Hi Ariel, hopefully your doing great,

Did you see Cédric Doumbé's second MMA fight last weekend at the French MMAGrandPrix? He won by TKO in the 2nd round.

Speaking to French media after the fight, the former Glory Kickboxing welterweight champion announced that he signed with UFC and is likely to make his promotional debut at UFC Paris.

Any suggestions regarding Doumbé’s opponent for his UFC debut?

Viva Helwani!

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Maurits School

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Hello Ariel,

Big fan of the show, one quick question.

I will be attending my first live UFC event this Saturday at Long Island, I am looking forward to all the fights but nothing excites me more than the true main attraction. So my question is, how can I meet the two legends in attendance on the 16th AKA sports betting legend Conner Burks and the social media sensation New York Ric?

You better stay hydrated.

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Jul 13, 2022·edited Jul 13, 2022

Hey Ariel,

Yesterday NASA released the first 4 images from the James Webb Space Telescope, the most powerful telescope ever built. The images were quite spectacular, they were the highest definition images of our universe ever taken in history. My question is, did you get a chance to see the images? Which one out of the four was your favorite and what did you think? Get GC and DJ FrankyFrank in on this as well, I heard GC loved Interstellar, Ariel I can't believe you haven't seen it! Watch it tonight with the wifey, it's on Amazon Prime.

Bonus: Who would win in a fight, a Silverback Gorilla or a Grizzly Bear?

Take care and Godspeed.

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Hey Ariel,

Haven’t commented for a while but always tuning in from London!

I feel there are less and less ‘Big fights’ vs 5, 10, 15 years ago - Many PPV cards don’t get my juices flowing like they used to eg 277 (although I love the Rockhold/Costa fight on 278).

Do you share my sentiment that PPV cards aren’t what they used to be and do you also watch less fights? Or are you still watching most cards top to bottom?

If you agree - which of these reasons do you give the most weight to?

1. there are too many fight nights

2. the UFC is trying not to create stars that may rock the boat in the future whilst making it about the UFC brand

3. They don’t need PPV sales like they used to based on their ESPN deal?

4. Anything else?

Do you see us getting more ‘Big Fights’ in future? I would love to see Jones back in action for example.

Not sure if this is a more widely shared view or if it’s that I’m not as hardcore of a MMA fan as I used to be?!


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Hello Ariel, the ufc is now advertising Abu Dhabi ppv as UFC 280 instead of 281 as it was before, any updates on Ufc 279 and 280?

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Yo Ariel,

Next time you talk to Darren Till, can you please suggest that he grows out the traditional beard with no moustache so he can channel his inner Chechen/Dagestani wrestling powers? I think he needs to go all in to complete his skills.

Your homie,

Sunny Chung

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Good day all! Ariel, Dustin stated that something is in the works, any chance that this is the Nate fight hes referring to??

Also, with the Nate interview yesterday, does it change your opinion on what happens next and what do you predict will be the end result of this and his next opponent?? Great job on the special edition yesterday!!!

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What are your thoughts on faber’s comments about how Josh Emmett was treated at UFC 276? He said Josh was stopped by security at the arena and was placed in the general admission section lol

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Hola Ariel! Dustin Poirier filled in for the casual on DC & RC and said he has something in the works. Is it Chandler? Do you having anything on that? And do you have any other information on anyone else at the top of lightweight division?

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We recently saw the UFC give Salt Lake City a big time PPV after almost 12 years of them being screwed by the UFC with cancelled and bad cards. That makes me wonder…

When will the UFC acknowledge the 3 actual big cities in Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Miami) with a PPV? Jacksonville is great, but it’s nothing compared to the Amway Center, Amalie Arena, or FTX Arena. The last UFC PPV in one of those cities was, I believe, UFC 42 in Miami, and they haven’t been back there since!

Do you have any answers as to why the UFC has seemingly ignored a big market for a while and when they will right that wrong?

Thanks Ariel!

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Hello! That suit yesterday was 🔥, sheeeeeee. As you do more of these boxing press conferences, weigh ins, and post fight interviews, how do you navigate being unique while still respecting the history of boxing?

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Hi Ariel,

Dustin Poirier was on DC and RC yesterday and stated he has "some things" in the works regarding a fight. Also, he commented that he's heading down to ATT and plans to stay there until he fights. Any word on who and when? From your interview with Nathan yesterday it doesn't seem like a Diaz/Poirier fight is in the works anytime soon. Any chance of another high-profile fight on the 278 PPV? Seems light on big names/fights.

Great work on the press conference yesterday. Hope to see more things like that in the future!


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Hi Ariel,

Shalom from Toronto, Canada!

You interviewed many big names in MMA , sports, entertainment and even a former president of The United States of America! Are there any people that you never interviewed before that you wish to interview in the future?

P.S. I wanted to tell you that you have a very relaxing voice! Sometimes when I find it difficult to fall a sleep, I would play an episode of The MMA Hour (even an older episode that I already listened to), and it works like magic, it relaxes me and helps me to fall a sleep.

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whatsup ariel quick one, what do you think if brian t city ortega moved up and possibly faced charles olivera. He may be the only person that can match him with the jujitsu.

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Are you going to have Ben Askren back on for a Crypto update or is the WiFi not good enough in the shelter?

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Hola Ariel!

Big fan from Honduras. Your show and comedy podcasts is probably 90% of what I watch on YouTube, which is why I was really excited to see Schulz on your show last Monday.

Here’s my question:

What are some of you favorite comedy podcasts AND will we ever see you as a guest in any of them?

I personally would love to see you as a guest on TigerBelly (they are big fan of yours) or Theo Vons podcast. I think it would be great content and would showcase your great sense of humor!

Viva Helwani!

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