Ayu-bo-wan Ariel,

Today marks the 9th year anniversary of T.J. Dillashaw finishing Renan Barão, for the 1st time to win the bantamweight title. One of the biggest upsets and one of the biggest betting underdog wins in MMA history.

Can we talk about the "Baron"? Before he got beaten that night, he was the No. 3 ranked P4P fighter in the world. He was on a freaking 32 fight winning streak. Which included 9 fights under Zuffa. People go to his Wikipedia and see a bad run to end his career and give no love to what he achieved. Can we show some love to the "Baron"?

PS : I hate it when people take fighters' accolades away because of a bad run. Anderson Silva, B.J. Penn, and Tony Ferguson are a few that face the same fate.

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Wasn’t Renan juiced out during his run? Still impressive, but I think important to the conversation about how they’re remembered.

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Is it possible for PFL to succeed with a PPV model? Once they announce the date that Francis is fighting, won't the UFC just counter program with a SUPER stacked card? I don't see a scenario where the UFC doesn't utterly destroy the PFL if they go head to head on PPV.

Putting Francis on ESPN makes much more sense imo.

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They will literally add a ppv to tank pfl and then say Francis ain't a draw. They know themselves.

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Aren’t the ppvs done through ESPN? They aren’t going to run two ppv events on the same day to compete with themselves. ESPN has the power here.

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Unless they go on a Sunday or Friday they don't have a chance.

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From Vancouver island, Ariel you are the MFing king, love the show been watching you for over a decade.

What's the deal with the Jon Jones fight?

Stipe and Jon both said they'll be ready for July then they book all these cards and what do yah know, no Jones vs Stipe fight. Maybe Stipe can shed some light for us??

Also Jones takes 3 years to "prepare for heavy weight" then simultaneously they finally announce a Jones fight with the news that Francis has been "cut" from the UFC. (Not to mention Jones showed up looking like a LHW jones that was eating Macdonalds all camp because he didn't have to cut weight)

Now that Francis is gone Jones is calling Francis a pussy every chance he gets. At the same time talking about retirement after only 1 fight at HW.

I'm definitely seeing alot of Dana nut huggers online right now but I can assure you im not one of them.

loved your 10/7 segment on Nganouu last week.

Stay real, love the show keep up the great work all of you ✌

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Mr. Helwani, you often speak on the importance of remembering the legends, and the need for an independent mma hall of fame. You have even toyed with the idea of taking a lead role in creating one.

I had a thought of something you might try as a step in that direction.

Would it be feasible to maybe once a month/twice a month you and the boys discuss the career of a living legend, then interview said legend? In the capacity of an official segment. Could even honor each guest with some kind of official induction into the mma hour hall of fame?

Appreciate all the hours of entertainment you guys provide! Keep it up my east coast brothers!

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Hey Ariel,

I’ve got a long flight coming up and was wondering what you and the guys thoughts are on airplane etiquette. Is it ever okay to take off your shoes? How long does a flight need to be for it to be okay to do the lean back. And any general flying pet peaves you may have.



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If you took your shoes off beside Ariel, he would freak out. Lol

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Hey Ariel!!! You are a heck of a guy. All of you- NY Ricky, Frankie Fumbles, and lord of degens GC are kings among men.

Question: what happens if two non English speaking fighters share a common language?

Ex: what happens when Yan Xiaonan fights Zhang Wei Li? Do they have one translator? Paying two seems a waste….. (I don’t know if one speaks Cantonese and one Mandarin?)

I suggest the translator should use a functional silly accent when translating to differentiate Yan from Zhang.

Much love always and God bless.

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Dana’s Aljo comments are very strange. Doubtful, but it’s the only way I can make sense of it. Is there any way it’s a work to create a little more shine on Aljo? It did turn out to make Aljo a bit of a baby face and creates a big storyline. Thoughts?

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Gday Ariel.

Long time listener, first time venting.

Dana Speaking about a guy (Francis) who literally left his home country to chase his dream through barbed wire fences and a blow up rubber boat across the ocean (7 attempts).

Yes, he certainly doesn’t like taking risks.

P.S I love powerslap

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Hello Ariel.

Someone you have mentioned in the pass is Howard Cossell. His relationship, analysis and interviews with Muhammad Ali left a footprint in the world of boxing and combat sports.

I truly believe after the recent release of the McGregor Forever documentary you have become the Howard Cossell of MMA.

Love to know the process of getting asked to provide your analysis of the past years for the Notorious one and if you knew you were going to be a pivotal feature in the film while it was in production?

If I can make a comment on behalf of everyone who follows your career. Congratulations on all the success and mark you’re leaving in the combat world. One day there will be someone saying I want to be the next Ariel Helwani.

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On another note.. the String you’re holding..

Dana White has said he would entertain Tyson Fury getting into the cage with Jon Jones.. he isn’t a fan of gimmick fights.. ‘it’s just not what we do’.. floor is yours 10-7 coming right up!

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First person to feature twice in one list. Only person that had the Fury x Jones tag.

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Thank you for making me part of On The Nose History 😅

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@Louis sorry didn’t watch the end of the last episode so you can take the part out of how he was involved. If I’m lucky to get accepted leave the Howard part in and then the Dana Fury comments would be my main one

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May 23, 2023·edited May 23, 2023

It appears that lately, more often than not, active fighters who work the desk or commentary tend to lose their fights. Your thoughts: is this phenomenon due to the fact that they normally hire aging veteran fighters to these gigs or is it possible that the becoming a hired analyst makes you lose the edge they need for success in a fist fight? Maybe it takes too much time away from training, time your opponent does have? Or being on live TV in a suit makes you lose some of the passion and hunger that is required to be successful at the high level of UFC competition?

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Good day Ariel,

What were your thoughts on the McGregor Forever documentary? Was it a coincidence that it was released during your trip to Ireland? Also, why did the UFC ice McGregor after the Ceronne fight when he was ready to go?

Thanks as always!


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Hello Ariel!

Maurício "Shogun" Rua and Dan Henderson were inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame under the 'Fight Wing' category for that Epic fight they had at UFC 139. Do you think that they deserve to be inducted under the 'Pioneers Wing' category as well for their great contribution to MMA and UFC history? Does it diminish the recognition of their careers and legacies by acknowledging only that one fight they had?

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Hi Ariel and team, do you think translators should be inducted into the hall of fame? I understand fighters risk it all but I feel translators really help upcoming fighters delivery powerful speeches in the octagon. Ngannou, Nunez, Oliveria, Perreira and many more couldn’t speak any English at the start of their careers.

My last question, was it awkward at all when you saw Meatball Molly at the boxing event this past weekend?

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Never mind all the BS Dana is spouting about Francis - Dana will always be Dana. UNlike Dana, I want to focus on the facts as you see 'em. I see so many armchair expert raging in the forums about how Francis will now be free to fight tomato cans in the PFL, not realizing whomever The Champ fights is most likely not in the PFL at this time. I see JDS is vying for the spot, which for his health I hope he doesn't get. Clearly, Francis won't have a shortage of fighters wanting that bag, BUT, of all the top fighters in the UFC and Belator, do you know of any who are close to fighting out their contract who think pose a serious challenge to The Champ?

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werdum is pretty jacked on roids right now and has an amazing ground game. I could see him having a small chance to sub Nganouu.

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Important question: If normal milk makes cheese what does chocolate milk make?

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You know yourself

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Hola Ariel,

With Dern's callout of Rose, simple one: where the hell is Rose? Seems her and Patrick Barry were very active after the Esparza "fight," but crickets now. Any inside scoop?

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