughts on Paddy’s comments towards Georgia? When will it finally be enough to have fighters not get so personal with their trash talk?

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Ronda Rousey obviously holds a significant place in UFC history - but it definitely feels strange that someone so important to womens MMA has basically nothing to do with it anymore.

If you could have her on your show - what would you most like to ask her right now in 2022?

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Ariel, with the recent drama that unfolded on Monday's show, it's clear that Ric's "dog ate my followers" excuse is sketchy at best.. What are the odds (via DraftKings of course) that there was an actual "purge" of GC's original follow VS. a simple non-follow-back from the beginning?

Also, if Till & Khamzat were coaches on a "best friends turned bitter rivals" season of TUF, which of these two MMA Hour legends would be a good fit for their teams & what weight class? Thanks!

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

Hey Ariel, Happy National Artichoke Hearts Day! (Seriously)

What’s the best way to get more people interested in MMA, who aren’t already? Moreover, what’s the aspect of the sport that you feel is universally the most captivating?

As always much love from Central PA,

- Stephen

PS: It’s also National Freedom of Information Day 🤙🏼

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My Man, afternoon Ariel.

Keeping it free and real this week, I want to ask about the famous Helwani wardrobe.

• How many shirts deep is it at this point?

• Do you have favourite shirts or any that bring about memories?

• Do you plan your show attire for the week?

• Who's ironing the shirts? Always crisp.

Keep it damn daniel, full 🅿. Much love, Louis

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

Hello Ariel!

Your new favorite rapper Benny the Butcher dropped a new album on Friday. Have you heard it yet? It’s incredible.

In your two cent Tuesday you revealed that you spoke with Khamzat Chimaev for the first time and that he could possibly come on the show someday. As someone who doesn’t hold back from asking hard questions to your guests, I’m wondering if you would ask Khamzat about his apparently close connection to the Chechnian dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, or if that subject is off limits?

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

What are some of your most memorable MMA Hour moments that you would recommend someone going back to watch? Maybe beside obvious ones

Conor Debut - Blueberries

Lucky Patrick

Also can we please get Ray Longo on the show? makes sense leading into Aljo’s fight @ 273

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

Ça va Ariel!

Every sport has its own 🐐 debate. When asked about what constitutes the greatest in his sport, Chess great garry kasparov once identified longevity at the top, level of dominance over peers, and peak performance reached as the main factors. As the greatest in your domain, you’re as qualified as anyone to comment on this:

In your opinion and out of the sports you follow, which goat has the best case and why?

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Shalom! Three quick things…

1) I’m surprising my wife with a trip to NYC in May. What are the chances I could get a pic with you and/or G Sizzle while I’m there?

2) Big congrats on cutting that string - it looks great.

3) To the other people starting their questions with “Shalom”, I am charging royalties, so pay up.

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Do they call Canadian Bacon, "Bacon" in Canada?

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